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Sickness all gone! :OCategory: (general)
Monday, 10 September 2007
11:24:06 PM (GMT)
My sickness is almost gone. :3 I hate colds. They make my imagination die. D:

Look what chibi_berylo made for me! =^0^= -loves it to pieces- Eee, it's Kenny. X3
♥ Cuteness! :O

Ooh, and btw I was so lucky when I went on Deadjournal. o_o I finally got a
Deadjournal code from someone (eee, thank you <3) and the name Pucca was already
taken there of course, so I just thought I'd try Garu. :3 And nobody had it! :O
Weird! I thought I wouldn't get the account, that I needed some rename token cos
someone deleted it or something stupid like that, but I got it! :3

So here it is:

I don't know what to use it for though. XD; I just like having it. :D Just like when
Doo got amyrose on Deviantart, and Jasmine was lucky enough to get rougethebat. (Wow,
we were REALLY lucky. o_o) So yey, I guess I'll just write Pucca stuff in there or
something...? XD

I played Parappa the Rapper today! :3 So fun~~ I love that game. o_o I'm so freaking
bad at it though. My brothers and sisters were yelling at me that I was awful. XD;
But I still like to play it! :D So I was playing it right and it took me like ten
million tries to get past the part where you drive (I looove the song in the driving
part) and like a freaking kajillion times to get past the part where you make cake
with the chicken lady that comes out of the TV to yell at you if you mess up. D: (She
yelled at me a lot and was out of the TV with a red face 90% of the time. XD Now
I'm on the part where you rap to get to the bathroom before the onion guy, the driver
lady, the frog (he's coolness o_o) and the chicken lady. XD It's sooo funny haha~ <3
Of course, I'm start there now. T-T; Stinker's at work right now, so I can't play the
game cos he never lets anyone on his comp when he's gone and that's where the game
is. XD Our computer is now powerful enough to handle the awesome that is games. :O I
can ask my dad to get the game on THIS comp, though... I think he has a controller I
can use. XD I have to learn where triangle, x, o and square are on the controller cos
Stinker's controller has like "B" and "A" and stuff. XD I want to play it so bad. ;_;
Rofl Parappa also goes to the bathroom in his pants if you lose. D: When I get "cool"
on my rapping thing I'm gonna be dancing around so happy. ;3; I can barely keep it at
"bad", it's always slipping to "awful". XD I'm a terrible gamer. T-T;

Waow I'm rambling. :O
-goes to watch Will & Grace-

W00t, Pucca comes on at midnight today, AND it came on at 7:30! :3 Awesomness~~
SORRIE GUYS. D: I'm done rambling now, kk bai.

- ♥ Ren

‹underage› says :   11 September 2007   612678  
I ish glad you liked it Ren-chan! ^^
That sounds like such a fun game.
I wish I had it..
I ish not aloud to stay up late so I ish not able to watch it.. ;_;
I should record it sometime. ^^ (I have TIVO XD)


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