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gulity or innocent??Category: (general)
Monday, 13 August 2007
05:25:09 PM (GMT)
guilty: you do
innocent: you don't

Singing in the shower?: innocent

Left the stove on?: gulity

Spit in someone's Drink? hmm... innocent

Stole Something from a friend?: guilty

Played with Barbies?: guilty XD

Kissed your posters of your favorite stars?: haha... guitly

Listened to stupid music and said you like it?: hmm... stupid in my opinion...

Made someone cry?: Guilty

Opened your Christmas presents early?: guilty :L

Found money, and didn't turn it in?: innocent

Gave money to a homeless person?: Innocent

Thought "Star Wars" was cool?: hmm... i thought they were okay... innocent

Had a super-hero costume?: o.o Innocent

Lied to protect a friend?: Guilty

Broken a bone?: guilty

Seen "The Goonies" more than 10 times?:  Innocent

Played a Computer game for more than 5 hours? guilty (damn you the sims 2!)

Dyed your hair a color from the rainbow?: innocent

Hugged your mom in the past 24 hours?: innocent

...Have you Ever...

Ran through the sprinklers naked?: Innocent  

Went outside naked?: Uh.. innocent.

Been on stage?: Guilty 

been on stage naked or close to it?:  Innocent

Been in a parade?: Innocent

Been in a school play?: Guilty

Drank beer?: Guilty...

Went to work/school with a hangover?:  Innocent.

Gotten expelled?: Innocent.

Been on a plane?: Guilty

Traveled out of the country?: guilty

Liked somebody you could never have?: Gulity! 

Liked a friend's boyfriend/girlfriend?: guilty

Cheated on a test?: Gulity

Stolen from your own family?: Innocent

Ate spoiled food by accident?: Guilty

Ate spoiled food on purpose?: Innocent 

Ate food you dropped on the floor?:  Guilty 

Laughed at a funeral?: guilty :L

Watched somebody's death?: innocent

Killed somebody?:  Innocent

Gotten a tattoo?:  Innocent.

Gotten piercings?: guilty ears!!

Fired a gun?: Innocent.

Swallowed sea/pool water on accident?: Guilty 

Swallowed sea/pool water on purpose?: guilty

Spun yourself in circles to get dizzy on purpose?:  Guilty 

Laughed so hard it hurt?: Guilty!!!

Laughed so hard you peed in your pants?: guilty

Seen a live birth?: ....Innocent....

Delivered a baby/animal?: ...Innocent...

Had an imaginary friend?: Guilty.

Fell down a whole flight of stairs?: guilty

Cried yourself to sleep?: Guilty..

Cried in public?: Guilty...

Thrown up in public?: guilty :L

Lied to your parents?: soo guilty

Skipped school?: innocent

Hit an animal with your vehicle?: Innocent 

cheated on someone?: Innocent.

Been cheated on: er... gulity

Been one who helped another cheat?: gulity

had sex? haha... not yet 

with a virgin?: i am a virgin!
Last edited: 4 November 2010

Iluv2shop says:   13 August 2007   628916  
Cool! I am going to Take it!
‹bluepandaa› says :   13 August 2007   161279  
gd i did alot more like how evil you are and how much teenager you

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