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Where Did I Go Wrong?Category: stories
Thursday, 2 August 2007
03:33:44 PM (GMT)
Rachel walked along the dirt road, hoping a car 
would come by. She was thinking about what had
just happened. Holding her head, she thought
long and hard.

  "Lets party!" shouted Derek as he stuck his head
out of the car window waving a bottle of beer.
Rachel felt a little wierd. She had never drunk beer
before and this was her first night out with the "cool"
crowd. Derek handed her a bottle of beer and Melinda
jsut finished her third. "Just try it," he told her. She
shook her head and smiled. "I said just try it!" his tone
of voice was raised. "Okay," she agreed. Grabbing the
bottle she took a sip of it. They car stopped and everyone
got out. The coolest girl at school, Maria, said, "How
about we get that girl over." She pointed to a girl, around
13 years old, holding a purse and putting about 30 
bucks in it. Rachel recognized the girl. Holly Field. The good
girl at school. An honor student, all the teachers' favorite.
An all-around great student. No one had a reason to
be mean or hurtful to her. 

  Everyone ganged up around her. Rachel stood to the side.
There was nothing she could do. The other ones balled
up their fist. Hannah looked frightened. But she was
suprisingly strong. "Please leave me alone," she told them.
They all laughed. Derek went face to face with Holly.
"You;re too goody goody. We have to toughen you up."
Everyone laughed at his lame joke. Rachel was worried
things were going to get REALLY bad. "You first, Julia." Derek
told her. Julia walked up and slapped Holly on the face.
"Now Derek will take his turn," she stated with a grin
on her face. Derek punched Holly giving her a bloody
nose. "How 'bout it Rachel?" She shook ehr head. "What!?
I thought you wanted to be cool." "I WANTED to. But
I didn't know being cool meant you had to be a bully and
jerk," Rachel told him. "Well then," started Derek. "Looks
like we have two targets tonight. He balled up his fists
and the thing Rachel knew she was waking up.

   Her arm was bleeding badly. She could tell it
was cut with a knife. She had a massive headache. The
$50 in her pocket was missing. And there was Holly,lying
facedown on the sidewalk. Rachel got up and started
walking, looking fo rhelp.

  The memory made Rachel shiver. Or maybe it was
just the cold wind whipping her back. A siren blasted
and the sherrif's car pulled up. "Are you Rachel
Stapleton?" the man sked. She nodded shivering. 
She explained everything to him. And she never hung out
with the "cool" crowd again. Rachel knows that 
big jerks aren't cool. 

If any of you people want to be "cool" don't do it.
I mean why would you want to hang out with
people who don't even like you if you aren't part of their 
group? just hope you get a lesson from this story
Last edited: 2 August 2007

‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says :   2 August 2007   772859  
i liked this story


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