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Tuesday, 17 July 2007
12:59:26 PM (GMT)
Status: apathitic
Name: I'm me
Date of birthday: some day in some month in some year
birthplace: mars
Current location: babysitting (squish)
Eye color: red
Hair color: bold NOT black
Piercings: left ear
Tattoos: no. soon. it will be soon


Band: iron madion
Singer: fuck no's
Song: i want candy... dead
Movie: hostle
Disney movie: the little mermaid lol
TV show: PINGU lol
Color: Black
Food: ice-cream
Pizza topping: spicy chicken
Ice-cream flavour: tripple choc chip
Drink(alcoholic): snake bite
Soda: coke/dr.pepper
Store:  joe blogs
Clothing brand: ?
Shoe brand: ?
Wear to bed: clothes :p
Season: Autum!!!
Month: November
Holiday/ festival: Christmas!!!
Flower: emo roses
Make-up item: EYELINER!!!! u twank
Board game: poka

This or that

Sunny or rainy: rainy
Chocolate or vanilla: vanilla
Fruit or veg: tomartos
Day or night: night
Sour or sweet: sour (stone that is)
Love or money: LOVE!!!!!
Phone or in person: um... depends what that person perfers
Looks or personality: personality der
Coffee or tea: hot chocolatte
Hot or cold: ICE COLD


Goal for this year: who no's
Most missed memory: um... dunno... i forgot
Best physical feature: um... my eyes...? maybe...
First thought waking up:  cya
Hypothetical personality disorder: yes lol
Preferred type of plastic surgery: i don't have 1...
Worst crime: drugs (used to)
Greatest ambition: to earn loads of money
Greatest fear: the world getting to hot, and burning people, and blowing up but
some people are still alive and they float around the never ending universe!!! 
Darkest secret: well not that i'm putting on the internet anyway!!!
Favourite subject: um... food tec/ music
Strangest recieved gift: desposiable camara
Worst habit: suddenly changing my feelings/ emotion

Do you

smoke: used to
drink: yes
curse: i dont really think about it but i dont think i do
Shower daily: yes
Like thunderstorms: love 'em
Dance in the rain: when i can :pe

sing: YEAH!!!!!
Play an instrument: well i can play the guitar
Get along with your parents: um... i don't really want to answer that... =P
Wish on stars: some times when i see a special one
Believe in fate:um...i duno... maybe...
Believe in love at first sight: 

Can you

Drive: yes
sew: fuck no
Cook: yes
Speak another language: yes... french, spanish, a little polish and a little czech
Dance: badly... yes...
Sing: yes
Whistle: yes
curls your tounge: yeah

Have you ever:

Been drunk: yep
Been stoned/high: u dont wanna no
Eaten sushi: no.... but i want to try it
Been in love: yes
Skipped school: yes millions of times
Made prank calls: no but i get other people to do it for my lol :p
Sent someone a love letter: sort of
Stolen something: yes
Cried yourself to sleep: yes but rather not say wot about or how much

Other questions

What annoys you most in a person? being very self centred and a know it all and 2
faced people
Are you left handed or right? ambidextrous (but i moslty use left)
Whens your bedtime? i have to be in my room at 9 
Name 3 things you can't live without: music, friends and contact with people
What is th color is your room? black and red
Do you have any siblings? no  im a loner
do you have any pets? yeah... 2 dogs 1 cat, some times some fish
Would you kill someone you hate for 1 million dollars? um...... in pounds only but i
wouldn't risk it
What is your middle name? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? im adopted.
What are your nicknames? mousers, kitten, cookie and flexi bexi
Are you for or against gay marrige? not really. its my religion and god doesnt
aprove of gays. (nothing agenst them as a person)
What are your thoughts on abortion? its a gift and you may never have another 1 even
if it is for a bad reason why you have it. i hate it ! ! ! ! ! !
Do you have a crush on someone? um. . . .  a little
Are you afraind of the dark? depends
How do you want to die? in the arms of the gal i love
What is the lagest amount of popsicles you've eaten in 1 day? bout 15
Would you take a bullet for the person you love? depends.....
What was the last law you've broken? under age drinking

In a member of the opposite sex:

Hair color: um... i dunt really mind... although i do like black...
Eye color: um...i duno...any...
Height: prefably shorter than me... =P lol
Weight: ?
Most important physical feature: um... eyes i think
Biggest turn off: not caring, selfish, un sympathetic

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