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my very sad day is todayCategory: (general)
Wednesday, 4 July 2007
08:05:41 PM (GMT)
dear diary :today for the first time i liked a girl and told her i did and she said
she didnt like me cuz she had a boyfriend so today im writing about it so if yur
reading this please if u can will u try to cheer me up im really depressed right now
and sad and heartbroken and i dont thank i can recover but with the friends i have
online they might be able to help me today is a very sad day for me and i regret ever
telling her that and i dont thank that i will ever like anyone else so im going to
wait till my friends cheer me up and i hope it works cuz i need to cheer up

inuYasha_roxs says:   4 July 2007   329294  
aw how sad that happened with me asking my best guyfreidn reese
inuYasha_roxs says:   4 July 2007   119593  
i meant guyfriend
ndabf says:   4 July 2007   838327  
you might have a chance when she doesnt have a boyfriend. I have
summat to cheer you up.:::: 
A guy came to my school today wiv a load of animals and he had a
millipede and i got a bit of shoelace and put it on me friend
Morgie_girl and she thought it was the millipede, screamed, fell off
her chair then realizing it was shoelace acted like nothin had
hot_niki says:   4 July 2007   965724  
aww that sad there will be better girl out there for u and when her
bf brakes up with her b there for her and she will fall inlove with u
lil_sportychick23 says:   4 July 2007   448219  
thats sad. Its not your fault she has a boyfriend
kakashikun says:   4 July 2007   974989  
ok for one i'll cheer a girl up if she loses a bf but like i said i
dont like gurls that easily lol thats pretty funny ndabf ud make a
good friend thank u all *sniff*
Rawr_Im_A_Llama says:   4 July 2007   662936  
God, what a poser... you're heartbroken? You were never together; how
can you be heartbroken from that?
Rawr_Im_A_Llama says:   4 July 2007   992933  
Well, if it was a phycotic burning desire for her, then I guess you
could be heartbroken from that, though, she's one girl, why be
lips_like_morphine says:   5 July 2007   415162  
i like you do u feel better
Jazmingirl says:   5 July 2007   816336  
Hi! I'm sooooo sorry. I hope u feel better soon
kakashikun says:   5 July 2007   958844  
i dont listen to talking ugly llamas srry
kakashikun says:   5 July 2007   736323  
think u for caring everyone except for that llama kid
Emo_In_Black says:   5 July 2007   735783  
oooh i'm so sorry about that. i have never had the guts to tell a guy
i liked him. instead i just went on thinking about him for a month...
but remember that even though rejection sucks what doesn't kill you
makes you stronger
Emo_In_Black says:   5 July 2007   962242  
oh except in kindergarten i liked this boy named Spencer, and he
asked if i liked him, so i said yes, and the kid went and told our
Can you believe that????
Little idiot...............................
kakashikun says:   5 July 2007   733636  
um thanks i think
Emo_In_Black says:   5 July 2007   363551  
ok i am not helping much so i will be quiet...
i really did mean to make you feel better though i am not heartless
kakashikun says:   5 July 2007   322125  
dont be srry im back to normal.......well as normal as i can get
anyway im heartless and it rocks
Rawr_Im_A_Llama says:   5 July 2007   733585  
My god, IT'S A SCREEN NAME, I'M NOT A LLAMA ~~Seethe~~  It's ok self,
he's just a poser.
kakashikun says:   5 July 2007   232711  
watever llama yur the poser talkin to yur self like a person who has
no friends 
wait now i know why yur mean and talk to yurself u dont have
LaBuAxel says:   5 July 2007   521181  
you've still got a chance once she's boyfriend-less!
besides, there are plenty of girls out there! i'm sure you'll find
another one ^_^
i hope you cheer up soon
_TearsDontFall_ says:   5 July 2007   991517  
Well, it may not help much, but girls come and go, u find one one
day, and find another one the next. i mean, its not wise to mourn over
one girl, when there are more than a million out there.  And if you
two were meant to be together, then itll happen, and if not, u just
have to move on.
Just my opinion srry, cheer up anyway ^^
a7xluver09 says:   5 July 2007   382472  
wow drama in the room, lol the llama should have kept his/her mouth
shut to begin with is what i say, and im sorry remember she just one
girl and you will find love again lol!!!
kakashikun says:   6 July 2007   571996  
ok ill get over it thank u oh and screw u llama boy
YoukaiYumeFan says:   6 July 2007   783641  
Hey kakashikun My friend is going though the same thing but it's ALOT
worse if you go to my Diary look up My friend is sad or something near
that ( I forgot what it was called Te He!) well yeah it is under that
name I think and it will show you that you are not alone and that you
will get over her..... So sorry about it though.
xxemoxbyxxheart says:   6 July 2007   524337  
.....Im Here For You! You Will Never Like Another Girl....*Cough*
What About Love...*Cough*
kakashikun says:   7 July 2007   683864  
um im better now read my other diary and it says so
emo_vampiress says:   7 July 2007   957266  
this song from my heart cheer u up babes?

Ohohoh ohohoh
Ohohoh ohohoh
Vengaboys are back in town
Ohohoh ohohoh
Ohohoh ohohoh
Ohohoh ohohoh
Ohohoh ohohoh

If you're alone and you need a friend
Someone to make you forget your problems
Just come along baby take my hand
I need a lover tonight

Ohohoh ohohoh
This is what I want to do
Ohohoh ohohoh
Lets have some fun
Ohohoh ohohoh
One on one just me and you
Ohohoh ohohoh

Boom Boom Boom Boom
I want you in my room
Let's spend the night together
From now until forever
Boom Boom Boom Boom
I wanna go Boom Boom
Let's spend the night together
Boom Boom Boom Boom 
Together in my room

Ohohoh ohohoh
Everybody get on down
Ohohoh ohohoh
Vengaboys are back in town
Ohohoh ohohoh
This is what I wanna do
Ohohoh ohohoh
Let's have some fun
Ohohoh ohohoh
One on one just me and you

Ohohoh ohohoh
Ohohoh ohohoh
Ohohoh ohohoh
Ohohoh ohohoh
Ohohoh ohohoh
kakashikun says:   7 July 2007   258676  
um thanks for that
Bwunny says:   10 September 2007   663553  
awww *huggles*
‹...Lauraa x3...› says :   10 September 2007   546131  


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