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Weird... (girls read plz, need advice from girls!!)Category: mii life!!!
Thursday, 24 May 2007
04:46:51 PM (GMT)
I feel weird because of quite a few reasons...
(if anyone reads this, give me advice...)

1- I can't stop listening to love songs on my ipod. Singing along very very loud. 

2- My friend Willy hugged me today really tight for no reason whatsoever then put his
arm around my waist. Then he started walking with me. Verry random.... I had to go
away to get my books. 

3- I can't get someone out of my head, I don't even know if I like them...

4- I keep biting my nails, which means I'm nervous.


kk thanks!

--love, steffi..
Last edited: 24 May 2007

carebear_94 says:   30 May 2007   449413  
K for the love songs on the ipod, just delete them and put new songs
on.K for Willy, maybe he likes u past friendship or maybe he just
wanted to show off to some friends. K about the guy, U probbley like
him so try getting a closer relationship with him. And about the nail
biting, I bite my nails whenever I'm nervous. I always put htis gross
stuff on them so I don't my nails anymore.
Well, that's my advice,
Hope I helped,
steffisteffi says:   31 May 2007   253516  
Thanks for the advice. About the love songs, I love those songs so
I'm not gonna delete em. About WIlly, everyone agrees he likes me, but
I'm not sure. I m putting sum stuff on my nails and its kinda working.
CoolGirl2 says:   31 May 2007   915315  
did u forget it's valentines day!???? just kidding hahaha that was
funny !!!!!!!! can't help u there i have no idea wats going on!!!!!!!
steffisteffi says:   1 June 2007   363566  
lol at first i was gonna sure u kno wut day it is? lol but
thanks anywayz
tinkernutgirl says:   7 June 2007   733578  
For the love songs I do that to 
For willy maybe he sees something more than friendship for you 2
For the person in your head just concentrate on them and if you still
can't figure out who they are then i don't know what else to tell
And for the biting nails i can't help you
BreaTea says:   8 June 2007   151747  
1-Love songs are fine and they problye just connect to your music
2-Willy may have jsut been trying to show you he cares (As a friend)
or he could be intrested to find out ask him if he wants to go with
you to the movies (Invite 1 or 2 other friends too) and sit next to
him if he try's to kiss you or holds your hand or looks like he wants
to say or do somthing but he's nervous it's 70% sure he likes you.
3-Somthing might of happend to that "Somone" that makes you think
about that "somone" somthing you don't know about that "Somone" mabye
they got hurt and arn't sharing there thoughs? Or you could just like
that person Plain N simple
4- Biting your nails is natural everybody goes through that phase
atleast 1 in there life time.
madeaoncrack says:   13 June 2007   678873  
Say, "What are you doing this for?No offence but you're hugging me
and all that. I don't get it. Why are you doing it?"
Jane_Doe says:   15 June 2007   798571  
Okay listen all of this is a natrual thing in life every girl goes
through it the guys the emotions and most likely some body changes.
After a while you will begin to feel better about yourself and start
to like some of the changes but becarful about mood swing that can be
hurtful to some special relation ship. And about the guy you don't
like but cant stop thinking about just confront him tell him you think
about him and if you a friends already tell him you like him because
most likely you do like him deep down inside

love yas jane
jackjack789 says:   20 June 2007   447273  
Youre In Love !
steffisteffi says:   20 June 2007   775434  
with who!!!!! it's been like a bit less than a month and i still feel
like this.
love_swimming_girl says:   1 July 2007   215453  
u hve the case of LOVE!!!! ^_^
steffisteffi says:   1 July 2007   922963  
ahhh!!! im not in love....well maybe i am....but the guy i like,
we're not going out or nothing and well...yeah. oh and ive had 2
dreams where he was in it and i was hanging out with him or i dance
with him. omfg its driving me crazy.
freestyle13 says:   10 September 2007   711286  
Awwww our little steffie's in love. Thats so cute
steffisteffi says:   12 September 2007   997634  
I'm not in love. At least I don't think I am. But anyways, it's been
a while since then and yeah, I don't feel as much as I did
then...maybe a little but not as much as then.
Sanyu says:   17 September 2007   219628  
Disagree with BreaTea. I never ever bit my nails, always thought
they'd taste nasty.

I wonder how everything worked out, hmmmm.
aartee_sharma says:   4 January 2008   921697  
I was gona say what carebear_94 said.
CaughtInTheMist says:   18 February 2008   461322  
Your in love <3 x) Sorry for the '2 months late' comment x)
x_Phoenix_x says:   19 February 2008   774768  
As for the love songs, that's due to you liking someone  Or your in
a happy mood.
2- your friend willy likes you. Or was just being playful
3- If you cant get em out of your head it probably means your either
really good friends, or you DO like them subconsciously. Try making a
move and see what happens.
4. events like those always make people nervous  Take a nice long
shower to calm down
Gymnast216 says:   24 March 2008   934467  
awww he likes u
Bwunny says:   27 June 2008   451955  
It depends you should just go with your feelings they actually help

(others not lol)

but do what you think is best !!

pinkypincessz says:   14 November 2008   963565  
Durr, Urr IN Lub... 

U Probably Bite Urr Nails Cuz Da Person U Lyk Iz In Da Room... 

&& Urr Mate Willy Lyks U.. SoOoOo Obvious...
lildeidaragirl says:   27 December 2008   511957  
I think your inlove. This Willy might just like you.
Your may be nervous to tell a certain person you 
love them.
‹<3•BringJanaMarieTheHorizon•<3› says :   18 January 2009   945231  
as for the love songs...maybe ur just thinking of what u want ur love
life to be like (i knwo it's weird...i have days when i listen to fall
for you by secondhand serenade nonstop...and i'm not a lovey dovey
type person)
as for willy...i think he likes u.....try to dig really deep and see
if u like him....i waited too long to do that once and i lost my best
guy friend (as a friend too).....ask him....and if he kisses'll know if you like him me....


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