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Killer On The Road - Chapter ElevenCategory: Story
Wednesday, 16 May 2007
11:34:59 AM (GMT)
"Matt, are you sure this is going to work?" I asked worriedly. I was dressed all in
black, with a black mask on and hiding behind some boxes in the Burger House
"I'm positive," said Matt, who was also dressed in black and hiding.
"How do you know the man is going to come down here?" Gwen asked. "Do you know who it
", I don't know. But I know for certain he's going to come down here."
"Ok," I whispered. "Do we all know the plan?"
"Yeah," said Ella and Gwen. Matt gave me a little kiss on the cheek and then tiptoed
back over to his hiding place.
"Ok, cool."
Matt had suggested we used a net to capture the killer when he first came in. We
would then raise the net so it would be unable to escape.
"Erm, I'm going to get a drink," said Matt, tiptoeing towards the exit door.
"MATT?" I almost screamed. "What are you doing? You're supposed to be helping us with
the plan! What if the killer comes?"
"He won't," muttered Matt.
"What?" asked Gwen. "Do you know who it is? Matt, we're not kidding here, ok? This is
serious. Do you know who it is? Because we have to know!"
"I don't know," said Matt. "Now, I'm going to get a drink. I'll be back in a sec."
I sighed and leaned against the boxes, sliding down so the rope was pulled tight in
my hands. There was a few moments silence and Ella, Gwen and I waited but then
suddenly it all seemed to click to our minds.
"You don't think Matt is the killer?" I said, almost begging them to say no.
"That's just what I was thinking," replied Ella. Then suddenly we all lunged for the
door. I pushed it open just in time to see Matt make a run for the Burger House exit.
I screamed and sprinted across the restaurant. Breathing heavily, I grabbed the back
of Matt's T-shirt just as he was outside. He tried to shake me off but I had a tight
grip. My stomach scraped against the concrete, grazing it.
"Help!" I screamed, as he made a run for his car.
"Ger'off of me!" hissed Matt, but I had hold of his leg. He tried to kick me, but I
blocked it. Lurching forwards, we broke into a fight. Matt kicked me and I flew right
across the car park and smashed into the Burger House window. It cracked and crumbled
behind me. Matt came forward, his hands clenched into tight fists. I got up, rubbed
my head and then clenched my hands into fists too.
I turned round and then led him round to the back of the restaurant. I had a plan,
and I knew how to work it.
I kept blocking Matt's punches and then kicked him right inbetween his legs. He
doubled over and I sneaked round the back of him. I shoved him and he toppled
over....right into our trap.
"PULL!" I screamed at Ella and Gwen, and they heaved the net up. I smiled up at Matt
"You're the killer, aren't you?" I said.
"OK, I'll admit it!" he said, scrabbling around in the net. "Here's the story:..."

Bwunny says:   16 May 2007   934449  
ARG! please write more PLEASE!!!
Dragonfly01 says:   16 May 2007   477538  
OMG!!!!! i knew it!!!!!!
my coment was right!!!!!!!
but, omg!h how?!
eragon_gal14 says:   16 May 2007   839789  
OMFG!! Write the next chapter!!
atm says:   17 May 2007   497531  
that was good please write more and is this true story or u made it
rubytuesday says:   18 May 2007   287126  
MORE CHAPTERS! Why did he say this is the story? Is he the killer?
Please write more!
‹yeahitsLEIGH♥› says :   2 March 2008   671761  


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