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Saturday, 12 May 2007
09:18:06 AM (GMT)
"Hey guys.." Jaz walked in and Tobi stood up. "Oh my.."
"Dude, put some pants on.." Stuart yelled and Jaz covered her eyes.
"What the?" Tobi looked down and saw his 'Hello Kitty' boxers wasn't covered.
"Jaz, baby.. You're on fire!" Alex flirted with Jaz.
"Why thank you Alex, excuse me one moment." Jaz left the room covering her mouth,
"What was that all about, man?" Alex asked looking confused.
"Dude, do you have a sister." Stuart slapped his shoulders.
"Dude, it's morning sickness, when my step mom was having Sorena, she was always
getting up and leaving." Stuart explained.
"Every hour?" Tobi laughed at Alex's question.
"Every day for the past nine months. i was only 6 months at the time."
"What happened to you're mom." Tobi asked.
"Arrested, crazy bitch." Stuart hissed. "She deserved what she got..."
"What did she do." Alex asked.
"Shot who?"
"She shot my best friend and my girlfriend, well his girlfriend, Alex! She shot them
both fourteen times!"
"Whoa." Tobi looked over to Alex.
"She got a life scentence, i bit she doesn't even know i excist."
"She must do, she did give birth to you after all." Tobi put his hand on Stuart's
"She was a druggy, was under the influrence of drugs, smokers and alchohol! She
didn't even know my dad until he got supervision of me."
"Harsh, my mum was a smoker, she got cancer and died." Alex moaned.
"I'm back." Jaz walked in, saw Stuart cry. "I was only gone for 5 mintues, did you
really miss me that much?" She joked.
"Jaz!" Tobi and Alex said in unison throwing pillows at her.
"Hey baby, what happened?" Jaz hugged Stuart. Tobi looked in daggers, his best friend
was digging up on his girl! Well Callums girl but his dream girl.
"Nothing, you're perfect you've got everything. Two parents a huge family, a
"Three enimies trying to kill me."
"How long was you in hospital?" Alex asked.
"Three weeks." Jaz kissed Stuart's forehead, this made Tobi even angrier. "I had an
older sister."
"You mean you have, unless you're not talking to Rie anymore?"
"Yeah and Leanordo can sing." Jaz joked, seeing the look on all three of the boys
faces. "Lea! No i had an even older sister, adopted i think, she would be twenty
"Her name?"  Tobi asked.
"Sanchez, before my dad married my mum he got a girl pregnant at the age of 14."
Stuart winced at the number.
"how old was he?"
"What happened?" Alex asked.
"It all started on the nineteenth of July."
"That's today." Tobi piped up, both Jaz and Alex punched him.
"She was in a car..."

Belsboys4eva56 says:   12 May 2007   858149  
i know that doesn't make sense at all but Camella had her mother's
last name, her mother and camella will be mensioned else where is
Tobi's diary listend and watch out for it :-3
Belsboys4eva56 says:   13 May 2007   852247  
ok i know ur thinking what!? but when Sruart sed his mama shot his
bezzie nd gf his mam nd dad had divorced
Belsboys4eva56 says :   2 June 2007   412832  
ok she sed she was adopted but the girl got pregnant? i'm confusing
my self....


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