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HAHA. I am new here.Category: Good news and Bad news.
Wednesday, 2 May 2007
05:12:55 PM (GMT)
Hey, everyone. As you all know, I AM NEW HERE. OK, so I have some good news and some
bad news... 

OK, so my mother and father want me like really really smart. I don't really care
yet, but anyways... here it goes...

Ok, so my mother and I made a deal. The deal was that if I join Bioligy club (which
is a CLUB not a CLASS) and go every Wednesday after school, then I would get a
"suprise" I didn't know what the  suprise was until like last week. So the suprise
was that if I join I get a $500 gift card for this place that is near me. And you can
play LAZER TAG there, and I love Lazer tag! (I know how jelous you all are.. HAHA)

URGH.. I am mad... my mother is PREGNANT! Like for the millionth time. She has been
pregnant for 3 months and didn't tell me or Brad! (Brad is my twin) but she told me
older sister! And she wanted me to be happy, but she knows how mad I am, because of a
few reasons... 
• She didn't tell me
• She wants my older sister to take care of the baby, and me and Brad live with my
older sister, so that means, we will be with the annoying baby!
• She didn't tell me
• She was hiding it from me


Danielle10 wonders:   2 May 2007   796222  
Oh...thats good...so I commented...
The_One says:   2 May 2007   638313  
The bad news isn't good... BUT THE GOOD NEW IS!
hot_niki says:   2 May 2007   154526  
lol i hate siblings to i whish i was an only child and i love laser
tag its awsome
prettyprincesselisa222 says:   2 May 2007   286433  
Well the good news is awsome, so yeah im jelous, but the bad news
sucks, i think she should hav told u first, but thats just my opinion
The_One says:   2 May 2007   588739  
You are all right ^^
‹JustMe,Tiffani(:› says:   2 May 2007   343141  
Well, to me that would be good news! Other than the part about your
mom not telling you that she was pregnant! lol Well, hopefully you
will enjoy your new sibling! I have 4 siblings! lol
tenten_chan says:   2 May 2007   554318  
your lucky i have 11 sidlings
The_One says:   3 May 2007   889344  
11 SIBLING?! (holy sh*t!)
boycraze13 says:   3 May 2007   852262  
hey i like this entry
Demonic_angel says:   3 May 2007   268429  
bad luck with the kid thing......im the eldest of 4 kids.the good
news is great though!^-^
The_One says:   3 May 2007   488661  
Thanks, boycraze13
And also Demonic_angel I know, that news does suck.. but.. AT
‹HANNER› says:   3 May 2007   342798  
Lazer tag is awesome, but where I live its like a 40 minnute drive to
the Lazer tag place... 
‹HANNER› says:   3 May 2007   177321  
I meant the one that I like.
The_One says:   3 May 2007   452571  
Yea... ok...
fieldhockeygirl101 says:   6 May 2007   363376  
that bad news like rele rele rele sux
The_One says:   6 May 2007   151975  
WOW. Thanks for understanding.
Adventure says:   15 May 2007   997198  
umm yeah that is a bit jerkish. but what is even more jerkish is that
my mom left me and got all fuc*ed up and got pregnant to a kid named
Jordan. and he is only 3 now. and I dont get to even meet him cause
she is too busy getting f*cked up!!*cries*
The_One says:   17 May 2007   482588  
aww... thats too bad.
xorachelxo11 writes:   25 July 2007   518917  
i am the oldest of 3 kids.....i have 2 little brothers......so ur mom
didnt even tell u?? thats REALLY mean. But anyway,that good news is
great. my mom probally would buy me a pen or somethin lame like that.
U will get used 2 the younger sibling. (or not...) but @ first it
really stincks 
cute_monkey says:   5 August 2007   475243  
that would be annoying to have another sibiling,i would hate it!
I already have 1 very VERY annoying brother!
‹EmoGothChickThatWillNeverChange› says :   9 September 2007   279831  
im lucky i am an only child


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