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Chapter 1Category: Shattered Dreams
Sunday, 11 March 2007
02:33:14 PM (GMT)
This is something I've been working on for awhile...

Chapter 1

  I awoke in the middle of the night and sighed before getting up and running to the
bathroom, and retched for the fifth time in the past...6 hours. I leaned against the
cold, bathroom wall and sobbed. I'm way to young for this. I have been thinking the
same thought for the past two weeks. Ever since I had found out. Yea, nineteen is
definantly way too young to be a mother. If only Cheyanne hadn't taken me to that
party. If only I hadn't  let her talk me into drinking those six beers. If only I
hadn't met Tylor and gotten pregnant with a child that neither of us wanted. If only
I had had the nerve to tell him when he'd called me the last fifteen times the past
week. If only. 


    "Cheyanne, I have to be at work at nine tomorrow morning!" I protested from
the passenger side of Cheyanne's red mustang. 

 "Oh relax! We'll be home before eleven!" She said as her eyes twinkled with

 "Where are we going anyway?" I asked in my usual uncertain tone. 

 "To Tylor Lockland's party. Now calm down!" She said in her usual cheerful, upbeat

  Ten minutes later we walked into a completely crowded small house. I was perfectly
content to sit down and watch everyone have fun without me. Well, that is until
Cheyanne grabbed my hand and led me into what I guessed to be the kitchen and handed
me a plastic cup. Being the naive girl I had always been, I took a sip. About and
hour and ten cups worth of sips of beer, and I was dancing with a very hot guy. His
eyes were the nicest shade of green I had ever seen. A few dances later and I was
pratically melting in his arms. He smiled down at me and led me upstairs where it was
strangely silent. I knew exactly what he was planning, but for some reason I didn't
stop him. Whether it was the beer or the fact that I was having the time of my life,
I followed him into a bedroom. Thus, making the worst mistake of my life. 
 *Back to reality* 

  I slid down to the cold tile floor and let the memories rush through me. A few
moments later I heard the soft padding of someone's feet on the wooden floor. I could
of stood up and try to hide that I'd been crying, but I didn't. Cheyanne might as
well know now since she would figure it out anyway. A few moments later I was joined
in the small bathroom by Cheyanne, my roomate and best friend. 

 "What's wrong Charlie?" She asked as she knelt down beside me. I could of lied, I
could of told her so many other things were wrong, but as I looked in my friends face
I knew I couldn't keep it from her anymore. I had told her all of my secrets since we
were six. She had been my neighbor as a child and we had grown up together. From mud
pies and dollhouses to boyfriends and proms we had always been there for each other.
I knew that this wouldn't be any different. 

 "Remember Tylor's party?" I asked uncertainly. I hadn't known who the guy was until
a week later when we met him at the mall and I had asked Cheyanne who he was. She
nodded and waited for me to continue. 

 "Well, I kinda slept with Tylor." I admitted in a whisper I barely even heard.
Cheyanne's eyes got huge and she just stared at me for a minute. I could see the
wheels turning in her mind. Finally, she most have got what I was saying. 

 "Oh, wow. Are you sure? I mean have you been to the doctor yet?" She asked as she
pulled me into a tight hug. Normally I would've pulled away from her, but at that
moment I needed her more than anything. 

 "Yeah, I've known for about two weeks now." I confessed and she pulled back and I
almost laughed at the look on her face. 

 "Why didn't you tell me? Have you told Tylor yet?" She demanded as she pulled me up
off the floor,led me into our tiny kitchen, and sat me down at the table. 

 "I don't know I guess I just couldn't find a way to. And no, I haven't told Tylor."
I reply as she sits down across from me and stared off into space thoughtfully. 

 "You did know he was engaged right?" She asks timidly. 

 "WHAT!" I all but yelled. This cannot be happening. 

 "Um, yeah. That was why he threw that party in the first place. You didn't know?"
She asked in complete disbelief. 

 "I didn't even know his name until you told me that day at the mall. How would I
know he was engaged?" I demanded. I was in a complete rage now. How could he do this
to me? 

 "I'm sorry. I just thought-" She replied uneasily. 

 "Just like you thought those ten beers would 'loosen me up'?" I demanded. I'm
usually a pretty calm person, but this was just too much. 

 "Are you still gonna tell him?" She asked changing the subject. 

 "He has a right to know. I won't ruin his engagement though. I'll tell him in
privacy. He can decide whether he goes into a marriage unfaithfully of not." I answer
with much more courage than I felt. 

 "Do you have his number?" She asked. Where has she been the past fifteen times he's
called this weekend? Probably with her boyfriend, Matt. 

 "It's still on the caller id from where's he's called the past fifteen or so times."
I answer with a bit more sarcasm than was called for. 

 "Oh. Well maybe you should call him and meet him somewhere? His weddings next
month." She replied, ignoring my sarcasm. She handed the phone to me as she walked
back into her bedroom to get dressed for the day. Oh well. Here's goes nothin'. I
dialed the number and waited. 

 "Hello?" A woman's voice asked, sleep still etched into it. 

 "Um, is Tylor there?" I asked casually. 

 "Yeah. Hold on a sec. Who should I tell him is calling?" She asked politely. The
mother of his soon to be child. The other woman. The woman he slept with the night of
his engagement party. Yea, those would all be appropriate answers at the moment, but
I knew I couldn't say them. 

 "Charlie." I answered shortly. Does he even know my name? Well I guess I would find
out sooner rather than later. 

 "Hello?" A deep voice asked, also etched with sleep. So, they'd just gotten up. 

 "This is...your friend from the party." I chose my words carefully. 

 "Oh, hi. How are you?" He asked uncertainly. Pregnant. I couldn't say that though. I
was planning on meeting him face to face and telling him. 

 "Um, fine. Can we meet somewhere?" I asked hopefully. 

 "Uh, yeah. Sure. How about the coffee shop close to the school?" He asked,
apparently amused. 

 "Sure. How about 11:30?" I asked after checking my watch. 10:15. That gave me a
little over an hour to get ready. 

 "Okay. See ya later." He answered and hung up. I sank back into my chair with a sigh
and then went and got ready to ruin someone else's life.

robertgalaxy says:   21 April 2007   481746  
hey cool.. why dont you check out mine..!
rubytuesday says :   12 May 2007   894943  
That is the best!


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