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Insta-Fame Info and Part One~ A Surprising EmailCategory: (general)
Monday, 29 January 2007
12:12:56 AM (GMT)
Hey Guys this is a story i currently write on Quizilla, but i decided to put it on
here too! Hope You Like!!

Main Character’s Name: Mariah Arlington
Age: 13 years
Birthday: June 14th 1993
Siblings: Hazel 11 girl, Bryson 15 boy
Hair: Dirty Blonde w/ highlights just past shoulders
Eyes: Bluish-Green

Name: Hilary Boyer
Age: 13 years
Birthday: August 27th 1993
Siblings: Shelby 9 girl, Ashley 12 girl, Breanna 19 girl
Hair: Dirty Blonde a quarter over back
Eyes: Dark Green w/ a little bit of gray

Name: Kyla Carter
Age: 13 years
Birthday: May 7th 1993
Siblings: Travis 10 boy
Hair: Medium Brunette past shoulders
Eyes: Dark Blue

Name: Braden Bellham
Age: 13 years
Birthday: October 12th 1992
Siblings: none
Hair: Brunette w/ light brown highlights just above shoulders (Skater Hair)
Eyes: Speckled Brown 

Name: JT Roberts
Age: 19 years
Birthday: December 20th 1986
Siblings: none
Hair: Spiked blonde
Eyes: Sea Blue 

Name: Hazel Arlington
Age: 11 years
Birthday: May 13th 1995
Siblings: Mariah, Bryson
Hair: Jet Black, down to elbow
Eyes: Dark Brown

Name: Bryson Arlington
Age: 15 years
Birthday: January 10th 1990
Siblings: Mariah, Hazel
Hair: Dark brown, almost black (Skater Hair
Eyes: Emerald Green

Other Characters:
Girls: Mrs. Arlington, Mrs. Boyer, Brenda Song, Ashley Tisdale, Miley Cyrus, and
Emily Osment.
Boys: Tyler Northcraft Chase Turner, Dylan and Cole Sprouse, Zac Efron, and Jesse

Chapter One: A Surprising E-Mail
“Oh come on Hazel! Pleeeeaaaasssseeeee get off the computer, I have to check my
e-mail. J.T. is supposed to write me back today!” I Pleaded. “Why should I? You
never do anything for me! Even Bryson is nicer than you and he’s a guy, and older
than both of us!”
 Hazel replied with her usual sly, smirk. “ But Haze, please he’s telling me what
his manager said about Hilary, Kyla, and my demo today.” I said with my famous
never failed yet puppy dog eyes. “Oh alright, but what’s in it for me?”
“Ummm… I’ll give you his autograph and backstage passes to his first
concert…… in Florida?” I knew she couldn’t resist that I knew she had a total
crush on J.T.
“On one condition,” She smiled, “ Two passes and during “ Over you” Me and
Heather get to go on stage.” (Heather was Hazel’s best friend) “Done!” I was
so excited I couldn’t breathe for a second. I logged on and began skimming through
my mail looking for J.T.’s. Finally I found it. “ Ok Mariah, this email effects
your entire life, brace yourself!” I found myself crossing my fingers and holding
my breath.
I released all the air in my lungs as I scrolled down to the email. It Read:
Dear Mariah,
This is a very exciting email I’m guessing, correct? Lol. Well just so you know, my
manager loved it!!!  I’m so happy for you! I can’t wait till I meet you and
Hilary, Kyla and whoever else you plan on bringing with you in Hollywood. W/b k? Luv
ya forever, JT 
I finished reading and couldn’t believe my eyes so I reread it about three or four
times. Finally I started screaming my head off. I ran to the phone and called Kyla.
She answered tiredly with a soft “Hello?” “ Oh my fricking God!!! JT’s
manager loved it!”  I Screamed. “What??? Are you serious? Ahhhhh!!!!!!!!” She
screamed even louder than me. (Which I didn’t think was possible.) “Ok well I
gotta tell Hil, ok talk to ya later k? Bye.”
 “Hilary, Oh my God! We got in, we got in! J.T.’s manager loved it!!!” I
yelled. “What?” I think she was in shock. “I’ll call you later because I have
to call Ty k? Ok talk to you later bye bye.” Ok so I wasn’t really gonna call
him. I wanted to go to his house instead.
I told Bryson to cover for me while I was gone. I arrived after fifteen minutes and
he greeted me at the door with a soft peck on the lips. “ Hey you.” He saw me
with my huge smile and laughed. “What’s with the big grin I didn’t know a mere
kiss could do that. I must be amazing at everything I do!” I giggled softly “ Oh
yeah actually i'm smiling because of something else.”  “Oh really so it wasn’t
my awesome kissing skills?” He responded with fake sadness. “Nope I’ve seen
better.” I joked. “Well I see how it is. So is that what you came over to do,
make fun of the poor innocent boyfriend?” “No, way more exciting than that!”
“Alright,” He put his arm around me, “what is it? I’m all ears!”
“Well,” I started, “We got the job!” 
“What job?” He pulled his arm away. “Duh the record deal! Isn’t this the most
exciting thing ever?!” I squealed. “What? Why?” He stood up, his face filled
with anger. “I don’t want you to!” “But why Tyler? This is the greatest thing
to ever happen to me and you’re not even the least bit happy for me?” I yelled
tears starting to pierce my eyes. “No! I didn’t think the guy would actually hire
you! And if you do go, than we are soooo over babe! I don’t think so girl!”
“Well then,” I stood up and turned to leave, “Goodbye Tyler. Don’t call me
again!” and with that I slammed the front door and ran home crying.
That night over dinner everyone was so happy for me, and honestly, so was I. To tell
the truth though, I didn’t even think about Tyler. Hilary and Kyla came over that
night and we all prepared for the next weekend where we would be going to Hollywood!
“JT is so cool” Hilary smiled “ Yea I cant believe he’s gonna let us use his
plane!” Kyla said happily. The next Friday Kyla and Hilary came back over, there
bags packed. “Okay so who all is going?” Kyla questioned. “Well me, Hil and her
mom, you, my mom, Hazel, Bryson, and I’m surprising Braden tomorrow cuz I’m gonna
pick him up in the limo before we go and call Chase and tell him to cover for him
sound good?” “Yep!” They both said in unison.
The Next day we each woke up at ten and I immediately called Braden. “ Hello?” He
said as if I woke him up. “Hey Hun, get up and pack two days worth of clothes. Ill
call Chase and tell him to cover for you k?” I said trying to put on eyeliner at
the same time. “What are you talking about why do I need to pack clothes?” He
said sleepily. “It’s a surprise just be ready in a half hour. We’ll come pick
you up in front of Chase’s house ok?” “Ok but when we leave you’d better tell
me what’s going on k?” “Ok love you, bye!” I called Chase and told him to
cover. “Okay but be good you two!” He laughed. We said goodbye and left when the
limo pulled up. 
“Oh gosh guys,” My mom began, “This is so exciting! I’m so proud of you
three!” We pulled up to Chase’s with Braden’s eyes in total shock, his mouth
hanging wide open. I rolled down the window and smiled “Well are you gonna get in
or what? Come on, the private jet won’t wait forever!“ the look on his face made
everyone in the limo laugh, including the driver. He put his bags in the back and
jumped in. “Okay now you really need to tell me what’s going on.” He looked
around, his eyes still gaping. At least he finally closed his mouth. I thought. We
all told him the whole story and at the end, his mouth was hanging open again. 
We pulled up at the airport and waited at our private gate. When our plane finally
got there, we boarded and took off.

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