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NEW STORY! The other side of meCategory: my stories and stuff
Tuesday, 9 January 2007
01:08:14 PM (GMT)
Chapter one 
Lucy sat at her usual table with all her friends. She was popular. She had a great
personality and was perfect in everyway. her hair was always in perfect conditon ad
her eyes were alwys sparkling. her teeth with pearly white. she had everything. so
everone thought. 
Jess(her friend): Hey lucy u know the science project i can't do it at my house shall
i come over to yours? 
Lucy:No, lets do it in  free period. My mum doesn't like guests round. 
Jess; okay just asking 
Beci:Yeah wat is the problem with going to ur house? 
Lucy:nothing my mum just dosen't like people oover. 
Beci: suit yourself 
They caried on in eating till the bell rang. 
Lucy: see ya tomorrow! 
They waved at her as sh walked off to english. 
As she sat down she ralised lisa one of her friend shadn't came to class yet. 
Mr Jambr: Godd afternoon class. we have some news. lisa cumbro has changed classes
with Andrew Limpson. 
Mr Jambr: Lucy sit down please. 
she sat down in a huff slouching.  
Andew: hey 
Lucy:by te way u may sit next to me but if i don't want to talk to youi i won't! 
Andrew:okay thats fine wiv me 
Lucy: but i want to seak to u now. 
they spoke for ages in the lesson even though they were listening to what mr jambr
was saying. 
Chapter two 
As Lucy got near her house she turned to Andrew 
Lucy: Um.. this isa my house i got to go. 
Andrew: okay see ya tomorrow 
She waed past the house up to her broken torn up house. it looke dmore haunted than
broken. the windows were craked the walls were bashed and the woood was crooked. 
she entered the door s silently as possible. 
Dad:Hello 'ome ear-lee are wee? 
Lucy nodded not looking him in the eye. 
He closed the door behind her and pinned her down. he touched her then as she tried
to pull away he hit her again and again. 
dad: darlin u try thta every day. it don't work now be quiet till ur mother gets
she ran to her room with tears in her eye. it hjad bein like this since she was
three. she knew it was wrong but what could she do. her parentrs had freted to kill
her if shew told.  
when her mother got home lucy ahnded her a report card. 
Mum: ello wats gthis then? 
Lucy: my report i did well. 
MUm: wat a b- thi is unexceptble! 
she hit her again and again while scolding her. her mum grabbed her wrist. 
Mum: wht nunbr does b comin in the alphanet. 
Her mum slashed her twice with the knife. 
Mum: go to bed now! 

This is pretty disturbin reali!

guggley says:   9 January 2007   752585  
omg that poor girl!!!
Joann says:   9 January 2007   418938  
is this story true??
loopyloo1995 says :   10 January 2007   927265  
no i made it up well actually it is true cause i got inspired by a
girl in a magazine but thetre will be diffrent bits added in!


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