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Thursday, 6 December 2018
07:19:18 AM (GMT)
yes i stole this from Fifi who stole it from aeisha 

1. how old are you?
Far too old. Though most of the time I feel like I'm in my mid 20's and act like I'm
in my mid teens!

2. what is your gender?
Male, not much more you can say to that.

3. do you have a pet?
When I was a kid I had a rabbit called Charlie, who everyone else insisted on calling
Charlie Brown, which used to really annoyed me!

4. 3 things on your wishlist?
Xbox one, I need an upgrade.
A campervan, new style Toyota or Volkswagen.
A 3D printer, seen a nice one ....only £800.

5. your current obsession?
Baking muffins and making sock monsters!

6. your favourite game?
Elder Scrolls V  Skyrim.
It's my go to game for all occasions.

7. one song you like singing?
I can't sing. However when I'm alone in my car I pretend that I can and sing along to
the radio.
I normally have it tuned into a cheesy local radio station for the traffic reports,
so I end up singing along to lots of 80's and 90's pop stuff and a lot more recent
too. It disturbs me how many Taylor Swift songs I know!

8. do you have a crush/lover?
Not at the moment.

9. how would you confess?
In front of a judge probably!!

10. something you regret doing?
My life is a constant stream of regrets! I wouldn't even know where to start.

11. what is your sexual orientation?
Heterosexual, with a slight bi-curiosity!!

12. your favourite food?
My local chippy has just changed hands. And they do the most amazing fish and chips.
The fish is soft and succulent, the batter crisp on the outside but still slightly
gooey inside. And the chips are perfectly crisp and light and fluffy inside.

13. when was your first crush?
Claire Everest I was at primary school we were both 6 and she was the most beautiful
girl in the whole world. Trouble was she like Mark Harrington! 

14. are you s or m?
If this is clothing sizes then I'm neither I'm an l verging on cl.
If it's sadist/masochist then I'm not really either, though at a push more 's'
If it's slave/master then definitely 'm', a little experience in that field. Enough

15. what's your ideal date plan?
Depends on the other person.
For me, a nice meal and a drink somewhere quiet where we can talk.
And if things go well, then back to my place for "coffee"!!

16. something you can't stop doing?
Fucking up. 

17. what you do when sad?
Go for a walk, with my MP3 player loaded up with happy songs!!!

18. something you'd like to try out?
Chainsaw wood sculpture!

19. a selfie of you (without makeup).
That would be a selfie then!
No one wants to see what I look like.

20. something you wanna hear from fellow kupikans?
Anything! There are so few of us left we might as well get to know eachother.
It kind of like being members of an exclusive club now!

SpaceCaptainSmith says :   6 December 2018   101193  
14 that should have been xl.

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