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Sunday, 7 June 2015
01:59:13 PM (GMT)
I have a secret. This is my secret: I hate my father. I almost hate my step-mother.
And I dislike my grandmother. 

I have to keep it a secret because my father (whom I shall henceforth refer to as
Darfblat) loves to hold things over me. He gave me a laptop for graduation only to
gain leverage over me: "Do what I say or I'm taking your laptop." 
He's doing the same thing with my entire college fund. It's not money from him. It's
from my grandpa, who is dead. Technically I inherited it. And my dad is not supposed
to have control of it, I am. But he has avoided giving it to me. Because he says I
will waste it all on tattoos. Which is just a ludicrous excuse. I'm not an idiot. I
know how to handle money. Even when I'm manic I don't let myself spend money that I
know I need for other things. There's so much I need to get done before I can move
out and he refuses to make it a priority, despite frequently expressing that he does
not want me living with him.

Darfblat's wife, Pametha, is a weird creature indeed. We used to get along well,
actually, until she decided it that it is her duty as a good Christian wife to
support Darfblat in every decision he makes, regardless of her own opinion. She used
to choose the side of who she believed was right. Now she sides with him every time.
She's become weak and mindless. She's a crybaby. She cried because I borrowed
something from her without asking and she said she felt, "violated." She grew up an
only child and has never had to share in her life, so she can't fathom the
possibility that I simply was in a hurry and used her items with no intention of
hurting her. Today she became deeply offended when, in a conversation with her and
Darfblat, I said, "You guys aren't artists." She said, "Excuse me?! Ugh!" completely
indignant. I didn't realize that after painting a few picture frames and stringing a
few beads she considers herself an artist. I certainly wouldn't. I meant, of course,
that neither of them were artists by profession, not that she had never done an arts
and crafts project. 
But I know Pametha hates me. She hasn't forgiven me for any of the times I have
inadvertently offended her, and I feel the hatred emanating from her. 

My grandmother, of course, is simply old and annoying. But I don't hold that against
her. She can't help it. I only hope I didn't have to spend 90% of my time around
But, here's an interesting tidbit about her: she has hundreds of thousands of dollars
in savings, and she gets monthly checks from retirement and my grandfather's life
insurance, I know where she has an envelope hidden full of large bills, and she also
has a ton of money in the stock market. And yet, she's the cheapest person ever, she
tips waiters about $1, and ONLY buys things that are on clearance. 
You can't take it with you, lady, you might as well spend it.
Last edited: 7 June 2015

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