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Tuesday, 22 January 2013
07:22:50 PM (GMT)
"I just need a friend I can talk to, who will actually respond to me. I feel like I
lost them all..."

Gee. I wonder why?
Look, I'm your friend and all, but lately you've made some pretty dumb decisions.
Starting with the whole dropping out of school and moving in with your boyfriend -
oh, sorry - FIANCE, some guy who you JUST MET three weeks ago, and just up and
leaving us all here without telling us. yeah. And you wonder why nobody wants to talk
to you?

You take us for granted.

How can you expect us to support you with this? We're not going to tell you what to
do with your life, but because we care about you, we are going to tell you when we
think you're making a mistake. And yeah, when you call your friends bitches, let your
"fiance" call your friends bitches (who, btw, doesn't even know any of us), for
CARING, we're going to be pissed off.

How is it that you can sit there and let this guy you barely know judge your friends?
How can you take his side over theirs? How can you sit there and let him call them
names and tell them to fucking KILL THEMSELVES because they're so called "jealous" of
your relationship? YOUR THREE WEEK LONG RELATIONSHIP. How can you even sit there and
say you're "in love" with him.

You're naive. Think about all the people you have hurt. Your family, for one. You
lied to them about where you were going. You just up and left as soon as you turned
18 without so much as a word. You chose some stranger over your FAMILY. And what
about your friends? You left them too. You took advantage of them by expecting them
to lie for you. And then you abandon them for caring about you.

This is why nobody wants to talk to you. Get your life together, grow up, apologize,
and then maybe you'll get your friends back. But I don't know if you ever can. They
are tired of you treating them like they are trash. They are tired of you pushing
them away. They want to be done with the drama and the lies.

Yes, friends are supposed to be supportive, but they are also supposed to be able to
tell you when your fucking your life up. And when they express that they don't agree
with something, you shouldn't just shut them out and call them names. Maybe think
about what they say? If you don't agree, then fine. Don't listen to them. But don't
sit there and yell at them, call them awful names, be a complete and total bitch to
them, and then expect them to still be your friend. It doesn't work that way.
Especially when it's this constant thing.

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