A Dark Wood, A Crossroads, and A Clearing (A story I wrote a while
back, please tell me what you think)
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A Dark Wood, A Crossroads, and A Clearing (A story I wrote a while
back, please tell me what you think)
Category: (general)
Monday, 7 January 2013
02:00:54 AM (GMT)
So there I was, walking a dark path in the woods alone. I have no idea how I got
here, or where this road leads, but it's the only one left. All the others lead
nowhere. I'm pretty sure I'm lost, but that doesn't really matter anymore, I've been
in this wood for so long that I can't remember anything before it. Its always
night-time here, a full moon sits at the hightest point in the sky, the stars shine
brightly, and there are many clouds. I can't see anything beyond the trees that line
the path, they hang over me like dark shadows cast in gruesome form. The trees are
almost completely bare, but for a few leaves here and there. The path is narrow, and
seems to go on forever in both directions, with no beginning or end. It rains softly.
Time does not exist here.
It's deathly quiet. The only sounds are my own breathing, the near silent patter of
rain drops, and the occasional howl of a wolf. I've heard the wolf many times, but
I've never seen it, or any other animals for that matter. This place is void of all
life except myself and the trees, I am truly alone. This thought once filled me with
sorrow, but now it doesn't, I've accepted the loneliness. I am content in this
darkness. So I keep walking alone.
Far down the path, in a clearing beyond a cross-roads, you sit waiting. Waiting for
me. You don't know why you are waiting, or even what you are waiting for, you just
know that that is what you're supposed to do. You sit upon a large rock, looking up
at the sky counting the stars. You can hear the gentle lull of a small stream nearby.
You've been here forever waiting, like I have been forever walking. Someday we are
destined to meet, and on that day our purposes will be fulfilled, then we'll leave
this dark wood forever. Never to see it again. So you keep waiting.
I keep walking the path, nothing changes, it is all the same. Until I come near a
stream, this is the first change in scenery in a long time, perhaps forever. The
stream is tiny and flows slowly, there appears to be no life in it either. However, I
see it as a sign of hope, and begin to follow it. Breaking away from the path a short
distance. As I follow the stream it gets a little bigger and flows a little faster, I
continue following it. Soon a cross-roads comes into view, I stop walking.
You sit there, alone in the clearing, like you always have. Nothing is any different
from usual, but you feel a strange pressure on your heart. You feel as though
something important is about to happen, and it will happen soon. You don't know what
to do, so you continue sitting there, waiting. In the distance you can hear the wolf
howling, closer than usual.
I stand there at the cross-roads for some time, thinking. I did not know which way to
go. This was the first change in the path in a long time, I might finally be close to
a way out. The stream continued to flow alongside the left path, and I could hear the
wolf down the right one. Which way should I go?
You are sitting there on the rock when you here the crackle of fallen branches,
something walks into the clearing. It's the wolf. This is the first living thing
you've ever seen in the wood besides yourself. Time seems to stand still as you look
at the wolf. The pressure on your heart grows, perhaps the wolf is what you've been
waiting for all this time. It doesn't seem hostile, yet you are afraid.
I stand at the cross-roads, looking left to right. The stream led me here, I should
keep following it; however, something seems to be calling me down the other path,
towards the wolf. I listen to the call and start down the right path. This path seems
no different from the other one, but I feel compelled to reach its end. So I walk.
You stand up, for the first time in ages. The wolf looks at you with strangely human
eyes, they seem filled with pain. You take a step closer to it, it seems like it has
been looking for a something for a long time. It sits down and looks up at the sky.
The rain continues to fall. A cloud passes over the moon and the wolf howls. You are
filled with uncertainty.
I keep walking down the path and I hear the wolf, it's not far off now. I speed up,
feeling like I'm almost at the end of my journey. Far up the path I see a clearing,
there is movement in it. I'm almost there, I can feel my destiny is at hand. I speed
up again, running now.
The wolf stops howling and turns to you, the pain in its eyes gone now. It has been
replaced with a dark hate. The wolf snarls and lunges at you; you fall, and it sails
over you. You are truly afraid now. The pressure on your heart is incredible. Is this
what you've been waiting for all this time? Waiting for the wolf to kill you? How
I am finally close enough to see what the movement is. I can see the wolf and what
appears to be another person. I sense the hostility and fear in the air. The wolf is
dangerous and it want you dead. I have to save you, so I run as fast as I can. As I
enter the clearing both you and the wolf turn to look at me.
You look towards the path into the clearing and see another person, me. The wolf sees
me too. Both of you are surprised by my arrival. You gasp, and the pressure on your
heart disappears. This is what you've been waiting for. The wolf just stares.
I stand there looking from you to the wolf. I should be scared, yet I'm filled with a
strange sense of completion. I've finally made it, this has been my destination all
along, I can feel it. The wolf looks from me to you, confused for a moment before it
runs off. Now you and I are alone in the clearing. The rain stops.
You stand up and look at me, and I look at you. Tears begin to fall down your face.
You've never been this happy. I try to speak, but words fail me. I wouldn't know what
to say any way, after being alone for so long. I walk up to you and pull you into a
long hug. At first you're shocked, but after a moment's pause you return the the
motion. And we stand there like that, with our arms around each other, for a while.
When we finally step apart I am crying too. A smile spreading from ear to ear. We
have finally found each other, our fates are complete. No words exist to descibe the
happiness felt by us in this moment. The clouds drift away from the moon. It shines
brightly and another path out of the clearing is revealed. We both look down this
path and smile.
I take your hand in mine, and we walk down this new path together. We can finally
leave this dark wood. Far behind us we can hear the wolf howl one last time. Soon we
can see the outside world.
As we walk down the path together, we see the sun beginning to rise. And we can tell
that we are walking into a bright new world.

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