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random crazy stuff (my internal monologues) Part 2
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Tuesday, 9 October 2012
12:09:42 AM (GMT)
*walks into the room*

Me: Hello everyone, its been a long time since I've done one of these. For that, I am
Kai: We all are, right guys?
Gin&Dante: totally.
Me: Anyway, moving on... Things have changed a lot since the last entry, which was..
like a year ago, right?
Gin: Seems about right.
Dante: yeah.. why is that anyway?
Kai: we haven't really had the time to be on here writing these things have we? No.
Not to mention he forgot the password.
Me: *droops head* Yeah i did.. still, a lot has happened. Many things have
Gin: Not all of them good either.
Dante: What are you talking about? Pretty much none of the changes are good. Life
sucks for us right now.
Alex: He has a point.
Me&Kai: *Jumps* How long have you been there?
Alex: the entire time. You all sound like a bunch of whiny saps.
Me: We do, but i don't care. I'm allowed to be whiny.
Dante: But Kai is supposed to be the happy upbeat one, isn't he?
Kai: I am?
Me: yes, you are. But none of us are happy right now. So shut it.
Gin: Shouldn't we be moving on with the topic?
Me: Oh yeah.. What was the topic today, anyway?
Alex: I believe today's topic was Love.
Kai: Ah yes, Love. It is the grande-
Me: Quiet, Kai. Let me speak.
Kai: Okay..
Me: Love is.. Amazing, wonderful, beautiful, grand, warm; it is the greatest thing in
the world. Wars have been fought, empires founded, books written, and cities built,
all because of love. Without it, life would not be worth living. Yet, at the same
time, love is horrible, dark, painful, and cold. People die, empires fall, and cities
are destroyed because of it.
Alex: I think you have that last part wrong.
Gin: No, he doesn't, he's right.
Me: When you have love, life seems perfect. You will do anything to keep that love
alive, but once you lose that love it doesn't seem worth it. Trust me, I know. I lost
love, and i wanted to die. I fell into a really dark place, I was there for a long
Kai: And we were all there with you.
Me: I couldn't take it. I just wanted out. I did a lot of things i'm not proud of. I
didn't want to get out of bed, all i wanted to do was curl up in a ball and cry.
Dante: and he did cry. A Lot. It was horrible.
Me: My friends tried to comfort me, but it didn't really help. Just seeing people
smile, or hearing them laugh hurt. Being alive hurt. I wanted it all to end.
*chuckles* It was a dark time for me.
Gin: it was dark for all of us.
Kai: Hey, i don't think any of the readers know what we're talking about right now..
Alex: You're right, maybe we should tell them
Dante: Yeah, they ought to know.
Me: Alright, I'll tell them. What i've been going on about for the last couple of
minutes is this: I'm single now, have been for quite a while; my girlfriend, Destiny
(the reason i'm on this site in the first place), broke up with me. It was back in
December, but i'm still not over her.
Kai: I don't think you ever will be.
Gin: Nope. He still wants her back.
Me: is it that obvious?
All: Yes.
Me: damn... but, you're right, i do. More than anything, i want her back. But thats
not even a possibility, is it?
Alex: You never know, siah. It could happen.
Kai: Cheer up will you, at least you still have her as a friend.
Dante: Yeah, you see her pretty much everyday. Be happy.
Gin: Look at the bright side, okay? You've been dark and moody for too long.
Me: Thanks guys.. I'll try.
Kai: I think we've kept the readers for long enough.
Dante: Yeah, we should go now.

Me: I'm sorry if i made any of you feel bad. Until next time my dear readers.

*walks out of the room, the others follow*

I truly apologize for the whiny teenager-ness. I can't help it, that's just who i am
right now.

‹forevayoung10› says:   9 October 2012   343693  
Wolfie96 says :   9 October 2012   250196  
What do you mean? 


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