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Couple meme thing (Hi guys I've missed you all)Category: (general)
Sunday, 2 September 2012
08:50:39 PM (GMT)
When exactly did you two first meet?
Second day of school last year. :3

Where did you two first meet?
Band room. After school. Haha.

What was your first impression of him?
Oh yeah, he's like, the percussion god here, right? Pretty cool, he's really good...

When did you start liking him?
Welp, last year I was forced into chorus, which I hate, so I switched out of it and
managed to get Independent Study Band, which basically I sit in the drum practice
room for an hour and play. He had it too, so we were in the room together for the
entire first trimester of school. I had regular band with him, too. so when we
started getting to know eachother, I kinda started liking him. We had talked about
it, he said he wasn't really big on dating (we were on the subject of my shit
boyfriend at the time) and I was kinda sad, but it was fine. The more I got to know
him later in the year, the more I really liked him so I finally asked him out for
coffee after school one day(: And he said yes.

When did you two start going out?
June 6, 2012.

What was your first kiss with him like?
It was really nice. Haha. I gave him his first kiss so he was super nervous. But we
were cuddling next to a campfire at our friends' house, and it was our one
monthaversary and he's a huge dork so he was going off about something nerdy, and I
kinda turned his head to face me and I said "C'mere you nerd." and I kissed him and
yeah. :3

Are you his first girlfreind?
Yeah. Haha he's such a n00b<3

Is he your first boyfreind?
Nope. He's the best though(:

About him:
Massive nerd, loves YuGiOh and old video games. super musically inclined. Genius in
everything, he's wicked smart. He's super nice, the sweetest, kindest most caring guy
I've ever met. He's uber lovable, wicked cuddly... he's tall, athletic, has a nice
body...  And I love his cute little face. 

How much older/younger is he compared to you?
Two years and eight days. He's a senior, I'm a sophomore. /sobs

Hair color?

Eye color?
Brown with a greenish ring on the outside. They're twinkly and nice.

Skin tone?
White but he's tan because he's Italian haha.

Yessss hahaha he think's it's sexy when I take them off him to kiss him. 


No haha.

Chest hair?
A little, hehehe.

Lots of small ones that he doesn't remember getting. 

Wicked, fucking genius.

that's his sense of humor. xD Yeah.

Yup, haha.

A little, in a nice way, though. 


He makes me melt YES VERY

Affectionate where?
Cuddling and stuff, he loves cuddling. c:

He's wicked protective oh my fucking lord xD

I don't see him as clingy, probably because I'm the clingy one. xD


Depends, he talks a lot when we have things to talk about but he's really quiet when
we're being corny. xD

Shy, mostly. Hes so cute. x3

Yup, runs track haha.

He writes a lot of his own music and he's goddamn good at it.

His skills:
Drums, piano even though he denies it, complimenting me, writing music, doing math,

Can he cook or bake?
I don't think so, haha, I'm the one who cooks a lot. xD 

Can he repair/fix things?
Probably, he's a guy, and he likes cars. Lol

Can he dance?
Probably slow dance but that's about it.

Can he sing?
Yeah. c: 

Can he draw?
He isn't amazing, but he can draw a little. 

Can he play any instrument?
Drums, piano, used to play the trumpet.

Can he write well?
Oui oui(:

Can he make you laugh?

Can he make others laugh?
Yup. c:

What is his talent if he has found it?
Music. Definitely music.

Is he good at science and math?
Extremely. Haha.

Random quirks:
Talks with his hands, wags his finger around when he sings, he does this thing where
he rubs his thumb like on my arm or my side or something, and when we're kissing he
usually has his fingers in my hair because I guess it's really soft. Haha

Is he a pet lover?
Not really sure, to be honest. 

Is he environment-friendly?
Yeah, I mean he recycles and all and doesn't ever litter.

What are his views on political issues?
Haha I have no idea, he takes Honors Government at school so I guess whatever they
are they're pretty knowledgable? Haha

Is he racist?
Not really, he jokes like one though. xD

Is he a vegetarian?

Does he drink?
Nah, I don't think he will either. 


Never. Haha.

Abuse drugs?
Not at all.

Is he hairy?
Legs and arms yeah. Haha

Does he donate to beggars?
You call them beggars? 

Is he neat/messy?
Wicked neat, lol he helps me clean my room. xD

His love life:
Welp... I dunno I mean him and I don't have sex but he's gotten boners before while
we made out xD

Is he romantic?
Yeeeessss hahahaha<3

Does he pay for your meals/tickets/etc?
He tries to but gosh, I just feel so guilty when he does, especially since I have a
job and he doesn't.

Does he express his love for you in words or in actions?
Both ahaha.

Things you don't like about him (though you accept his faults):
the fact that he compliments me so much, I don't deserve the stuff he says to me,
it's all way too nice. 

Any habits of his that you dislike?
He tries to help out at my house alot and I'm like No Matt stop helping you do too
much fhdjsfk

Anything about his appearance that you dislike?
No he looks fiiiiiiiine<3 

What's the sweetest thing he has ever said to you?
"You're my meaning of life, angel."

When was the latest you stayed up with him?
HAHAHAHA One am, when we went to the drive in. He doesn't stay up very late. xD

Do you give each other advice?
Yup. His is usually to cure my lack of common sense and mine is usually just random.

Have you ever put his last name as your own to see how it'd sound?
Haha I'd sound a lot more Italian. xD 

Did you like it?
It's cute haha

Ever dreamed about him?

What happened?
A lot of things, hahaha.

When you're upset, he:
Hugs me, tells me I'm beautiful and perfect and all that bullshit. He definitely
helps, though. 

When he's upset, you:
I try to help, I mean he usually isn't very upset. 

When he's happy, you:
I'm happy as long as he's happy.

Ever sacrifice some of your morals for him?
Not really.

Does he ever try to change something about you?
Nope. c:

Would you be willing to give anything for him to be happy?

What was the most romantic thing you've done together?
when I took him camping, each morning when he woke up early, he'd wake me up and we
would go and sit by the lake and watch the sun come up<3

Would you ever cancel plans with friends to be with him?
Nah I'd just take him with us haha

How often do you think about him?
Like all the god damn time.

When you think about him, you:
Miss him.

When he first saw you, you:
...Shook his hand, said "Hi I'm Shay, nice to meet you, what the hell am I doing with

Are you flirty with each other?
YES haha

Life without him would be:
Pretty shitty seeing as how I'd more or less be in a psych ward.

Have you ever doodled his name without thinking about it?

Does he make you feel protected?
Yes. He keeps me safe. 

Are you proud of him?
Yeah, what the hell kinda person would I be if I wasn't?

Is he proud of you?
I hope so. xD

Do you ever embarrass yourself in front of him?
All the time.

What's your best memory with him?
All of them(:

None of them.

Have you ever been in a fight?
Nope. Not yet at least.

Does he make you angry sometimes?
When he compliments me.

How often?
Lol every couple minutes.

Can you guess what he will say or do ahead of time?
Depends, but yeah. Haha he says I have superpowers.

Do you ever talk about love?
Mhm. :3

What about the future?
Yeah(: I like thinking about what it'd be like to be his wife.

Do your parents know about him?
Yup(: They love him.

Do his parents know about you?
Yup. Haha

If so, do they like you?
I really hope so, they say I have a cute voice and that I'm adorable and I dunno, I
just wanna make sure they like me and all. xD

Your relationship's theme song would be:
Lucky by Jason Mraz. First song he ever sent me.

Weirdest thing about him:
Haha it's a secret. xD

Did/Do you have a codename for him you use with your friends?
Fiesta lol.

Do you have a favorite of his clothing?
He has this one green sweatshirt he lets me steal because it's big and I use it as a
blanket and it's warm and smells so fucking good. (I'm tiny compared to him haha so
his clothes are huge on me.)

Do you stay up later than normal just to talk to him?
No because I'm the insomniac and he get's tired around ten haha

Do you have a favorite picture of him?
I like actually seeing his face better, but his mom is giving me some of his senior
pics. So those ones. 

Do you try to look attractive around him?
Lol I try but I'm just not that pretty or good looking.

Are you in love with him?

Why do you love him?
Because he's real, he isn't fake. He doesn't hide anything, doesn't care about what
people think of him. He's genuinely the perfect boy.

Quote something that he has said to you:
"You know, I dn't really mind if you touch my butt."
"You're my little angel."
"I'm always with you, wherever you are, I'm there right next to you."
"Illinois would be jealous, we have more corn than them."

Whats the worst thing he's ever said to you?
"Last night when you were playing Skyrim, your boob was leaning on my arm close to my
hand and I just didn't know whether move or not, I'm sorry."

Can you imagine being with him forever?
Yeah(: He's just fhdjsfhjksf so amazing.

Describe your ideal wedding with him:
I dunno, somewhere really beautiful with just a few close friends and family, and a
nice reception somewhere snowy. 

Have you ever cheated on him?
NOPE. Never will either, like I did the last relationship. xD LOL GABBY

Is he a lover or a fighter?
Both in different ways. 

Physically, whats your favorite thing about him?
How he's tall and skinny and has these little abs hnnng<3

Do you truly love him?

And then he filled it out lol in response to all this haha 

When exactly did you two first meet?
Well, you said it, second day of school last year

Where did you two first meet?
Again, band room, you said it (:

What was your first impression of her?
Kinda weird, but a lot of fun and really nice

When did you start liking her?
Pretty much what you said. But more or less when I knew you liked me, because I
couldn't stop thinking about you after that

What was your first kiss with her like?
You said it, pretty nerve wracking. I don't think I did good, but I had a lot of fun,
it was really amazing

Are you her first boyfriend?
Fortunately, no. Someone needs to know what they're doing, and its not me (:

Is she your first girlfriend?
Yeah, and maybe the last <3

About her:
Really cute and cuddly, one of the most unique people I've ever met. Completely
selfless, really caring. She's nice and we always get into arguments over who should
pay and who should hold something, cause we both want to help the other out. She's
just amazing and is always smiling. Very musical, but also is a great cook.

How much older/younger is she compared to you?
Again, you answered. I wish I could be with her more, but otherwise I don't mind the
age difference.

Hair color?
Currently blond, but normally reddish-brown

Eye color?
Light brown on the outside, darking as you go in. Very deep, and always bright and

Skin tone?
White, lots of cute little freckles though (:

Sometimes, normally not though

Ears, she wears cool earrings


Chest hair?
I don't think so....not exactly a guy to girl question

Yeah, but I don't mind though. They remind me that she's strong and overcomes a lot

Not a genius, but a lot smarter than she thinks she is.

Sometimes, but not as much as me.

Very, she's one of the funniest people I know.

Maybe a little bit, I apparently am too though, I don't mind. I just like being with

Yeah, pretty patient. Kinda depends on what, but is usually pretty good

Extremely, I love it <3

Affectionate where?
She loves holding my hand and cuddling, she's like a little bunny <3

Not really, I'm more of the protective one, but she definitely looks out for me

Honestly, I'd say not really. Maybe I just like her too much <3

Yes, always has her unique way of expressing herself (:

Hmm...probably on the quiet side most of the time, but gets pretty loud and talkative
with friends. Everything she says is worth hearing though

Mostly shy, occasionally outgoing depending on the day/sugar input

Not really, don't mind that much considering most sporty people are arrogant jerks at
our school

Great musician and drawer, one of the most artistic people I know

Her skills:
Cooking, drumming, writing music even though she denies it, MacGyvering things well,
loving me perfectly <3

Can she cook or bake?
Yep, pretty well

Can she repair/fix things?
Yeah, if she puts her mind to it

Can she dance?
She says she can't, but I think if she wanted to she'd be pretty good

Can she sing?
Yep, even though she doesn't think so. She has no self-confidence even though she's
amazing at a lot of things

Can she draw?
A lot, she's amazing <3

Can she play any instrument?
Drums, knows a few things on piano, maybe something else, idk. She always surprises

Can she write well?
I haven't seen anything but our conversations, but I'd say yeah considering her other
artistic talents

Can she make you laugh?
This question isn't necessary...of course, every second

Can she make others laugh?
Yep, almost as often as me, if not more so, she has lots of inside jokes I don't

What is her talent if she has found it?
There's so many to choose from....she could probably do anything she put her mind to

Is she good at science and math?
Not really, but I think she'll be ok once she finds out what way helps her learn

Random quirks:
A lot of them, but they're all cute. Makes a lot of weird noises, flaps, like
smelling my sweatshirts, walks in the middle of the road (ahhh)

Is he a pet lover?
Yes. And she loves little kids to, she likes to love <3

Is she environment-friendly?
Yeah, she has a garden and throws things away and recycles

What are her views on political issues?
Don't really know, but it doesn't matter too much to me.

Is she racist?
Nope, she always gets mortified when I make jokes. But she still laughs (:

Is she a vegetarian?

Does she drink?
No, likes tasting drinks but only for a sip


Yeah, I don't mind though. She's respectful and only curses when she is allowed to

Abuse drugs?

Is she hairy?
Again, more of a girl-about-guy question

Does she donate to beggars?
I bet she would if she saw one

Is she neat/messy?
Kinda varies, but I don't mind cleaning up (:

Her love life:
She's scared of sex, but she loves me a lot and I love her just as much if not more
<3 And I don't want to have sex anyway, so life's good

Is she romantic?
Yep, in her own cute way (:

Does she pay for your meals/tickets/etc?
She tries, we always argue about it

Does she express his love for you in words or in actions?
Both, although I do a little more with words. She's better at kissing and stuff, she
has experience with it

Things you don't like about her (though you accept her faults):
How she never thinks she's good at anything, but I thinks she's learning. 

Any habits of her that you dislike?
She always does things that might get her hurt, they kinda scare me, but she always
comes out ok.

Anything about her appearance that you dislike?
Nope, cutest and most beautiful girl on the planet <3

What's the sweetest thing she has ever said to you?
A lot to choose from....."And on those really nice nights, where you can see the
stars up in the sky a million miles away, because the water is so still, we'd kick
back on a big comfy sea sponge and you'd tell me stories about the stars and all kids
of sciencey things and we'd talk about how we don't miss the surface because there's
too much stress up there, and then I'd say something stupid about how the word mis
rhymes with kiss, and I'd probably kiss you then and me and my spontaneous fish-human
narcolepsy, I'd fall asleep in your arms."

When was the latest you stayed up with her?
One a.m., I don't stay up late

Do you give each other advice?
Yep, we like helping each other

Ever dreamed about her?
Yep, even though I don't have dreams a lot

What happened?
Too many dreams, not enough space

When you're upset, she:
Says she loves me, tells me its her fault (which it never is)

When she's upset, you:
Try and help her, cuddle her, try to cheer her up. 

When she's happy, you:
Are also happy, her happiness is really infectious

Ever sacrifice some of your morals for her?
No, we're on the same moral level

Would you be willing to give anything for her to be happy?
Yes, that's a dumb question

What was the most romantic thing you've done together?
Same answer, sit by the lake in the morning

Would you ever cancel plans with friends to be with him?
If I haven't see her in a really long time, but probably would take her with us

How often do you think about her?
About as often as I breath, maybe a little more <3

When you think about her, you:
Same, miss her a lot, but I usually smile still

When she first saw you, you:
Honestly, I don't remember, but I'm assuming she's right

Are you flirty with each other?
Always (:

Life without her would be:
Pretty boring and monotonous, she makes my life fun and interesting

Have you ever doodled her name without thinking about it?
I try to stay away from paper as much as possible.....

Does she make you feel protected?
Well, in a sense. She makes me feel good. Again, more of a girl-about-guy question

Are you proud of her?
Yes, way more than she can imagine (:

Is she proud of you?
Yeah, she is, although I don't think I'm as good as she thinks I am

Do you ever embarrass yourself in front of her?
Yeah, a lot, I always say and do thinks on accident.

What's your best memory with her?
I'd agree with her, all of them <3

Not with her, maybe when I was talking to her and I made her feel terrible.

Have you ever been in a fight?
Nope, no yet

Does she make you angry sometimes?
No, not really. She's too nice

How often?
Again, never

Can you guess what she will say or do ahead of time?
No, but that's what I like about her <3

Do you ever talk about love?
Yeah, often

What about the future?
Yeah, we like talking about getting married and life as a couple. It'd be sweet (:

Do your parents know about her?
Yeah, they like her

If so, do they like you?
I think so, its kind hard to tell. But she says they do, so I'll go with it

Your relationship's theme song would be:
Lucky by Jason Mraz. I sent it to her, kinda my definition of our relationship

Weirdest thing about her:
Also a secret (:

Did/Do you have a codename for her you use with your friends?
Not really, she's just Shay
Last edited: 5 September 2012

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