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Friday, 15 June 2012
01:23:07 PM (GMT)
So yeah Sims 3: Supernatural has been announced and I just really excited cause you
can actually CREATE vampires, werewolves, witches/warlocks(pretty much the same thing
but witches are females and warlocks are males), and fairies. The people who actually
know me will know I will make the most fucked up family ever. Have like werepyre
children marrying a fairy and their children marrying a witch or a warlock. Just read
this news.

The Sims 3: Supernatural Announced
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Maxis and Electronic Arts have announced that The Sims 3 Supernatural expansion pack
for PC/Mac is in development and will launch worldwide in September 2012. The latest
offering from The Sims Studio allows players to create and live out the lives of
supernatural Sims like werewolves, witches, vampires and fairies. They can "curse or
charm their Sims’ lives with powerful spells, volatile elixirs, and magical
abilities in a world of strange happenings, spooky surprises and even the occasional
zombie attack."

“With a variety of deep and mysterious supernatural lifestyles to choose from, The
Sims 3 Supernatural allows players to dive into powerful new gameplay that showcases
a darker side of The Sims,” says Scott Evans, General Manager of The Sims Studio.
“This pack introduces a fresh perspective while maintaining the characteristic
playfulness, humor and innovation of our studio. With The Sims 3 Supernatural, we are
adding a wealth of rich creative possibilities, surprising new content and intriguing
storylines to the world of The Sims 3.”
The Sims 3 Supernatural gives players the new ability to create werewolves, fairies,
witches and more intriguing vampires directly in the Create A Sim tool, customizing
characteristics that range from the hairiness of a werewolf’s body to the shape of
a fairy’s wings. While playing as supernatural Sims, players will discover new
abilities, traits, skills and interactions that enhance their gameplay, including
delayed aging for fairies and vampires, innate magic channeling for witches, and
lycanthropy for werewolves, which enables them to control their animal instincts and
transform at will.

In The Sims 3 Supernatural, players also have the option to learn magical crafts by
casting spells and brewing elixirs that will charm or hex their Sims’ lives. These
potent concoctions have a wide variety of effects from career-boosting to weight loss
and even zombification. The zombification elixir will turn unsuspecting Sims into
brain-hungry, shuffling monsters that are driven to wreak havoc on the town. In
addition, players have the ability to share their brews with any friends who have The
Sims 3.

As players delve into the world of the supernatural and explore the eerie new town of
Moonlight Falls, they will uncover enchanted objects and gothic décor, including a
sliding bookcase that conceals a hidden lair and a powerful mirror with magical
interactions. Players may also choose to embark on a new career path as a mystic
fortune-teller or build their skill to become an alchemic master. Meanwhile, the
onset of the mysterious lunar cycle will unveil strange revelations, secrets and
mysteries that will shake up the entire town.

As part of the integration between The Sims and PopCap’s Plants vs. ZombiesTM,
those who pre-order The Sims 3 Supernatural will receive a special Limited Edition
version**, which features the exclusive Plants vs. ZombiesTM content pack. Players
with this limited edition content can ward off attacking zombies in their game with
the famous Pea Shooter from Plants vs. Zombies and dress their Sims with classic
zombie-themed attire for the ultimate creepy-chic look.


Last edited: 16 June 2012

‹Ⓐnn4☯L0vΣ☣› says:   15 June 2012   446985  
Holy Shizz Wizz.. I CANT WAIT!!!
Lucy_Destroys_Humanity says:   15 June 2012   657438  
I'm really happy that you can finally create the creatures. 
‹Ⓐnn4☯L0vΣ☣› says:   15 June 2012   394849  
I know! Now it's not just a sims 2 thing. And also you don't have to
download all those things to get even half of the stuff it has in this
game. Lol! But I didn't know you played the Sims Games.
Lucy_Destroys_Humanity says:   15 June 2012   277327  
Psh all the time. Plus they've never gone this high detail on fantasy
and at first when Sims 3: Base game came out they didn't even want to
do anything with fantasy. I've been wanting werewolves for a while
‹Ⓐnn4☯L0vΣ☣› says:   15 June 2012   346053  
Yeah. I suppose they wanted to make it more modern but the truth is..
You can't have a sims without fantasy things in it. Sims is more of an
escape of reality. I wish I could play it all the time but my home
computer busted and now Im just saving up for my own laptop and
download it from there. xD

And that's cool!! How far back in the sims are you?? I remember the
Sims 1 days.
Lucy_Destroys_Humanity says:   15 June 2012   677331  
Yeah Sims 1 was OK. Sims 2 was better. Sims 3 amazing. Sims is my
escape from reality. I get to be someone I always wanted to be or
never dreamed of. And I'm really happy their finally letting you
create your creatures. Like you can choose how your fairy wings looks.
I like how they keep with the cheats instead of just getting ridding
of them like some companies eventually do. I mean Sims is about
letting your creativity run wild pretty much so they don't care if you
cheat your way through sims or actually decide to take care of them.
Me? I take care of them for so long and then I'm like "fuck this!" And
just use cheats and have them happy all the time. xD 
‹<<V>Vampire_Vixen<V>>› says:   16 June 2012   983479  
Fucking Awesome!!!
‹<<V>Vampire_Vixen<V>>› says:   16 June 2012   391494  
Lucy_Destroys_Humanity says:   16 June 2012   738513  
Yeah yesterday I was like "I'm gonna go play sims and then get back to
role playin afterwords. On the start page I I saw that the
announcement for Sims 3: Supernatural came out and I got really
excited. The leaks were true and I'm glad they came up with something
creative instead of just 'magic'. Cause I mean vampires and werewolves
aren't magic. They weren't even created by magic.... well they could
be created by magic but most of the time they aren't and I doubt in
the game they can be created by magic. So once I found out I
immediately went back on the internet and researched that shit. I'm so
excited for it. In the trailer, the wings don't look fake and I know
pretty much none of the trailer is definite because they are still
working on it but I like how they already have a definite date. Most
things more then a month away say "coming this summer" or "coming this
fall" or even just "coming this September". But it could be like Pets.
Pets was suppose to come out on October 21 but ended up coming out on
the 18. Its coming out right before Junior starts for me so I really
hope I can get it on the day that it comes out. Because its not as
popular as like Call of Duty or even Skyrim, it won't be sold out of
every store. Plus a lot of people are kinda iffy on the game. 
‹<<V>Vampire_Vixen<V>>› says:   16 June 2012   645004  
I can't wait I'm so exited! me and my sister was talking about if a
fairy and a vampire got married then they have a baby you call it
Lucy_Destroys_Humanity says:   16 June 2012   147026  
Ima have a fucked up family. No ones going to be human. xD 
‹<<V>Vampire_Vixen<V>>› says:   16 June 2012   179809  
My Character is going to start out human then become something else 
Lucy_Destroys_Humanity says:   16 June 2012   838017  
I've been wanting werewolves but I thought they'd add them in Sims 3
Pets like they did in Sims 2 but they added Unicorns instead. Someone
wanted mermaids in Sims 3: Supernatural but its like "how would you
play them?" Like maybe if they had a side game kinda like Medieval but
it'd just be called Sims 3: Aquatics or something and it'd take place
underwater and you live in this underwater town where everyone looks
normal but there'd be random mermaid's and mermen swimming about.

I really want Sims 3: Seasons and Sims 3: University. I mean they do
have boarding school but its fun to actually see them in University
and how they are as an actual young adult going onto adulthood. 

I did a poll and I think they were trying to figure out what to do for
the last 3 games but I know EVERYBODY wants Seasons and MOST PEOPLE
want University. 
‹VaginaDust› writes:   16 June 2012   867344  
This seems legit.
‹<<V>Vampire_Vixen<V>>› says:   17 June 2012   213838  
yeah i guess so I think they are just trying too 
keep it to a limit, so it doesn't take so much space on 
the computer 
Lucy_Destroys_Humanity says:   17 June 2012   940301  
Yeah true. But with Sims 3 they can do A LOT with Seasons. Not sure
about University though.
:3 I'm excited. 
‹VaginaDust› says:   18 June 2012   284428  
Me too! I hope it won't have any weird glitches ... e_e 
Lucy_Destroys_Humanity says :   18 June 2012   835289  
It might have little glitches here and there but that'll probably be
when it first comes out. They'll do a bunch of patches for those. I
mean when I got pets when it came out there were a lot of glitches
going on but then a bunch of patches and updates later and it was

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