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Saturday, 31 March 2012
11:03:51 PM (GMT)
Thanks to sasukechandler for letting me steal this! ~ 1. Name: Reyana 2. Nickname(s): Rey, Reya, Rey-Rey, Mama Umbridge 3. Birthday: August 3rd 4. That makes you: a Leo. 5. Where were you born: Guam 6. Location right now: A chair! 7. Shoe size: US 7.5 or 8~ 8. How many piercings?: One on each ear. 9. Tattoos?: None...yet. 10. When you wake up you're: groggy as fuck 11. When your about to sleep you're: when there's school the next day...frustrated as fuck. 12. Zodiac sign: Leo. 13. Chinese sign: Ox. 14. Righty or Lefty: Lefty! yay 15. Innie or Outie: Innie. 16. School: The nerdiest public school you will ever come across. Section Two: Looks 17. Nationality: Filipino. 18. Hair colour: Black. 20. Weight: 112.2lbs. 21. Height: 5'3". 22. Braces?: Nope! 23. Glasses?: Unfortunately. Section Three: Private Life 24. Do you have a boy/girlfriend?: I do.~ 25. If so, who?: Joooooee. 26. If not, do you have a crush on someone?: n/a then 27. Who has a crush on you?: hrmmm. 28. Ever cheated on your bf/gf?: The one I have now? Nope. 29. Who was your first kiss: Either Tati or Anali, i can't remember. 30. Who was your last kiss: well...joe 31. Are you a virgin?: Yup. 32. Ever had a threesome before?: Nope! 33. lut wut? I...what? 34. Have you ever been in love?: Nope. 35. Broken any hearts?: errrrr 36. Got your heart broken?: Once. 37. Ever liked a friend?: Let me try to understand that question...yes? 38. What happened?: I'm not sure... Section Four: Past Relationships 39. How many relationships have you been in? Counting the one I'm in now...5. 40. How many were serious enough to count: 1. 41. Who were those serious ones: Anali 42. ??? SURPRISE: POKEMON 43. What made them different: It lasted longer 44. What happened: your face happened! Bazinga. 45. Best boy/girlfriend: I'm not ranking them haha. 46. Worst boy/girlfriend: Not ranking! 47. Ever been kissed: yep! 48. Who do you want back: No one. 49. Who do you regret: No one. No regrets 50. Why?: BECAUSE YOLO. No, because each relationship was an experience. that's really general and stupid, but it makes sense to me Section Five: Favourites 51. Song: No Such Thing -- John Mayer; My Moon, My Man -- Feist 52. Movie: RENT, Mildred Pierce, The Pink Panther 53. Food: Scrambled eggs! 54. Drink: Right now I really like sparkling juice stuff, like V8 V Fusion Sparkling. so good 55. Store: Forever 21? 56. Television show: Whose Line is it Anyway?, Community, How I Met Your Mother, The Drew Carey Show, South Park 57. Holiday: Not sure... 58. Book: Harry Potter, The Outsiders 59. Ice cream: MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP! 60. Sweets: Sour gummies are nice. 61. Crisps: OH cool, British English...Err anything barbecue. 62. Type of music: I usually listen to pop, alternative, rock, soul. 63. Artist: Motley Crue, Maroon 5, The Carpenters, Bee Gees 64. Word: n/a. 65. Time of day: LUNCH. Or after school. Early morning is nice, too, if the air is light and fresh and yeah i'll stop rambling 66. Dressing: Vinaigrette 67. Alcoholic drink: I guess strawberry daiquiri? Not a good enough frame of reference 68. Colour(s): Lavender & mint 69. Piece of clothing: My Giants hoodies! Or my Fred&George sweater, although it's new. 70. Character: WENDY TESTABURGER. Soul Eater Evans. PAUSE 71. Smell: Shea butter lotion! 72. Shampoo: I don't have one, I always use different kinds. 73. Soap: ...Dove? 74. Smiley: Er, I haven't used smileys since, like, 2009, but if I had to pick one, c: 75. Board game: The Game of Life. Monopoly, too? And Clue. 76. Sport: Tennis, I guess. 77. Number: 3. 78. Quote: "There love is written in the stars, but this world seems to conspire to keep them apart." -Matt Stone 79. Animal: Felines! 80. Actor: Hmmm. Jeff Davis? 82. Vegetable: Lettuce. 83. Fruit: Oranges! 84. Place to be: home 85. Thing in your room: The bed. 86. Gum: Dessert delights omg. 87. Shape: Heart! Star! Triangle? 88. Country: USA + Philippines 89. Mall: Micronesia Mall & Westfield 90. Car: Porsches are pretty 91. Boy's name: Ryan and Jeff 92. Girl's name: Roxanne? 93. Family member: No way! No favourites. 94. Restaurant: Yummy Bowl, China Wok, In N' Out. 95. Movie place: metreon <3 96. Person to go to the movies with: Any of my friends 97. Noise: I...hm... 98. Brand of shoe: Errr I don't really have one. 99. Brand of clothing: ^ 100. Body part of a chicken: Thighs, ever since the Rachael Ray episode two days ago 101. Swear word: (Shut your fucking face) uncle fucker! 102. Month: June. 103. Possession: My iPhone, Adam. My old Macbook, Henry, if he wasn't broken. 104. Team: SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS! 105. Season: Summer...? 106. Radio station: There was a really nice rock station in Vegas, it MIGHT'VE been 92.3. I like KOIT, especially during the Christmas season. 101.3 and 99.7 are nice, 94.9 when I'm in a pop/hip hop mood. Boyf introduced me to KFOG, that has some nice music, too. 107. Magazine: Errrr don't really read those outside of Walgreens or the salon. 108. Favourite grade: 7th or 8th. 109. Least favourite grade: 5th or 6th, perhaps. 110. Teacher: MR. D! 111. Least favourite teacher: Mrs. P... 112. Subject: English. 113. Subject to talk about: My fandoms. Gossip is nice, but it can get out of hand. Section Six: Family 114. Who's your mum?: My mom. 115. Who's your dad?: My dad. 116. Any step-parents?: Stepdad, who I consider my real dad, as opposed to my biological father. 117. Any brothers?: Two half-brothers. 118. Any Sisters?: One sister, one half-sister. 120. Coolest: Me. 121. Loudest: Depends. Varies between my sister, my mom, and I. 122. Best relative: All my cousins are pretty cool. 123. Worse relative: SISTER. jk jk... 124. Do you get along with your parents? Eh. For the most part. 125. With your siblings? OH GOD. Not really. 126. Does anyone understand you? In my family...no. My mom might, somewhat. 127. Do you have any pets?: Nah. 128. If so, what kind and name? N/A 129. If not, what do you want as a pet?: wouldn't a turtle be nice 130. Can I be a part of your family? Of course! Come on in. Section Seven: School 131. Are you still in school? Yes. 132. Did you drop out?: Nah. 133. Your current GPA: 3.33 because I am Damien 134. Do you buy or bring lunch?: I bring snacks, buy lunch. 135. ABC's?: EASY AS 1 2 3 136. Favorite class: English, I guess, because of the teacher. 137. Play any sports at school?: you're funny 138. Are you popular?: HAAAA no. 139. Favourite memory: 8th grade retreat. 140. Most humiliating moment: I don't really remember 141. Most funniest moment: Most funniest? Really? Anyway. Mr. D's classes. 142. Most scared moment: nah Section Eight: What do you think of when you hear 145. Chicken: Bone. 146. Dog: Bone. 147. Christina Aguilera: Keeps Getting Better. 148. Ricky Martin: Singer. 149. 50 cent: One dollar. 150. Poop: Shit. 151. Beach: Sand. 152. Desert: Sand. 153. Water: Bottle. 154. Osama: bin Laden. 155. Love: Heart. 156. Your little brother: Say what now 157. Butt: she got a donk 158. Clowns: Ew 159. Wonder: Maroon 5 16o. Brown: Wood 161. Banana: Peel. 162. Sex: On Fire 163. Parents: Hey 164. Homosexuals: Me 165. God: Catholic Section Nine: Do you believe in 166. God: I do. 167. Heaven: Yessir. 168. Devil: Indeed. 169. Hell: Yes. 170: Boogy man: Not really. 171. Closet Monsters: Nah... 172. Fortune tellings: Haha no. 173. Magic: YER A WIZARD HARRY 174. Love at first sight: Not really. 175. Ghosts: Yes! 176. Voo-doo dolls: I guess. 177. Reincarnation: Maybe. 178. Yourself: AHAHA Section Ten: Do you 179. Smoke: Not now 180. Do drugs: Nope. 181. Drink alcohol: Not really. 182. Cuss: Indeed sir. 183. Sing in the shower: Nope. 184. Like school: Ehhhhh. 185. Want to get married: Of course 186. Type with all of your fingers: Not my pinkies. 187. Think you're attractive: Err nahh. 188. Drink and drive: No. I don't have a license, and even if I did, that would be stupid as fuck. 189. Snore: I don't think so 190. Sleep walk: Errrr nah 191. Like watching sunrises and sunsets: Yes! I don't do it too often, unfortunately. Section Eleven: Have you ever 192. Flashed someone: Nahh-- wait. doesn't really count...does it? Sorta. 193. Gotten so drunk til you threw up everywhere: Nah 194. Told that person how you felt: Nah, I didn't have to. 195. Been arrested: Nope! 196. Gone to jail or juve: Nah. 197. Skateboarded: hurhur no 198. Skinny dipped: Nope! 199. Rock climbed: HA no. 200. Killed someone: Of course. you're next 201. Watched porn: Yep! 202. Gone on a road trip: YESSS I love road trips. 203. Went out of the country: I have. 204. Talked back to an adult: Duhh. 205. Broken a law: Yep~ 206. Got pulled over: ha no 208: Cried to get out of trouble: I dont think so. 209. Let a friend cry on your shoulder: Hmmmm I don't think so 210. Kissed a brother's or sister's friend: Dude my sister is 5. Her friends are five. 211. Kissed a friend's brother or sister: Nah, idts. 212. Dropped something on the floor and let someone eat it anyways: Hahahah probably. 213. Moon someone: Nope 214. Shop-lifted: Nah. 215. Worked at McDonald's: Nope~ 216. Eaten a dog: Oh come on. No. 217. Give money to a homeless person: I think so. 218. Glued your hand to yourself: Haha no. 219. Kissed someone of the same sex: Yep~ 220. Had a one night stand: Nope 221. Smoked: Nah. 222. Done drugs: Nope. 223. Lose a friend because of your ex: nah idts 224. Slap someone for being stupid: Haha yes. 225. Had cyber sex: Nope. 226. Wish you were the opposite sex: Sometimes. 227. Caught someone doing something: Hmm idts. 228. Played a game that removes clothing: Haha no. 229. Cried during a movie: Yep~ 230. Cried over someone: Yes. 231. Wanted to hook up with a friend: Nah 232. Hooked up with someone you barely met: No 233. Ran away from home: No. 234. Cheated on a test: Sorta, yeah. Section Twelve: Would you 235. Bungee jump: Probably. 236. Sky dive: Probably not 237. Swim with dolphins: Idk how to swim bruh. 238. Steal a friend's bf or gf: Errrrr nahhh 239. Try to be the opposite sex: Haha sure 240. Lie to the police: Maybe 241. Run from the police: Hate running 242. Lie to your parents: Yeah. 243. Backstab a friend for your own well being: kslajd 245. lol whats supposed to be here? YO MOMMAAAA Section Thirteen: Are you 246. Shy: Sorta. 247. Loud: Apparently. 248. Nice: Yes! 249: Outgoing: If i need to be 250: Quiet: In some classes 251. Mean: If I need to be 252. Emotional: Haha no 253. Sensitive: Not really. 254. Gay: So gay. SOOO gay. gay everywhere. 255. Strong: HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA 256. Weak: thats more like it 257. Caring: I guess 258. Dangerous: Nope! 259. Crazy: Eh. 260. Spontaneous: Hmmm 261. Funny: At times 262. Sweet: of course 263. Sharing: Sure 264. Responsible: haa 265. Trustworthy: iffy 266. Open-minded: I guess 267. Creative: Sure 268. Cute: Not even close 269. Slick: Haha no 270. Smart: Meh 271. Dumb: I have moments 272. Evil: Well...yeah okay 273. Ghetto: yHu kn0w it.! 274. Classy: Classy not trashy 275. Photogenic: Ehhh 276. Dependable: How important are you to me? 277. Greedy: Not really 278. Ugly: well 279. Messy: Kinda 280. Neat: Ehhh 281. Perverted: So much 282. Silly: Synonym for derpy, so yes 283. A Bitch: Mhm 284. A Good Listener: Yes! 285. A Fighter: Oh boy... 286. A Party Animal: hahaha 287. A Game Freak: Wouldnt that be interesting 288. A Computer Freak: of course Section Fourteen: Future 289. Dream job: DREAM DREAM? Actress. 290. Dream house: a...nice one? 291. Husband/Wife: hahahah 292. Kids: What of them 293. Names: JEFFFFFFF. And Evan 294. Pets: hmm 295. Car: Porsche?! I'm hoping?! Hahah never. 296. Age you would want to get married: Early or mid 30s? 297. Best Man/Bride's Maid: My bridesmaid would be Rebecca. 298. Honeymoon: Ooh...um...Singapore! Or South Korea. Section Fifteen: Your friends 299. Best friend: everyone... 300. Known the longest: Kyle 301. Craziest: Murphy 302. Loudest: Troi 303. Shyest: Not sure... 304. Best hair: Bianca, perhaps 305. Best eyes: Ivo! 306. Best body: oh gee well 307. Most Athletic: Annika 308. Hot-Tempered: Hahaha...I was gonna say Mellanie but I remembered this was about friends. 309. Most impatient: Not sure... 310. Shortest: Leah! 311. Tallest: David. 312. Skinniest: Marisa... 313. Best singer: Catherine. 314. Funniest: all of them 315. Can always make you laugh: Not sure. 316. Wish you talked to more: Zoe 317. Wish you saw more: People from my old class 318. Who drives you insane after a while: Sarah 319. Who you can stay around forever and never get sick of: Troi, perhaps 320. Ever lose a friend because you took it to the 'next level': Idts 321. Whose always been there when you need them: Anali 322. Who is like your family: Justine, Bianca 323. How many friends do you have?: Couple 324. How many are really close?: 3, 4? Section Sixteen: The last 325. Thing you ate: Kebler cookies 326. Thing you drank: V8 V Fusion Sparkling Orange Raspberry, i believe 327. Thing you wore: Err....well...the things I'm wearing now 328. Thing you did: Skipped a song 329. Place you went: Beauty shoppe 330. Thing you got pierced or tattooed: Ears 331. Person you saw: Hrmm 332. Person you hugged: My sister 333. Person you kissed: jooeee 334. ???? FIELDS: omfg 335. Person you talked to online: Irene 336. Person you talked to on the phone: Mom 337. Song you heard: Midnight Bottle - Colbie Caillat 338. Show you saw: Community ♥ 339. Time you fought with your parents: Idr 340. Time you fought with a friend: Idr Section Seventeen: Now 343. What are you eating: Nothing 344. What are you drinking: Nothing 345. What are you thinking: Lyrics 346. What are you wearing: Jeggings, high top Converse, tank top 347. What are you doing: This 349. Hair: Yes? 350. Mood: neutral... 351. Listening to: What a Fool Believes -- Doobie Brothers. AHHHHH I FUCKING LOVE THIS SONG 352. Talking to anyone: joe 353. Watching anything: Nah. Section Eighteen: Yes or No 354. Are you a vegetarian: No 355. Are you a carnivore: No. 356. Are you heterosexual: Nope! 357. Do you like penguins: Yes 358. Do you write poetry: Yes...for poetry class 359. Do you see stupid people: EVERYWHERE 360. You + Me: Are these variables? That is a lot of variables 361. Do you like the Osbournes: No opinion 362. Can you see flying pigs: Harry's aunt 363. Do you sleep with stuffed animals on your bed: Nope 364. Are you from Afghanistan: Nopee 365. Is Christina Aguilera ugly: Not really 366. Are you a zombie: NO, i will battle them 367. Am I annoying you: Not really 368. Do you bite your nails: Nahh not much anymore 369. Can you cross your eyes: Yep...I was going to try, then I was like, don't look stupid 370. Do you make your bed in the morning: No hahahaha. i don't see the point... 371. Have you touched someone's private part: Errr idts Section Nineteen: This or That 372. Winter or Summer: summer 373. Spring or Autumn: autumn 374. Shakira or Britney: BRITNEY 375. MTV or VH1: neither 376. Black or White: both? 377. Yellow or Pink: both 378. Football or Basketball: haaaaaaaa. to watch or play? 379. Mobile Phone or Pager: how old is this survey 380. Pen or Pencil: Pencil 381. Cold or Hot: Hot. 382. Tattoos or Piercings: both! 383. Inside or Outside: Inside 384. Weed or Alcohol: alcohol. 385. Coke or Pepsi: COKE, DUH 386. Tape or Glue: Errrrr whatever is handy 387. McDonald's or In-n-Out: IN N OUT! Section Twenty: Opinions 388. What do you think about classical music: No problem against it. I can appreciate it, but I just don't listen to it on a daily basis. 389. About boy bands: I'M SLIPPIN INTO THE WATER AND I'M TRYNA KEEP FROM GOING UNDER BABY YOU- okay sorry. Jonas Brothers and Big Time Rush were my guilty pleasure. 390. About suicide: Sad 391. About people who try to force their opinions on you: Shut the FUCK up already, you jagoff 392. About teen pregnancy: Not really in favour of it, but I'm not going to force a pregnant teen to have an abortion or give up her child. 393. Where do you think you'll be in 10 years: Who knows? I don't look that far ahead. 394. Who do you think you'll still be friends with in 5 years: Alright, let's see...hopefully Rebecca, Annika, Zarriah, Anita, Joe, Troi, Anali 395. About gay men: I love them Section Twenty-One: 396. Do you have a website: Errr not necessarily 397. Current weather right now: It is dark out...so I'm assuming chilly 398. Current time: 2000 399. Any shout outs: peace to my dawgs 400. Last thoughts: started yesterday 2245-2317. Continued today 1904-2000.
Last edited: 31 March 2012

‹~Anali*Loves*you~› says:   5 April 2012   259759  
I'll always be there for you.<3
monotone says:   14 April 2012   786570  
i love you! 
‹~Anali*Loves*you~› says :   15 April 2012   993331  
I love you too <3

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