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Ubran Legends | Bloody MaryCategory: Urban Legends
Friday, 24 February 2012
01:32:57 PM (GMT)
  Bloody Mary is believed to be a ghost of a witch that lived over 100 years
who practiced the black arts. She was later found and executed.
Legend has it that if you say her name 3 or 13 times in the bathroom while looking at
a mirror, she will appear and rip your eyes out.
   It is believed that the origins of the names "Bloody Mary", "Mary Worth", "Dead
Mary" ect.. came from a slight mix up of characters from history. Mary 1, Queen of
England aka Mary Tudor, who reigned during the Tudor Period was also known as "Blood
Mary.' Her nickname of "Bloody Mary" was given after she violently executed and burnt
people at the stake for heresy throughout her 5 year reign as Queen of England.For
unknown reasons, she was also unable to have children and suffered two phantom
pregnancies. The most common story told is that Mary Worth was a witch that lived
over 100 years ago who dabbled in black arts. She was found out and.. exacuted.
Another story states that a very beautiful woman in life known as "Mary Worthington"
who was proud of her beauty to the point of self-obsession. One day she was involved
in a car accident, and her face was horribly scarred before she died. She appears in
the mirror when summoned, with the same horrific face.
     The Urban Legend.The legend has it that, if you stand in the bathroom with the
lights off, with one candle lit and say the name "Bloody Mary" or "I believe in Mary
Worth" three or thirteen times, while looking at the mirror, mary's ghost will be
summoned and one of the following will happen to you: 1) Your eyes will be ripped out
or your face will be horribly scarred. 2) You'll die with claw marks all over your
face and body. 3) Mary will drag you inside the mirror and you'll end up trapped with
her ghost. For all eternity. Some think that if she doesn't kill the summoner, she
will haunt them for the rest of their life. Other versions tell if you chant her name
three of thirteen times at midnight in the mirror, she will appear and the summoner
can talked to a deceased  person until 12:08 AM.

The information contained in this is for entertainment purposes only.
In NO way I am trying to make the viewers believe in the information given.
I will let the viewers decide what's REAL and what's NOT.

Next week, Slit Mouthed Woman.
Last edited: 24 February 2012

Kylosix says:   24 February 2012   982158  
I love reading Urban ledgends. I actually heard a differenet version
of this on the television at one point. In the one that I heard, she
was trapped inside of a coffin... It's a really intresting story, but
I wonder if anyone has ever been intriuged enough to try summoning
‹✄ Sakura☃Senbon ✄™› says :   24 February 2012   705095  
 So, what did you think about the passage?
And I'd love to try, but I don't have a candle, and I wouldn't do it


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