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Wednesday, 21 December 2011
10:55:29 PM (GMT)
I won't be a proper Vocaloid fan if I don't know much about this.
So I went and took a look at all the Vocaloid3's that have voice demos up.

Mew: I'm not particularly fond of the tone of her voice. It sounds like she's trying
to sing from the back of her throat. Sure, that's common for J-pop singers, but I've
never really been fond of it, especially in a program that's supposed to offer a
high-quality singer. I assumed high quality would include sounding trained.

Ring Suzune: Wow, I'm actually really impressed. She verges on being the high-pitched
Vocaloid type along with Miku, Rin, and Len, but I never minded that so I'm easily
growing in love with her voice. I really want to get my hands on her. The
possibilities are spreading before my eyes...but then again, that happens with every
new Vocaloid I hear so.

Megpoid V3: Same problem a lot of fans have with Miku Append; it verges on not even
sounding like Gumi anymore. I can still point out the voice because I've heard and
used Gumi enough to know. (I can identify any of the Vocaloid2 Japanese Vocaloids by
ear.) I gotta say, not all of the voices are drawing me in. The Power voice and the
Sweet VBs mostly are the attention grabbers. So awesome and cute, respectively.

Kaito Append: ...*nosebleed*
It's awesome. Want. Badly.

Luka Append: Hard to say because she's singing with Len, and people can tend to
confuse their voices. (I can't stand it when I make a Luka song and everybody thinks
she sounds like Len. SHE DOESN'T.
you retards.

IA: Such a clear voice! Her constanents are soft, which could lead to a problem
similar to Gmi; not being able to handle faster songs as well as slower songs.
Another one I want to get my hands out and give a go.

SeeU: ...Am I the only one who doesn't like SeeU that much?
I mean, I commend her for being the first Vocaloid to use Korean, but seriously, I
don't like her voice. Seriously, just, no. I don't see the appeal other than the
Korean and the Nekomimi-esque fashion.

CUL: I'm sort of impartial on her voice, since I'm used to her being voiced by VY1,
but as it, she has some vocal qualities that could open way to some really beautiful
work, if in the right hands. If not, I'm afraid she'll only sound meh.

Yuzuki Yukari: Another one I'm sort of impartial on. So far, I've been avoiding
comparing these Vocaloids to older generation Vocaloids, but I will say that there
are definitely other Vocaloids that could fill her vocal range. 

VY1v3: I didn't like VY1's voice at first, but the voice has grown on me, and the
updated VB is attracting me to VY1. If only they made a VY2v3, I would collect them
in an instant.

Tone Rion: I'll just say it right away; her demos make her sound like crap. Whoever
made them obviously didn't have much artistic abilites in V3. She has potential, like
a lot of the others on this program, but I worry about her success if her demos sound
so terrible. 

Oliver: ...Does this Vocaloid have a British accent? Also, He actually sounds
like...a boy. Like, how a boy would really sing. There's a ton of appeal in that. I'm
very interested in trying this Engloid out. (Actually...he's the first young-boy
Engloid, right?)

Bruno & Clara: Much like SeeU, I see the appeal of having Spanish Vocaloids, but I
just don't like their voices. I don't have a desire to make Spanish songs anywho, so
I'll probably skip these two.

Aoki Lapis: She has a very airy voice, which could either work for her or against
her. I guess it depends on the usage. The demo's accentuate the good in her voice,
and she might be worth checking out as well.

Akikoroid-chan: First thing, that name is the stupidest thing ever. Second, she's
another Vocaloid who could have her range covered by previous Vocaloids. Third, I
don't like how she appears to be a marketing ploy. 

Those are all the demos I can find atm, so I hope my little Vocaloid tirade didn't
wear you out too much.
Last edited: 21 December 2011

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