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Meme of boredom #1Category: OC shit >:3
Tuesday, 20 December 2011
05:11:31 PM (GMT)
1. What is the most common letter you use to start your OC names with? 

2. Pick 2 Ocs that start with that letter. (Challenge: Don't pick them from the same
Aiden Fairnington and Aaron Longacre

3. Now pick one of your existing settings to place the characters in. (Challenge:
Pick one that neither character is from.)
King Arthur sort of time period, but with magic and mythical beasts and all that good

4. Now what would each character do in this world as a job?
Aiden would be a bard, or a minstrel.
Aaron would be the town idiot a grocer, or some shit...

5. Where would they live?
Not together!
Aiden would be in the castle because he'd work for the King, or something cool!
Aaron would live with his sister, who owns a successful bookshop :D

6. Could they be lovers?

7. Who would make a better living in this setting of the two?
Aiden, hands down!  The town idiot grocer doesn't get payed much :/

8. Write a drabble (100 words min.) of the two of them participating in some event or
convo in the mentioned setting.
Setting:   A war's been declared, and they need soldiers! (Where did that come
Aiden quickly fixed the plume in his hat in the reflection of a stained glass window
before entering the room into which he had been summoned.  He bowed low and
elaborately, the large purple feather brushing at the ground briefly before he stood
"You requested my presence, my Prince?"
Arthur nodded, continuing his pacing, his footsteps echoing against the cold stone
walls, "You must be aware, Aiden, that there's a war on.  And that Camelot is in need
of soldiers.  We are outnumbered, and every man must be called upon to do his duty."
The bard nodded, getting an understanding of where this conversation could be
The Prince continued, "And, in a battle, there is no great need for a musician. 
Aiden, I think it would be wise for you to join us in our conquest against evil."
Meanwhile, in the tool shed
"Kari.... Where's the ladder?!"
"Where you left it earlier, Aaron..."
"Where did I leave it?"
The shopkeeper sighed, pushing the ladder along the rails on the shelves, towards her
brother, then jumping onto it before he could, laughing, "Slowcoach..."
Aaron grinned, shaking the ladder, but stopped when there was a hammering on the
door. His grin faded, and he walked over to open it, revealing a man of a similar
age, dressed in regal purple and red attire, a costume that wasn't nearly as painful
as one would think.
The man smiled a forced grin, making it clear he'd much rather be somewhere else, and
started to sing.
"Good morning sir, I bring you news,
Of grave nature-"
He looked around, and, seeing that no one was watching, let his smile drop.
"This is so humiliating... I'm here to recruit people..."

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