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Tuesday, 25 October 2011
05:22:09 PM (GMT)
Form A
Name: Shiina Oliver
height: 6'7
eye color: Red
hair color: Turqois
IQ: 100
any birth marks (Freckles scars?); Freckles, and a heart shaped figure on her
right arm.

Form BPersonality: Shy,thaughtful,loving, and caring with a dark side.
likes-Rain,games, and animals
dislikes-chocolate, being ignored, and blood.
history: Shiina was born and raised with a loving family. The only thing
messed up about her life was having secret spy as parents, and being kept from their
identity. Although she is all fun and games, once you under estimate her, she gets
very stressed, and will change. Shiina was six when her parents abandoned her for an
over sea's mission, and never came back. Shiina and her sister Yui, were stressed at
the time and decided to go looking for them. They didn't find them, but they found
out what made them change. After hearing the death, they both vowed to become spies
and finish their parents dreams.

Form C
Hometown: Tokyo
Mom and Dad occupation(can be a spy): Former spies
Spy ability or skill: Shiina has skills in martial arts,chemistry,technoligy,
and gymnastics. Combining all those, with her personality make her strong and
fragile, sweet and mistaken.
Codename: Blitz
Picture: Will be in signature

Form A
Name: Yui Oliver
height: 5'8
eye color: Red
hair color: Pink
IQ: 98
any birth marks: Black shaped heart on her left arm.

Form B
Personality:Outgoing,sarcastic,sensitive, and a bad attitude.
likes-Blood,jokes,sarcasm, and video games.
dislikes-Bullying,being alone, the color purple, and frogs
history: Yui was born and raised with her sister Shiina, and her two parents.
They both lived happily till one day her parents went on an over sea's mission and
never came back. When Yui soon heard about it from Shiina, she promised herself that
night she would become a spy, and fufill her parents dreams. Yui was a determined
girl, so she snuck into the agency and took some files, hoping that one day they were
wrong, and her parents were alive somewhere.

Form C
Mom and Dad occupation(can be a spy): Spies
Spy ability or skill: Yui is athletic, sneaky, and a major devil in science.
She knows all information on history, and can determine ones feeling just by looking
at them. She tends to say she hears things, and acts phycotic.
Codename: Bambi
Picture: In signature


‹♪♥Twisted~X~Angel♥♪› says :   25 October 2011   805300  
Form A
Name: Katrina Kioko Owens
height: 5' 10''
eye color: Purple
hair color: Black
IQ: 145
any birth marks (Freckles scars?): Nope

Form B
Personality (4 qualities): Popular, has out-standing people skills,
creative, and
likes-(three) being the center of attention, being the leader, music,

dislikes-(three) Being alone, individual tasks, treated like a child.
history(6 lines)
Katrina was born in The Ancoats, England and is the third and youngest
child of Patrick
Owens and Ai Owens. When Katrina was 8, her grandfather, Dr. Martin
Owens, was kidnapped.
For their safety, Katrina and her siblings were sent to live with a
foster family in
Miami. In Miami, she was almost always alone. Mocked for having pale
skin and being taller
than everyone else. When she was around 10 she moved to Ireland.  It
was at St. Hope's
Roman Catholic High School, where they discovered she was smarter than
the other students.
During her time at the school, Kat was popular and friendly with
everyone unlike Miami.
Because of people bullying her in U.S.A she has a fear of being alone.

Form C
Hometown: Ancoats, Manchester, U.K
Mom and Dad occupation: Mum: Journalist Dad: Chef
Spy ability or skill: Anagrams. 
Codename: Tiara


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