Decaffeinated (Boyfriend's KwangWoo; KwangminxMinwoo, G-rated
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Decaffeinated (Boyfriend's KwangWoo; KwangminxMinwoo, G-rated
Category: (general)
Wednesday, 22 June 2011
11:00:38 PM (GMT)
Title: Decaffeinated
Author: Meh.
Fandom: Boyfriend
Pairing: KwangWoo (Kwangmin/Minwoo)
Side Pairing(s): slight!DongYoung(?) (Donghyun/Youngmin), ninja!JeongSeong
Rating: G
Summary: It was the typical cliche thing; Kwangmin really liked Minwoo without
knowing whether or not his feelings were returned. But when the twin does something
unexpected to the maknae one day after the Coffee Friend filming, will they make
their relationship right?

A/N: I decided to post this on Kupika for any Boyfriend fans that ship KwangWoo or
just anything :D


Kwangmin glared long at the scriptwriter talking to Minwoo. He thanked that
scriptwriter, for not giving the brown-haired twin much lines while his brother gets
many. He was a bit shy in front of the camera anyway. So that was not the reason why
he was mad at the scriptwriter. The reason was that he didn't get much skinship with
the maknae. Not even his arm casually going around the other's shoulder or a mere
touch. And his brother gets to be part of the love triangle that Minwoo is also
involved in. So unfair.

If you were wondering, Kwangmin did have feelings for the maknae. He didn't know when
it happened or how it happened. Maybe when he became a bit jealous that Minwoo had to
lean his head onto Donghyun's shoulder for their single's choreography. Or recently,
when he saw in the script for the first time that his twin, Youngmin, had a fake kiss
with Minwoo because life sucked like that. Maybe it was when they first met.

But Kwangmin did know why he liked Minwoo. He liked Minwoo because he never ever
talks back to anyone and his sweet-sounding voice makes the twin feel like he's
turning into mush every time he hears the maknae talk. Another reason was that Minwoo
liked to rest his head onto Kwangmin's shoulder while they were backstage and any
other time. But the main reason was that Minwoo always wanted to be by Kwangmin's
side. He would always stride over and stand next to the younger twin, sit next to him
and look over at the other when he thought he wasn't looking, and cling to him
everywhere when they were at the dorms.

He didn't know when or how he fell for him.

But he knew that he liked Minwoo a lot.

Since Boyfriend was filming episode three for their M!Pick show, Kwangmin, Minwoo,
Jungmin, and Hyunseong were dressed as baristas. Youngmin and Donghyun worn them
earlier but had to change due to the parody they filmed as well. Kwangmin watched
Minwoo having trouble with tying the cloth around his apron into a ribbon. Was
Donghyun's knot not good enough? The brown-haired twin stood up and walked over to
the maknae.

"Need help?" Kwangmin offered.

Minwoo turned to Kwangmin and smiled, nodding. "Ne... Can you help me, Kwangmin?"

Kwangmin obviously was curious how it felt, because he did the same thing to Minwoo
as Donghyun did to him. He went behind Minwoo and wrapped his arms around his slender
waist, tying it with no problem. Minwoo's breath hitched as he looked back at
Kwangmin hesitantly. The other merely smiled.


"No problem."

It wasn't very long before Minwoo came running towards Kwangmin with his ribbon
loose. There were raised eyebrows but the twin did the same method anyway.

And again. And again.

"Yah, if I don't tie it tight enough for you, ask another hyung," Kwangmin grumbled
and wrapped his arms around Minwoo for the fifth time. But on the inside, he didn't
want his twin or any of the "Old Line" to wrap their arms around what should be his.

"But I only want you to do it, Kwangmin. Sorry. It's just me who's making it loose,"
Minwoo apologized.

Kwangmin stopped tying the ribbon, keeping his arms around Minwoo. They stayed like
that silently for a few seconds before the taller tied the ribbon completely. And
tighter this time. Minwoo looked down then looked up at Kwangmin with sad eyes. The
other boy's eyes softened at the sight then ruffled the rapper's hair.

"Don't get so wind up about it alright? Just come back to me if you have trouble
again." Kwangmin walked away from Minwoo, who was frozen in his place. He walked to
his twin brother, who was watching in amusement while drinking a cup of coffee.

"Can you believe the staff won't let us drink caffeinated coffee instead of decaf?
Unbelievable. We're not children." Youngmin shook his head dramatically in

"You overheard, didn't you?"

"Maybe I did. He obviously likes you, bro."

"No, he doesn't."

Kwangmin could've sworn he heard a slight snort from his brother. "Yeah. Why would
Minwoo's uniform be so loose while yours and the two hyungs' are okay?"

"Wrong size?"

"Oh, please. You just want to deny it."

"No, I'm not."

"Denial, my brother. It's one of the first stages of love." Youngmin stood up and
patted Kwangmin's shoulder. He skipped off towards Donghyun as the two started a
"friendly" chat.

So Kwangmin merely had to stand there with barely any lines. He watched Minwoo drink
the coffee, thinking about how cute it looked. Argh, to Kwangmin, everything Minwoo
did was cute. But it did look cute. Jealously, he glared as Youngmin fake-kissed
Minwoo, nuzzling his nose with his own. He couldn't stop thinking how it would feel
to have those soft-looking pink lips against his own though. He shook his head. That
doesn't help. His twin teasing him about it afterwards didn't help either.

"I bet he wanted to kiss you instead." SMACK. "Ow, wae?! We're brothers, man!"

"Brothers can hit each other." SMACK. "Okay, that hurt."

"Is Youngminnie teasing Kwangminnie again? Come on, Youngmin. You have a crush too."
Jeongmin suddenly put his arms around the twins.

"H-Hyung, you know too?" Kwangmin stammered.

"Oh please, Kwangmin. EVERYBODY knows you like Minwoo. Except Minwoo, of course. But
he's naive like that."

Kwangmin was speechless and Youngmin snickered. "Just tell him how you feel. It's not
like he's going to beat you up," Suddenly, the scene where Minwoo beat up Donghyun
appeared in Kwangmin's mind. "I know where I'm going to go for my confession." His
blonde twin sauntered over to the red-haired leader.

"Kwangmin dongsaeng, hwaiting." Jeongmin went back to get changed.

And so the filming of Coffee Friend finally ended. All the members were changed out
of their uniforms and back into casual attire, ready to leave. To their dismay, their
manager had them clean. Thanks to Hyunseong's idea, they decided to play
Rock-Paper-Scissors to see which members clean. Minwoo softly said something about

They fiercely stared at one another before raising their fists.

"Whoever loses has to clean, bwai bai bwo!"

All had rock except for one, unfortunately, Minwoo.

"Aw! Hyungs, I can't clean by myself!" Minwoo whined.

"Don't worry, you can pick another member to clean." Hyunseong wrapped an arm around
Minwoo's shoulders.

"Kwangmin," The maknae immediately said.

Of course, the four other members grinned at Kwangmin suggestively. Kwangmin sighed,
rolling his eyes as his hyungs' lack of maturity. They should leave his love life

"Alright, I'll clean. Come on, Minwoo." Kwangmin grabbed Minwoo's hand and led him to
where the cleaning supplies were.

"Good luck, you two! Have fun~!" Jeongmin cheered.

"Hyungs will treat you to barbecue once you call us, okay?" Donghyun promised.

"Don't have too much fun without me around, twin," Youngmin scoffed.

"Pork cutlets! I'll be sure to treat you both to pork cutlets, alright?" Hyunseong

The lucky four left the cafe (with Donghyun having his arm around Youngmin's waist;
which means Donghyun said yes, Kwangmin thought), leaving the two youngest alone.
Kwangmin sighed, looking over at Minwoo. Minwoo looked back with worry.

"You're not mad at me for picking you, right?" Minwoo asked.

"Not at all," Kwangmin blankly replied. He was calm and collected on the outside, but
part of him was screaming with joy on the inside.

"Good... you were the only one I wanted company from anyway..." Minwoo murmured. He
tried to conceal his blush as his face turned a bright shade of pink. He turned his
head away.

Kwangmin's eyes slightly widened as he gripped onto the broom. Did Minwoo really say
that or was the twin hallucinating? He thought the latter as he started to sweep the

The two cleaned the entire cafe, wiping and mopping every nook and cranny. Minwoo
kept on suggesting they talk to make the progress faster for themselves while
Kwangmin thought the opposite. Soon, Kwangmin fell for Minwoo's charm and was
persuaded to talk to the maknae while doing so.

They talked about anything in particular like how they got 100,000 views on their UCC
mission video easily ("We are just awesome like that," Kwangmin blankly said while
thinking 'Or maybe because you looked hot while you pulled up your shirt at some
parts.') or why does Hyunseong like to eat pork bread cutlets so much (Minwoo
thought that it was probably just because one of the members suggested them to him
one day; Kwangmin thought that member would've been Jeongmin.) or whether or not they
should keep 'Slugs' as the nickname for the twins and maknae ("It already caught on
with our fans. Too late to change it," Kwangmin remarked.).

By the time the two were done, Minwoo was already sitting on one of the stools, his
body turned towards the air conditioner.

"It's hot," Minwoo sighed, wiping away the condensation forming on his forehead.

"Mmm." The atmosphere became awkward for once.

Since there was still coffee left from the fllming, Kwangmin decided to secretly ("As
in, don't tell anyone. even the hyungs. Or else they'll scold both of us," Kwangmin
warned Minwoo.) make both of them two cups, decaf of course ("I'm your age, and seven
centimeters taller. Grow taller," the brown-haired twin retorted against Minwoo's
light whining.) As they drank in silence (for some reason, Minwoo didn't feel like
talking), Kwangmin noticed.

There was a thin line of foam on Minwoo's upper lip.

The maknae seemed to be too distracted in his own thoughts to notice. Kwangmin shook
away all thoughts of how dense he is to how cute he is and sighed dramatically.
Minwoo turned towards him, with his cheeks slightly puffed as he drank the coffee.

"Yah. Are you going to try this method on me? Don't think it's going to work, Minwoo.
It only happens in dramas." Kwangmin rested his elbow onto the counter.

"Eh? Bwoyo? Is there something on my face?" Minwoo let go of the cup and raised his
hand, only to have Kwangmin grab onto his hand.

"Eh, forget it. You're lucky you're this cute." Kwangmin moved his hand so that it
was holding onto the tip of Minwoo's chin and tilted it up. He leaned forward.
Minwoo's mouth tasted like the coffee they were drinking and with a slight taste that
was sweet and so... Minwoo. His lips were so soft against his. A bit disappointed
that Minwoo just kept still, Kwangmin parted their lips first.


"... I like you, Minwoo."

"Kwangmin, please..."

"I like you."

"... I'll go get the hyungs." Minwoo stood up to leave. Kwangmin quickly jumped out
of his seat and reached over to grab onto the maknae's wrist to stop him.


"Kwangmin, you must be tired. Don't say things like that to me. You're not gay. You
can't be gay. Especially for m-me..." Minwoo's voice cracked at the end. He pushed
away Kwangmin's hand and looked at him with solemn eyes. "Don't say things that will
confuse me even more... I'm just a bandmate to you..." He left the cafe without
another word.

Kwangmin watched Minwoo go away and clenched his fists. "Shit!" Suddenly swearing, he
punched the wall.


"Is he going to stay like that his whole life?"

"Since when was he like this?"

"After he and Minwoo came home. At separate times. Did something happen?"

"Something did happen. He's hurt."

"How do you know?"

"I'm his brother, so I'm the only one he talked to."

As the four was talking, Kwangmin wrapped his entire body in a blanket, drowning
himself in his own self-pity. Lately, Minwoo have been spending his free time at the
dance studio and during performances, he ignored Kwangmin. The younger twin groaned,
knwoing they were talking about him. Ever since that day, he just decided to isolate
himself in his room, the only person he came in contact with being his twin, who
brought his food and was willing to actually listen to his brother without saying any
kind of witty remark or teasing him. 

"You know you have to face him some way or another," Youngmin reminded Kwangmin,
setting down a tray of dokbokki and soondae on his bedside table.

"I refuse." Kwangmin's voice was muffled under the blanket.

"God, you're so dense. I really do feel like-" Youngmin suddenly paused, looking up
at the person who  just entered the room.

"Feel like what?"

"Oh, nothing. Have fun being all emo and whatnot. Don't worry. I'm totally not
leaving your side. Yep." Youngmin snuck out of the room and closed the door behind
him quietly.He groaned softly and clung to Donghyun. "Finally. It's like the
atmosphere suddenly changes a 180-degree angle in there."

Kwangmin squirmed as someone gently tried to remove the blanket from him. He
screamed, feeling something cool touch his cheek. He removed the blanket from his
head and sat up.  "YAH, YOUNGMIN, I TOLD YOU NOT TO BOTHER-" He stopped, his eyes
widened as he met face-to-face with... Minwoo. He was holding an iced coffee in his
hand, looking down at the older with a flushed face. His hair was a bit messy with

"..." Kwangmin looked down. "Decaf?"

"No.... real coffee. Thought I'd get you out of your own little world." Minwoo sat on
Kwangmin's bed and smiled softly at him.

"... Well, it worked." Kwangmin accepted the iced coffee and sipped it from the

Minwoo played with his hands on his lap as the two just sat there awkwardly in



The two rappers started their sentences at the same time then paused. "Your turn. No,
you. You. Ugh! Bwai bai bwo!" They said in unison, with Kwangmin beating Minwoo with
paper. Minwoo hung his head as he chuckled. Kwangmin couldn't help but smile at the
action, setting the coffee down on the table.

"Well, about that situation earlier when I told you I liked you---"



"Finally. It's about time you confessed~" Minwoo continued to smile. "I always liked
you. I thought you would've understood from always clinging to you all the time since
you weren't bothered at all. I just... I was really surprised at that day. I thought
you wouldn't like someone like me."

"Why not? You're cute, sweet, and everything I could ever ask for in a partner. Why
would I not like you?" Kwangmin reached over and wrapped his arms around the maknae's

Minwoo blushed and looked back at Kwangmin. "I-I just thought you were joking around
about liking me. I'm.. really happy you feel the same way."

"I could never joke about anything like that. So... if you like me back..." Kwangmin
smiled. "Will you be my boyfriend, Minwoo?"

Minwoo grinned. "Yes, yesyesyesyes, yes! Of course!" He squealed as he hugged his new
boyfriend. Kwangmin laughed and hugged him back.
Last edited: 22 June 2011

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