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Monday, 20 June 2011
01:21:41 PM (GMT)
i go to a roman catholic school.

i personally don't believe in a god, fair enough to those that do. that's your choice
but yeah, at my school i'd say quite a few kids are not religious. most of them,
actually. most kids don't choose to go there because they're catholic, it's just one
of the 'better' public schools in our area. (like, it's one of the ones where the
first and second years aren't all pregnant/high/smoking in school, etc. *rolls

so anyway, yes i realise it is a religious school, but not everyone in the school
actually believes that religion. and religious education is compulsory. so we just
get their beliefs shoved down our throats.
cool, yeah.

all that stuff they teach about loving people, not judging people, 'everyone is
equal'. that's pretty cool.


there are some ideas in there i don't agree with fucking hate and think they
are ignorant, backwards, and totally contradict the whole 'everyone is equal' thing.

i am talking, in case you haven't guessed, about their views on same-sex

i'm not going to go into morals here. i'm going to talk scientific fact:
homosexuality, bisexuality, transgender, etc. not a choice.
things like that happen when a developing fetus doesn't recieve enough male hormone
(in boys), which makes them either more feminine than masculine (gay or bisexual) or
a female brain inside a male body (transgender).
the same is true with girls not recieving enough female hormone/too much male
that's what happens to cause these things. not a choice.
would you discriminate against someone born with a birth defect and say they were
'going to hell' for making the choice to have whatever disability they have?
of course not.
so why say this of people who have simply been the victims of a hormone imbalance in
their mother's womb?

just.. argh. >.<

i honestly have no problem with people who follow this (or any other religion). it's
not the whole religion i have a problem with. 
just this idea. 

being bisexual myself, i strongly support lgbtq rights.
i may post other rant entries on various things in this topic. a lot of things piss
me off.

i can tell i'm going to get flamed for this. go right ahead. say what you think. i'm
not trying to start arguments though, so if you're looking for one clear off. i'd
love to hear your opinion on it though darlings (:

fireonthemountain says:   20 June 2011   473953  
Completely agree with every word of this. (:
‹GeeGasm› says:   20 June 2011   577931  
I agree with you. I'm christian, and the people at the church I go to
say how wrong it is, when I think it's their choice and there is
absolutly nothing wrong with it.
erised says:   20 June 2011   797286  
This. Yes. Yes. Yes.
‹fuckup.› writes :   20 June 2011   798848  
Thanks luv C:

Thank youuu, it's so good to know that not all Christians think it's
wrong (:

Thanks for agreeing (: 

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