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Next Stop The Falls: Chapter 1 - The ArrivalCategory: Next Stop - The Falls
Tuesday, 14 June 2011
10:50:34 PM (GMT)
Damon sat in this group of people, uninterested in their small talk. He wanted to
take his Elena to the darkness and make her eternally his, though, she chose his
brother over him. He snorted, that idiotic fool he thought as he looked over to
Stefan, ignoring the questioning stares of the rest of the group.

Elena turned away from Damon, sitting comfortably in Stefan's arms; she turned to a
girl with blonde hair. "So, where do you come from Buffy?" She asked casually. "Well,
Dawn and I are from a town so small it's hardly even on the map, that’s part of the
reason why we moved here" Buffy said from her seat “and the schools closed".

"The schools closed? Why would it be closed halfway through the school year?"
Caroline asked with a confused look on her face. Damon laughed slightly, "what about
the rest of them?” he glanced at the group of young ladies and men standing behind
the so called Buffy. They look delicious he thought to himself. Stefan glanced at
Damon with warning.

“They closed because there was almost no one there and... oh, hooligans” Buffy
replied. “Hooligans?” Stefan asked. “They totally trashed the school, just ask
Robin” She looked at a tall, dark-skinned bald man “He was the principle of
Sunnydale High”.

“Hmm...” Damon said uninterested as he stood up and left the room. Walking
towards the front door, he opened in quickly, letting it slam against the wall next
to it. He let out a gasp of surprise when he saw the thing standing behind it. Its
hand was raised to knock on the wood of the door. Its skin was sagged and falling in
folds from his body. “Hi... uh... is Buffy Summers here? She’s an old friend”
The thing said.

“Clem!” Buffy said in greeting as she pushed past Damon, hugging the creature
before her. “Why are you here?” She asked as she stepped back, walking into a
dumbstruck Damon Salvatore. “What are you?” Damon asked; his voice rising as he
ignored Buffy, his full attention on this thing. “Ah... he has a skin condition...
it’s very serious but he won’t die” Buffy said quickly with a smile. “I met
him through a friend of mine, who isn’t here” She said, sadness clouding her
words. “Aw, I heard about Spike, Come and give me a hug... again” Clem said as he
wrapped his arms around Buffy.

“Won’t ask” Damon said with disgust as he pushed pass Buffy and Clem, stepping
into the safety of the night. “Don’t mind him, my brother is a little...
neurotic” Stefan said as he ushered them out of the doorway, closing the door
behind them. 

“Stefan, do you know any cheap, good hotels me and my friends could stay at?”
Buffy asked. “Well, there are not many places to stay... This is probably the
biggest so you should stay here. You’ll just have to run it by Mrs Flowers. She’s
the land... lady?” Elena laughed, “Well, a lord is a guy so it would have to be
lady”. A smile stretched across her face.

“Well is she here at the moment?” Buffy said with a smile on her face, she liked
this girl already. “Yeah, I’ll go get her” Stefan walked through one of what
seemed like a million doors.


“Mrs Flowers” Stefan called as he stepped out the back door into a well-tended
garden. “Yes dear?” she asked as she looked up from the rose bush she was tending
to. A straw hat had been placed neatly on her mess of grey hair. “I have some
friends that would like to stay here. Could you come and meet them?” Stefan asked
with a smile stretched across his face. “Yes yes” She replied as she nodded to
Stefan with thanks for holding the door open for her. 

Stefan followed her, slowing to close the ancient door behind them. “There’s
quite a few of them in there” Stefan said as they neared the front room. Mrs
Flowers nodded and stepped into the room. “Hi” she greeted them with a warm
smile. Giles stepped from behind the group, “Theo, Theo is that you?” He asked.
Mrs Flowers smile got wider as the word “Ripper” escaped her lips. She gave him a
hug, getting interrupted by Xander saying “You two know each other?” from his
spot next to Willow.

“For many, many years” Mrs Flowers said before whispering to Giles “I never
thought that I’d see you again Ripper”. Stefan smiled warmly, “A happy reunion.
So... are they allowed to stay?” “Yes, yes of course” Mrs Flowers laughed,
“Stefan can show you to your rooms, by the way he’s been wandering these halls he
should know the place by now. I need to get back to 
my garden” She said walking away.

“Ok, up those stairs” Stefan said as he nodded towards a wooden staircase set in
a spiral that seemed to disappear into darkness at the top. “Thanks” Buffy said
as she picked up two of the heaviest bags and started up the stairs Faith followed
suit. “This place is pretty old so I’d watch your step” Elena called after them
while looking at her watch, “Oh shoot! I have to get home” she said as she turned
to Stefan. “See you tomorrow” she smiled and waved at the rest of the people in
the room before leaving, the front door coming to a silent thud behind her.
“Well… you got anything to eat?” Xander asked as his eyes fell on the spot
where Elena was just standing. Willow frowned, “Can’t think about anything but
your stomach can you?” she asked as she punched him lightly in his arm. “Nope!”
Xander beamed, his eyes lighting up as the rest of the room laughed. “Come on;
let’s go find you some food” Stefan said as he lead the way to the kitchen, “PB
and J alright?” He asked on the way, making light conversation. “Sure” Xander
replied as he followed.

“You all need to keep in shape still” Willow said as she looked towards the
remaining potentials.  “Just because Sunnydale went KAPOOF it doesn’t mean you
can slack off, now go and help 
Buffy and Faith or go and train, the backyard looked big enough from the view I got
of it” she said as she turned and followed Xander, “I’m going to make sure he
doesn’t make a fool of himself”. Kennedy nodded “let’s go then”, her brown
hair bobby up and down in her ponytail.

Chao-Ahn groaned, “她想要什麼呢? (What does she want now?)” She murmured
as she followed the others into the backyard, passing Willow, Stefan and Xander on
the way. “Pain is your friend and not your enemy” Willow murmured as she watched
them pass, reclining on the edge of the kitchen bench. Chao-Ahn sighed,
“到底是什麼,她說什麼? (What the hell is she talking about?)” She
murmured as she passed through the door that Kennedy held open. She was greeted by
the warm sun hitting her pale skin. She smiled.

“Hurry up” Kennedy called as she hurried past the group and stood in the middle
of a large grass area in the yard. The remaining potentials sighed in unison,
“yes” the murmured as they formed a rouged line. Kennedy frowned, “pair up”
she called as she went to stand by Colleen. “Free Sparring” she said as she fell
into a back stance, Colleen doing the same.  “Start!” she yelled as she blocked a
kick from Colleen, returning one of her own. “Good” Kennedy said as she exhaled.
Colleen smiled, ducking low.

“Don’t wreck my garden now!” Mrs Flowers called from next to the rose bush as
she pushed her glasses further up her nose. Kennedy paused for a second, “Don’t
worry” she answered. Colleen took advantage of her pause and threw a punch, hitting
Kennedy in the stomach. The air rushed out of her lungs, she grunted in pain as she
tried to breath. “Good” she praised Colleen breathlessly, “Very good”.

Buffy laughed, “Suck it up Kennedy” she called one of the million balconies.
Faith walked onto the balcony behind Buffy, chuckling slightly. “Keep it up, you
need to keep fit in case something happens” Faith yelled as she pulled on her
jacket, the black leather shinning in the setting sun. The group grunted “we

Stefan, Willow and Xander stepped into the backyard. “What are they doing?”
Stefan asked Willow, curious to why they were fighting each other. “Tae Kwon Do,
they like to stay fit” Willow 
said after a pause. “Right…” Stefan said slowly. “Yes, they are total health
nuts” Xander said, a huge smile was plastered on his face. “Unlike you, you’re
just a goof” Willow said as she looked around the yard for Clem.

“Hey Clem!” she called as she spotted him reclining on a pool chair in the shade
of a willow tree at the edge of the yard. “Catching some z’s?” she asked as she
neared him. Her red hair was bouncing around her shoulders. “Yeah” He replied,
“You don’t get much when you have kittens screeching into your ears”. Willow
laughed, “Kitten poker?” she asked, “I really don’t understand why you’d
bet kittens”. “Their tasty, when their not annoying that is” he replied.
“Tasty? What weird sense of taste. Do you have to cook kitten before you eat it?”
Willow asked as she sat against the tree, her fingers picking at the browning grass.
“If you don’t want it squirming around in your mouth” He replied as he closed
his eyes. “Wow” Willow said as she watched the potentials.

“Kittens? You eat kittens?” Stefan asked as he walked up to them. Clem sighed,
“Yes I eat kittens. What’s wrong with that? Their tasty and they have a sort of
crunch to them that reminds me of nuts”. “I guess nothing, considering the
cuisine that’s appearing in the world, but I still find that a little weird”
Stefan replied, his eyebrows drawn together.  “Hey Clem” Willow called from where
she was sitting. “Yeah?” He asked. “Don’t eat Mr Kitty Fantastico” She said
as her mind drifted. “I love that Kitten, he is sooo cute. I would never eat him”
Clem said as he propped himself on his arm, turning towards Willow. “Good” Willow
said absentmindedly.

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