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Friday, 27 May 2011
12:19:25 PM (GMT)
One day, during a really boring lecture, I started writing randomly. This story has no meaning to my personal life but hopefully it can connect to yours. Remember: The POV is a troubled, teenage guy. Enjoy!

Maybe the timing was wrong because it didn't go the way I planned. I knew Something went wrong because I could hear the sirens already coming after me. Is it time for me to start running? My feet start to move, as I try to consider if what I did was Wrong or not. I know in my mind that it was wrong, so why did I do it? No one knows what it's like to be With a mind like mine. It must be disformed; but enough thinking about Me. I should be worried about getting away..
Why are most people afraid of the night? I happen to prefer these haunting hours, but then again, I'm not most people. I Can't be seen in the daytime ever again, after what I just did. But I'm still not sure what My plans are and where exactly I am running to. I need to figure this out fast because my Feet are starting to hurt and the sirens are getting louder. I notice that I'm starting to Move slower but my heart is hammering in my chest, beating faster and Faster because I can already make out the lights of the distant police cars behind me..
I know in my heart that I'm going to get caught and locked up, or sent to the crazy house. Only normal people could say that they regret what they did. But I Have no regrets, however I am conscious of the consequences to come. I have killed the One person who could fix me, so now I know that no one could help me in this world anymore. My Choice choice was made when I committed that murder and my choice is made now. I won't let them take me away, and there's only one way to make sure of that. I now know where I'm going..
I want to apologize for what I did to her. Yes, the killing Was intentional, but it wasn't her fault. I was just Afraid of feeling vulnerable, and it was only her that made me feel this way. My mind is made up Of twisted images that made me angry with her for giving me this uncontrollable feeling that I've never ever felt before...She called it Love and this "love" was what ended her life. Now, as I stand on this cliff, staring out at the horizon. I wait for the police cars to surround me before I plunge into my death, paying tribute to
my love.

‹Legendary Catwoman› says:   27 May 2011   233677  
WOOW *breathless* woow
‹ThineRiddler› says:   27 May 2011   441373  
Holy flippin shizz nipples! This is really good! I love the way you
wrote it too. With the words on one side and the story on the other.
‹☮ⓛⓐⓔ ᶰᵉᵉᵈᶳ✌› says:   28 May 2011   735691  
@Alicis Hehe. @SwissAlexx Ty(:
‹ThineRiddler› says :   28 May 2011   850595  
You're welcome =D 


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