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The Chronicles of La Flor de Infierno: White Rose, Chapter 14Category: TCoLFdI:WR
Wednesday, 25 May 2011
05:04:34 PM (GMT)
"You..." I couldn't believe it. Vladimir had actually--
     "Hello, Flor."
     A beautiful blonde girl with pale blue eyes walked toward Vladimir and I. Her
hair was braided with sparkling ice crystals. Her arms looked as if ice crystals
lines her wrist like a bracelet, and a long, slender serpent tattooed of ice was
winding down her arm gracefully. 
     "I'm glad part of your name was Flor..." she said. Her voice was soft and smooth
like snow.
     I was silent for a long moment. "You're dead, right? I mean, father always--"
     "So that's what Lucifer told you two? To cover his tracks, I mean, Possibly
other angels as well..." said the woman with a light-hearted smirk. "No, Flor, I'm
not dead. Would it make sense if I wanted to name you either Flor de Luna, Flor de
Hiela, or Flor de Nieve? I actually contemplated Flor de Infierno, as well..."
     I blinked. "So you... have something to do with ice?" Then it hit me. Hard. "The
Angel of Ice?"
     The woman smiled. "Vladimir did a very nice job finding you, Flor. And there's
also the fact that he found me as well... After I left Hell, what an interesting stay
that was, I thought I lost you and Stacie for possibly forever. It's good to know
that not only I have defied your father."
     I looked between Vladimir and my mother.
     Vladimir sighed. "Vera, Flor knows about the prophecy." Then he mumbled
something else to her.
     The woman, my mother, Vera, looked at Vladimir, her gaze slowly going over me to
look back at Vladimir. "How did she take it?"
     "You know, I kind of wanted a nice family reunion?" I growled. 
     "I see..." said Vera softly. "Flor, you may not know it yet, but you and
Vladimir will become to close you will be inseparable... I see it in your eyes
     I tilted my head slightly. "So that's how this conversation is going to change?
Fine then. Forget it. Maybe life was better off not knowing who you were at all..."
     I regretted saying that.
     Pain flashed in Vera's eyes. "Flor, if you want me to leave, just say it..."
     "No! It's not that, it's just... I didn't mean..."
     "You and Vladimir go get supplies for your little friends and that little
human boy you know." said Vera, acting as if she wasn't sure whether to call
Jasper a human or not. The light had returned to her eyes, dancing wildly. 
     "But, you've only been here for but a few minutes! I haven't seen you since...
Well, since I was even born!" I cried.
     "Flor..." Vladimir took my hand.
     "Mira, Flor. You know we will meet again. Te amo, mi hija."
     "A mi tambíen, mamá." I responded back in my fluent Spanish.
     Vera smiled. "Good. At least you're fluent in Spanish. At least your father
taught you español, hija."
     For the first time, I smiled back. Vera hugged me. Tight. Like a mother.
Vladimir's grip on my hand tightened. 
     "Flor, here." said Vera. A small, seemingly glass orb appeared in my hand. "Use
it when you need me the most."
     With that, she slowly began to turn to ice and fade. I watched as my mother. I
knew her, Vladimir, and my human friends were all I lead. The demons were history.
Cletus had probably already told my father everything. Maybe --
     "Flor, we really should get food for Jasper and such." said Vladimir. "And maybe
your Spanish can help us..."

     "Gracías, señor." I said, handing a stout Latino two hundred dollars. 
     "¡Señorita!"cried the man.
     "No, no." I motioned for him to keep it. He nodded, smiling widely as Vladimir
and I walked away.
     Vladimir gathered everything as I walked outside. The hair on the back of my
neck stood on end.
     I looked to my left. Nothing.
     I looked to my right. Still nothing.
     I looked in front of myself again. My eyes widened as I tried not to gasp.
    "Why, hello Flor!" said Mr. Flahnerry.
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‹lucky dice› says:   25 February 2012   761304  
you gonna finish this
‹Green Spring Grass› says:   26 February 2012   112632  
Ikr?? I'm on book 2 irl... I'll be putting chapters up soon, I
‹lucky dice› says:   10 March 2012   345291  
‹Green Spring Grass› says :   17 March 2012   652954  
WOW this was forever ago... I am definitely bringing my notebook
Monday to type up some more ;o...


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