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The Chronicles of La Flor de Infierno: White Rose, Chapter 13Category: TCoLFdI:WR
Sunday, 17 April 2011
05:22:46 PM (GMT)
“Flor…” Vladimir’s eyes were wide. Ahiru and Lilli were at my sides. I was
kneeling. I was crying. I had no voice.
	“Flor, I… You… You weren’t supposed…--“
   	Ahiru and Lilli were trying to get me up. “Flor?”
 	“I… Lilli, Ahiru, go home…”
	They nodded as they got up and walked off, glancing back as if to make sure I was
alright. I looked at Vladimir, my eyes still flooding. “Tell me everything…”
	Vladimir knelt next to me and cradled me for what seemed like eternity. I would have
let him, too. Then he reached into what seemed like thin air and pulled out a scroll.
“Here… Read this.”
	I opened the delicate parchment cautiously, as if what I saw inside would kill me.
Inside, it said;
    When the Fallen One rises
    One of his Own will betray him
    His heart, his dearest
    His bane.
I closed the scroll as well as my eyes. “Does this mean what I think it does?”
	Vladimir nodded. “I love you, Flor Lucifer.”	
	“I love you too, Vladimir…”
	I woke up to the smell of frost. I looked around to see a small layer of snow on the
ground. At least, that’s what Stacie had called it. Vladimir was shaking slightly.
I walked over to him and wrapped my arms around him, not that it would do much. His
shivering lessened a bit, and his breathing calmed. I smiled as I put my head on his
	Vladimir’s arm came around me. “Flor…?”
	Vladimir looked at me, alarmed. “Flor… you’re still warm? Like this?” He
motioned to my tiny sleeves and shorts. 
	“I don’t know.” I said to him.
	Vladimir looked up. “Have you met your mother?”
	I shook my head. “My father told Stacie and I she was dead. Killed by a raging
angel or something.”
	Vladimir sighed. “I think I know. You should meet her; you have her eyes. If I’m
correct, you’ll be surprised.”
	“But she’s—”
	“Flor-Belle, I think I know what I’m talking about.”
	Vladimir walked over to the other side of the tree. “Stay” he said to me. I
stopped following him, surprisingly. A small, quick flare of… shadows erupted from
where Vladimir had been standing moments before. I watched the tree, waiting.
Vladimir didn’t think he could bring a soul to Earth to talk to it, did he?
	Jasper poked his head from behind another tree. “Impressive. Hey, Flor. No school
today… Weekend… Then again, you already knew that. I’m going to
Ahiru’s—Wanna come?”
	“Can’t.” I responded. “Need to do stuff with Vladimir today. And eh, Jasper,
I also have a question for you…”
	“Why do you stay out here with us? I’m not saying I don’t like your company,
it’s just I find it, in a way, weird that a human would do it.”
	Jasper was silent for a moment, as if recollecting a handful of memories. “My
house burned down a week before you came. My… parents died in it.”
	I reached toward him. “I’m… I’m sorry…”
	“It’s fine… I’m going to Ahiru’s now… See you later.”
	I watched Jasper walk away, the thoughts of Ahiru on his mind making him walk with a
hint of over-happiness. I held back a laugh. I turned and crawled into my tree.
	Yes, I said my tree.
	The large oak tree was where I slept. We hollowed out the trees about seven to eight
feet. There was enough room in the hole and tree for me, Jasper, Vladimir, Lilli and
Ahiru to all be comfortable inside. To keep the… rain out, the hole at the entrance
was dug deeper than the hole to the actual tree. The water stayed out… Ingenious
idea by, guess who, Vladimir.
	I carved a small heart inside the tree. Inside I wrote FL and VA*. Then I made a
small… family tree, I guess you could say. It took me a while to draw a straight
line down then attach a name to it. In the end, the family tree ended up having a
short series of names; Angel of Light, ? – Vladimir. Lucifer, ? – Flor, Stacie.
Flor, Vladimir— ?. 
	I heard a small crack. I looked outside to see Vladimir, eyes wide. 
	“Vladimir, that was quick.” I said. I saw something wrong in his eyes.
“Vladimir? Are you alright?”
	“Yes… But Flor…”
	“I… I found your mother.”
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‹✬Kaybell❣› says:   17 April 2011   311197  
--so lost--
‹Green Spring Grass› says:   17 April 2011   338015  
‹คคг๏ภ; tђє ภєץt гє๒เгtђ ๏› says:   17 April 2011   238379  
im waiting for chapter 14 now.
‹✬Kaybell❣› says:   17 April 2011   356074  
I-I don't know what's going on :L I mean, from one moment she was lost
on what he said, now she is crying at the beginning.

And the poem. GAH!

And the whole family tree like thing. >.< Sorry. :L 
‹Green Spring Grass› says:   17 April 2011   671463  
do you not like it?

‹✬Kaybell❣› says:   17 April 2011   629177  
I don't get it ;//_//; 
‹Green Spring Grass› says :   17 April 2011   194531  
let's take this to messages... 


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