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A WILD MEME APEARED!Category: (general)
Monday, 14 March 2011
08:16:36 PM (GMT)
~*About You*~

Name: Marissa    C: 
Birth date: March 5, '96 yo. 

Age: 15!

Country of origin: America

Town Born in: Lake City muahaha 

Scandinavian, Polish, Irish, AMERICAN LOLOLOL 

Religion: Agnostic 

Height: pishh iwunno, 5"4'? 

Eye color: blue grey 

Hair color and style: merlot, and bobbish?  i wanna change it to orange, and slightly
mowhawky, like jeffree star had

Skin Tone: WHITE  :U 

Tattoos: i want them  ;u;

Eye-sight: -.75

Names/screen-names you go by:
rissy, rissa, sugar, hun, scarlette333, scarnose333..... arissax.... arissa333 

Explain your username:
Scarnose is my warrior name.... and im half evil  :U

Explain your icon:
um.... its... kupikan.... i guess.... 

How would you describe your personality?
quirky, strange, TOTALLY AWESOME YO. lololno

How would other people describe you XD?

Are you Afraid of anything/have any phobias?
hells yeah.... i made a dairy journal thingie about it.... theres like 10

What’s your favourite physical feature about yourself?
.......ilikemyneckandback........ heh.... 

What’s your most hated physical feature about yourself?
ummmmmmm.... im not likin mah hurr right now... and i dont really like my feet.... 

Do you have any physical disabilities/ailments?
i cant run? 

Do you have any SPECIAL/FREAKY Abilities 8D?

Do you have any allergies?
no sir

Are you the first, middle, last, or only child? And who are your siblings?
Savanah, Caity, Leah, Me, Ally, Hailee, Wyatt, Owen.  sooo... middle? 

How many cousins do you have? Big family?
ohhshiiiit..... hundreds man.... a lot of divorces and marriages... 

Do you WANT to have children? If so how many?

What was your dream job when you were a kid?
well i wanted to be a doctor... then a vet.... 

What is your dream job now?

What are your current responsibilities?
um..... cleaning the cat box? school? 


What item of food would you eat the most of?

What is your favourite flavour ever?
um.... food... flavor.... i like shrimp

Do you like Meat?
i would not be able to be a vegetarian, does that help? 

What do you usually eat for Breakfast?
waffles, or those toaster strudel thingies, or a bagel. 

What is your favourite dinner meal?
hhmmmfood. NOT baked beans or rootbeer or mushrooms.... 

What cuisines do you like best?

What foods do you HATE?
baked beans, rootbeer, mushrooms.... 

What food can you not resist?
food?  i just like food okay! 

What would be your last meal?
lobster pizza, seafood chili, more pizza, waffles, blueberries, chocolate... how bout
just a big huge buffet? 

Do you like any ‘freaky’ food combinations?
weellllll i like food.... i like bronco trollies, which are crackers, peanut butter,
and an orange/ clementine slice... 


What is your general fashion style? (eg: punk, glam, sporty, girly etc)
ummm..... me. i wear skinnies and hoodies, with awesome teeshirts.... 

What item of clothing do you wear the most?
skinny jeans? underwear? 

Pants or skirts/dresses?
i prefffeerrrrr pants/TROUSERS BILLY... but i like sooooome dresses

How much of your skin do you like to show/cover up?
i like showin off mah sexy neck and back i guess.... but i dont like cleavage....
that much... 

What items of jewelery do you wear most?
music ring, TSWGO bracelet, and horcrux ring... theyre ALWAYS ON ME. i feel naked
with out them  ;u; 

What item can you NOT leave your house without?
mah phooone duuuuhhhh 

Hair up or Hair down?
uhmm.... both? 

~* Life Style*~

What time do you usually wake up?
6:50  :D 

What time do you usually go to sleep?
depends on how im feeling... it changes.... 

How often do you bathe/shower?
everyother day................................................ sometimes a day in a
row if my hairs pissing me off 

Do you exercise regularly?
well i have gym everyday.... 

How often do you go out drinking?
drinking..... alcohol? always. untill im 21..................................

What do you do most in your spare time?
draw, sit here, read, sit here somemore, talk to billy 

Name your hobbies:
draw, sit here, read, sit here some more...... im starting golf? 

How many pets have you had in your life? (not including farm animals/live-stock)
2 dogs (lulu and abby) dozens of fish (my first was a beta named glubglub ;u; )  and
2 kitties (coconut and cookie) and we miiiight get a greyhound! 

How many houses have you lived in in your life?
oh geez.... 9 

What sort of ‘vehicle’ do you own?
well my mom has a car 

What’s your current job?

~*Your Favorite-?*~

Animal: kitties, fishies, um..... 
Season: Spring!
Scenery: anything but snow.... 
Plant/flower: hmmmm, well i like roses, and daisies, and hibicuses, and aloe plants.

Sweet/treat: NUT GOODIES. 
Game: um.... staring at bill 
Sport: doing golf this year  :D 
Shop: barnes and noble.... or our local coffee sho uwu 
Brand: um..... 
Cultures: umm.... 
Town/City: grand bahama island..... 
Style of music: pretty much everything 

Favourite Songs: Star Trek Girl, DFTBA, The Vegetables.... heh...  
Favourite Movies: oh god... like all the ones i've seen ;w;
Favourite TV shows: Glee, Raising Hope, Traffic Light, Chopped... 
Favourite Animes: kuroshitsuji, lucky star, haruhi, mitsudomoe, maho shojo madoka
Favourite Books: Harry Potter, PJaTO, Geektastic 
Favourite Ships/Pairings: naaaa??? grellxsebby.... mexbill........ lololololol
Favourite place to Holiday/visit: bahamas 
Favourite place to relax/feel free: um... in the water 

~*Ideals in the Opposite Sex*~

Height: taller than me.... billy, your taller than me right? 
Weight: i seeeeem to like skinny boys...................................... 
Body shape: SCRAWNY!  XD 
Hair colour/style: doesnt matter 
Eye colour: also, does not matter
Style: ummmmmm
Personality traits: funny, geeky, adorable  uwu 

~*Ideals in the SAME Sex*~
(YES the Same! But you can take it as ‘what you dream you could look like
yourself’ same diff )

Height: meh
Weight: doesnt matter
Body shape: don't matter
Hair color/style: doesnt matter
Eye color: don't matter ;u;
Style: doesnt matter
Personality traits: doesnt matter. i like all women.......... i have fetishes..... 

~*what’s the last -*~

Time you laughed: todaayyy 
Cried: saturday.... 
Shared: information............ heh 
The last person you talked to: billehhh 
Person to call you: sissa 
Person you yelled at: billy? 
Person you told them you loved: my momma 
Time you acted childish: um.... 
Food you’ve eaten: a chocolate shake... 
Book you’ve read: like read a page from? maximum ride 
Shop you entered: uhh... the coffee shop 
Thing you regret doing: nothing? 
Thing you watched on TV: CHOPPED 
Comment you squee-d over: WHEN TYLER OAKLEYno i think it was when billy said i love
Person you mentally hugged: billy ;w; 
Thing you wrote? (other than this meme): uuhhmmm a status update on fb 
Thing you drew: a huuuuug 
Thing you read: this meme? 

~*Can You-*~

Do a handstand: kiiinda 
Raise one eyebrow and not the other: kiiiinda 
Dance: ehhh billys gonna have to teach me 
Sing: chyeas 
Whistle: yesss
Cook: i lvoe cooking  C: 
Speak a different language: kinda 
Do any magic Tricks: hells no 
Put together DIY boxed furniture: uh huh! 
Use Power tools: yep. 
Write a Resume: uhhuh 
Rollerblade: kiiiiiinda 
Skateboard: noooope 
Surf: iwunnnoooo 
Navigate: in certain places 
Survive in the Wild: maybe? 
Survive without your cell phone: if i turned off my SMSs and stuff, but no 
Survive without your internet:hells no.... 


What are you wearing right now?
columbia sweater and fluffy socks with pandas on them  uwu 

How do you feel right now?
not good.... 

Did you brush your teeth today D<?

One RANDOM fact about you:
um... uh....... i can.... drink a small shake in 5 minutes?

‹Sir_Billiam› says:   17 March 2011   991438  
I dont know, how tall are you?
‹Arissaxx› says :   17 March 2011   396577  
5 foot 2 inches..... 

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