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Tuesday, 18 January 2011
03:34:47 PM (GMT)
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Jay, Allie, and I had been best friends since grade school. It was a boring Saturday
night and the three of us gathered at Allie's house. Her parents were out of town
again and since she hated being alone in her huge home, Jay and I agreed to keep her
company. We had spent a good amount of time talking about everything going on in
everyone's lives. It was then I realized that at the time, we were all single. While
we had decided awhile back that neither Allie nor I would date Jay, that we would
remain a trio, but I wondered if perhaps that wasn't a promise we could actually
keep. We were all stretched out on the couch, watching some boring movie Jay found
on TV. He seemed to be absorbed in it, but I on the other hand was completely
distracted. My eyes kept flickering over to Allie as she was looking so fucking hot.
I hadn’t ever looked at my friend in a sexual way before, I had always considered
myself to be completely straight, but there was just something about the way her
itty-bitty pajama top could barely contain her huge 40D tits that was getting me so
wet. She seemed bored out of her mind too, so I decided to go for it; Jay could just
keep watching his stupid movie and the two of us could have some fun. I was nervous
as all hell, but slid myself into her lap, a grin spread wide across my face. Her
eyes widened slightly, but before she had a chance to ask what was going on, I
leaned in and kissed her. She barely hesitated, kissing me roughly back and
eventually slipping her tongue in my mouth. All the while my hands went to her
chest, sliding under the fabric and began playing with her breasts. It was the first
time I had touched someone’s boobs before (well, beside my own 38 C breasts, of
course) and I immediately liked it. I soon realize I had to get that bra off of her
because I wanted to really play with those tits. I broke off the kiss and quickly
pulled off the sheer top and her bra, tossing them to the ground as I leaned in
towards them, taking one of her hard nipples in my mouth while my other hand
massaged the other one. I could hear her softly gasp as I licked and sucked the
sensitive skin and it only made me wetter. Suddenly I threw my own head back as a
moan left my lips. It took me a second to realize what was happening, but I glanced
downward for a second to see Allie’s hand under my mini-skirt; she had pulled my
thong down around my ankles and was now fingering me better than any guy ever had. I
was preparing to return to her boobs or perhaps even to just making out again when I
suddenly felt myself pushed back against the couch. Allie was like a madwoman,
stripping me of my own tight black tee and that little skirt. She reached for my
brunette locks, pulling out my ponytail so my hair hung straight; I saw she had done
the same thing with her blonde hair that had been up in a messy bun only minutes
before. My bra was still on as she slipped to the ground, still in her little short
shorts. I could hardly believe this was actually happening, but I really didn’t
care as soon as I felt her tongue running along my wet pussy. I couldn’t help but
moan in delight each time her tongue slid along my clit; maybe it was because she
had one too, but Allie definitely knew how to really work it. She was driving me
crazy and I closed my eyes, trying to catch my breath, when suddenly, I felt
something hot and hard hitting me in the face. My eyes opened to the sight of Jay,
completely nude with his hard dick in my face, “Suck it…” he demanded,
obviously extremely turned on my action with Allie. Since I felt bad about
forgetting he was there, I decided to suck him good, really get him off. His dick
was above average, not like some of the monsters I’ve seen in my time, but
definitely not bad. I opened my mouth and Jay quickly pushed himself in between my
open lips; he was so horny it wasn’t even funny. I began a hard, slow suck on the
aching dick and my hand reached up to play with his huge balls, which seemed to rile
him up all the more. A few noises of pleasure left his lips, growing louder in
once I began moaning as well. Allie was really teasing me now; after what seemed
eternity, she finally slipped her tongue up in me and was treating me to an amazing
tongue fuck. Jay was growing hotter and hotter and suddenly locked his fingers in my
dark hair, holding me in place as he began to roughly fuck my wet, hot mouth. I was
deepthroating him and absolutely loving it. It didn’t take long under I finally
had my orgasm and my deep, but muffled cry of pleasure seemed to trigger Jay’s as
well. He released a huge load down my throat and since I had mastered the gag reflex
a long time ago, I was able to enjoy every second of it, sucking up all of the cum
without any complaints. The three of us remained in place for a moment afterwards as
I think we all realized exactly what just happened and wondered why he had never
thought of this before. Just as I preparing to ask about whether or not we were all
okay with what had just happened, I felt myself pushed flat on my back on the couch.
Jay was above me, unhooking my bra and playing with my tits as he became hard again.
He was obviously ready to go for it and before I had a chance to even think about
stopping him, I felt his dick enter my needy pussy. I cried out in absolute delight
as the sensation of the dick thrusting in and out of me, hitting just the right spot
each time it re-entered was incredible! I had never imagined Jay could be such a hot
fuck! I mean, he was cute and all, but a little on the skinny side and kind of dorky
around the edge, but yet he fucked me better than some of the built athletes I had
slept with in the past. “OH FUCK, JAY!” I cried again, eagerly working to get
more of that dick inside of me. However, I was suddenly distracted when I found a
hot, dripping wet pussy on my face. Allie obviously wanted her service returned and
I really couldn’t blame her. So she didn’t have to say a word, I immediately
began to lick her, already loving the taste. I really gave her clit a lot of
attention; licking it, blowing on it, very lightly nipping on the edge of it, but it
was hard considering Jay was fucking me harder and faster by the second, moaning and
groaning all the while. Once I slipped my tongue up inside of her, I knew Allie was
loving every moment of this, I could feel her body trembling and her moans and needy
cries of “YES!” and “OH FUCK!” and had a feeling the fact that I couldn’t
control my deep moaning was probably helping with that. Suddenly Jay warned me he
was about to cum and only seconds afterwards Allie cried out the same. And as if on
cue, the three of us hit our orgasm at the same time all screaming in pleasure
together. My mouth was filled with Allie’s juices and my pussy filled with Jay’s
hot seed. As my body trembled I quickly worked on licking Allie clean, swallowing
down every drop as I felt Jay slowly pull out of me. Once again, we took a silent
breather before suddenly springing to action again. This time it was Jay who found
himself on his back as Allie got her turn with his dick, impaling herself on him and
riding him hard. I myself enjoyed the sensation of Jay eating me out, noting that
while it was incredible to feel that hot tongue in my pussy and around my crotch in
general, it was definitely rougher and less attentive than Allie’s. I watched as
the two of them fucked, the sight helping me get closer and closer to my third
orgasm. Allie’s huge tits were bouncing all about and I couldn’t help but feel
such an odd and new sense of lust regarding them; once again, I was sure I had been
straight up until this all started…now I really wasn’t so sure. And luckily, I
didn’t have a lot of time to think as I was filled with such intense pleasure,
“JAY!” I cried out as I came, forgetting all about warning him. As I caught my
breath, he and Allie weren’t quite finished yet, “HARDER JAY!” Allie cried
desperately, “FASTER!” I could see Jay’s hips desperately trying to please the
blonde and when Allie screamed and I felt Jay’s muffled scream I knew they had
gotten off as well. The three of us separated to quickly clean up, spreading out on
the floor so Jay could finish with me, while I lapped up Allie’s mess, and she
cleaned up Jay’s dick. We then just lay still for a minute, all trying to catch
our breaths and comprehend what just happened. “That was the best sex I’ve ever
had,” Jay was the first to speak, “I mean…shit, how did we manage to keep our
hands off each other for so long?” The three of us giggled as it was question we
all were asking, “It doesn’t matter now,” Allie replied, “all that matters
is now I know what we can do when I have the house to myself…” Sitting up, I
grinned, “The night’s still young,” I said glancing at the clock, noting it
was only a little after midnight, “How about we move it upstairs?” Allie had a
huge bedroom with a king-sized bed, not to mention the adjoining bathroom with the
large tub we could all easily fit in; she was lucky enough to be an only child who
got whatever she wanted. Before either of them could answer, Jay’s cell phone rang
and he quickly grabbed his pants and answered it. The smile on his face quickly
faded, “Alright…I understand…I’ll leave now…” With a heavy sigh as he
hung up, Jay spoke, “That was Mom and she’s pissed,” he hurried and threw on
his clothing, “Apparently, she wanted me home at midnight…” his voice trailed
off sadly. “Can we do it another time?” he asked a look of worry that this was a
onetime chance on his face.” We all agreed we’d have another go out at and
a few kisses before Jay quickly hurried out the door. With a sigh I went over to the
couch, quickly putting on my bra, but having trouble getting it hooked. "Keep it off"
Allie said smiling. 
I smiled back. Allie grabbed my  hand and pulled me behind her upstairs. She trhew me
on the bed and laid on top of me.
Leaning down and kissing me, sticking her tounge in my mouth, and then putting her
hands up my shirt, massaging my nipples making
them hard. I kissed her back roughly and then started to rub her tight pussy again.
She moaned in response and from there
we kept going.

bj_johnny2 says:   20 January 2011   216174  
I loved it!!!
RachelGrey1216 says :   20 January 2011   210225  
Cool (;

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