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Pan's Labyrinth, Organization 13 fan-fiction Chapter 7Category: Organization 13
Sunday, 16 January 2011
06:27:46 AM (GMT)
Saix flailed his arms around, trying to get the fairies away from him. He suddenly
grabbed a hold of Xuilan. She screamed in fear. Saix suddenly bit her head clean off
her shoulders, the blood getting everywhere. He did the same to Vaproskiax, who he
had got a hold of after eating Xuilan. Xena was the only fairy left. Arie ran down
the hallway as fast as she could, holding onto the knife that she had retrieved from
this task. Saix followed Arie, his hands up to where his eyes should be on his head,
since his eyes were on the palm of his hands.

Arie got to the end of the hallway, just to see the door close over. The hourglass
had ran out. she pounded the wall with her fists. She turned around to see Saix's
silhouette appearing around the corner of the hallway. She searched in her pockets
quickly, and pulled out the piece of chalk. She stood on her tiptoes and traced an
outline of a door on the ceiling. She pushed against it, and it opened slowly. Saix
was now right up where Arie was. Arie climbed with all her strength, climbing through
the door in he ceiling, just before Saix was able to grab her. She climbed out of the
new exit in her room, Xena followed her close behind. Arie slammed the door down
quickly, before Saix could follow her. Arie walked over to her bed, lay down on it,
and relaxed. Xena danced around, chirping happily.

Meanwhile, Vexen, Xiannon, and Dexion were walking alongside the river in the
"We'll soon have reinforcements from Jaca. Fifty men or more. Then we'll go
head-to-head with Axel." Dexion explained to the two.
"And then what? You kill him, and they'll send another just like him, and another.."
Vexen told Dexion.
Vexen washed his hands, and his surgical instruments in the river.
"Your screwed, no guns, no roof over your heads... You need food, medicine. You
should take care of Xiannon. If you really loved her (Brotherly and Sisterly, don't
worry Angel 8D xD ), you would cross the border with her. This is a lost cause" Vexen
told Dexion.
"I'm staying here Vexen, there's no choice." Dexion answered him back.
Dexion moved away, walking over towards his sister, Xiannon. She handed Dexion a copy
of the warehouse key.
"Here's the key. But you can't come down right now. That's just what he wants."
Xiannon told Dexion.
"Leave it to me" Dexion smiled.
"... I'm a coward.." Xiannon mumbled.
"No your not" Dexion told Xiannon truthfully.
"Yes I am. A coward for living next to the son of a bitch. Making his bed, feeding
him... what if Vexen is right and we cannot win?" Xiannon asked.
Dexion looked down at Xiannon and pulled her into a hug.
"Well- Atleast we'd be making things harder for the bastard." Dexion told Xiannon.

Axel had woke up a while ago, and was now in the bathroom shaving. He looked down at
the sink. His Fathers gold and silver watch lay there. Axel looked at it and then
studied himself in the mirror, as if sizing up an old enemy. He placed the steel
blade of the Switchblade on his own reflection, and cut across the mirror swiftly.

In the upstairs bedroom, Arie approached her mother, who was asleep in her bed. Arie
poured some milk into a bowl, and placed the Mandrake Root into the bowl of milk. She
slid the bowl underneath Shexia's bed. She then bit her finger until a small drop of
blood appeared, and fell into the milk. The Mandrake started twitching slightly.
Just then, Arie heard footsteps coming into the bedroom. She lay down under the bed,
and noticed a pair of feet enter the bedroom. It was Vexen. He walked over to Shexia,
and felt her temperature and pulse.
"Captain Axel!" He called for Axel.
Axel walked into the room nervously.
"Her temperature is down.." Vexen told Axel.
"But she still has a fever?" Axel asked him.
"Yes, but that's a good sign- her body is responding." Vexen told Axel.
Axel stared at Vexen, not a trace of emotion on his face.
"Listen to me. If you have to choose, save the baby. That boy will bear my name and
the name of my Father" Axel told Vexen.
Arie was listening in to this conversation whilst hiding underneath the bed.
Suddenly, there was an explosion outside that shook the room. Bits of plaster dropped
from the ceiling onto the floor, near Arie. Axel cursed under his breath, and stormed
out the room, as Vexen followed closely behind.

Axel hurried out into the garden, looking around. The guards had all came out of
their tents. They all looked up at a colossal column of smoke and fire in the
distance, as another explosion shook the ground.

Arie came out from underneath the bed, and tentatively neared her mother.
"Brother, Brother, if you can hear me.." she mumbled, laying her head on her Mother's
"Things out here aren't too good. And soon you'll have to come out. Mother isn't
doing well." she spoke softly.
Unexpectedly, small tears appeared in the corner of Arie's eyes, and dripped down her
"I'm asking you for one thing. Just one: Don't hurt her." she told her brother.
"She's very pretty, you'll see. Even though she's sad some of the times. You'll see,
when she smiles - you'll love her. So if you do as I say, I'll make you a Prince in
my Kingdom. I promise you, a Prince..." Arie spoke.

The Train Tracks in the Countryside
Something had blown a large crater into the rural railroad track. Tipped into it was
the smoking ruin of a locomotive. Axel was examining some of the charred bodies by
the wreckage.
"I sounded the whistle- but they wouldn't move. I tried to stop, but it was too late"
the Engineer, Xavien, told Axel.
"What did they steal from inside the freight cars?" Axel asked Xavien.
"Nothing, they didn't open a single one." he told Axel.
"What the hell are you talking about?" Axel snapped.
"This whole mess- and they didn't open any of the cars. They didn't take anything" he
told Axel.
"Nothing, are you sure?" Axel asked him.
"Nothing. Who the hell knows what they wanted. Other than to make us waste our time"
Xavien answered.

Rain falls as Axel's car stops in front of the mill. A gunfight was happening at that
moment in time. Axel got out his car, staying low, and ran over towards Marluxia.
Some of the guards were hiding behind trees, covered in gun wounds. Marluxia was
bleeding from a wound on his forehead.
"Captain, they came out of nowhere. They have grenades..!" Marluxia told Axel.
At that moment, Xigbar rushed up to Axel, out of breath.
"One group stayed behind - up on the cliff - with rifles... We've surrounded them"
Xigbar told Axel.

Holding his gun, Axel advanced on foot through the forest, accompanied by a group of
guards. A group of men from Dexion's group jumped out from a pile of boulders,
blasting away at the enemy. A guard fell down dead at Axel's feet, three bullets in
his chest.
"C'mon, Xigbar, this is the only decent way to die." Axel smiled in excitement.
He jumped out from behind a tree and began firing, wounding two of the Guerrillas,
Frixie and Xanthe.

Last edited: 16 January 2011

‹.::SHINee♥Locket::.› says:   16 January 2011   257865  

‹☢CAUTION!!☢› says :   16 January 2011   301437  
I knows! D8 Damn Axel for wounding them. Imma kiil him... with mah
Death Note >:3 


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