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Friday, 7 January 2011
06:00:16 PM (GMT)
When did you get involved with the Beatles? 
Last year, then i stopped and started up again in november.

Do you remember when John was shot?

What Beatle song is your favorite? 
uhmm.....every single one!

Is there ANYTHING you dislike about the Beatles?:
Johns attitude(but he's really fucking sexy), Yoko ono, Lederman

Do you like Yoko?: 
Man stealing.

Have you ever seen the Beatles perform?: 
in my dreams :D does that count?

What album was your first one?:
sgt. pepperslonelyheartsclub

In your life has the Beatles helped you out in anyway?: 
sexually? oh well...uhm..oh thats not the question..yes theyve helped me be more open
and optimistic

From a scale of 1-10 do you think you know the Beatles well?:
 7 1/2

Do you only listen to Beatle music?: 
i have 333 songs on my ipod...213 of them are beatles songs
What other music do you listen to?:
 Panic! at the disco, Coldplay, The killers, MCR

What is your favorite kind of music?:
 The kind that can bring a smile to my face, or focus me into deep thought.

If you could meet Paul and could ask one question, what would it be?: 
wanna jam?

Do you still miss/mourn John & George?:
 i mourn them. 
john more 5than george but i miss him too.
Have you seen Paul in concert?:
i wish...

Have you ever wrote stories about the Beatles?:
too many to count

Have you ever gone to sleep listening to the Beatles?:
i'm only sleeping ^^

Which is your favorite, the early Beatles or later Beatles?:

If you could change anything about the Beatles what would it be?:
 the break-up and yoko ono

How many books have you read about the Beatles?:
 a couple i'm in the middle of reading one right now

Have you ever dreamed about the Beatles?:
three..they were all about john

What do you think of today’s music next to the Beatles music?
Good, but never can compare

Which is your favorite, and why?:
 john. Forever.
theres just something about him that makes me smitten every time i hear his voice and
see his face
Favorite Beatle wife?:
 Linda. and cynthia

Favorite Beatle kid?:

Favoritism character from a Beatles song?:
 Rock Racoon or The Fool on The Hill

Do you know the words to most of them by heart?:
 most of them

Do you have a signature Beatles song?:
strawberry fields forever

Favorite album:
white album

Favorite song on that album?:
 Blue Jay Way

Do you own all of their albums?:

American albums or British albums?:

Records or CDs?:

Best album cover?:
 Rubber Soul

Favorite movie:

Have you seen all of their movies?:

Favorite Beatles quote: 
George: "its a thingy! a fiendish thingy!"
Ringo: "ARW"

Best Beatles year for music:
 i have no idea

Best Beatles year for looks:

If you went back in time would it be to Beatlemania?:
 no i would like go to the time when john was 15 and like grow up with him and like
be bffls with him then marry him and fuck'em

Were they the best band ever?:
 they Were. then the broke up.

Name your favourite song from each album:

Please Please Me:

With the Beatles:
 All My Loving

A Hard Day’s Night:
i i fell

Beatles for Sale:
 Im a Loser


Rubber Soul:


Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band:
 A Day In The Life

Magical Mystery Tour:
 Blue Jay Way / Fool On The Hill / I Am The Walrus/ Your Mother Should Know

The White Album: 
Disc 1= Martha My Dear/ While My Guitar Gently Weeps/ back in the U. S. S. R.
Disc 2= Honey Pie/ Revolution 9/ HELTER SKELTER HOLY SHIT

Yellow Submarine:
 Hey, Bulldog/ All Together now 

Abbey Road:
  Here Comes The Sun/ Maxwell's sliver hammer

Let it Be:
 I Me Mine / GET BACK  / Ive Got A Feeling

How many posters of the Beatles are in your room?:
 0 but three john lennon poster thingys

How many shirts do you have?:
 two...i fail

Any funny Beatles stories?:
johns voice literally made me orgasm once

Ringo Starr or Pete Best?:

Brian Epstein or George Martin?:

Linda McCartney or Heather Mills?:

Yellow Submarine or Octupus’s Garden?:
 Octupus’s Garden

Hey Jude or Julia?:
 Hey Jude 

Why did the Beatles break up?:
 Brian died Yoko/heroin
johns smartass attitude and obsession with being the boss of everything
Was it because of Yoko Ono?:
 She wasn't the cause per say, but she threw gasoline on the fucking fire.

Do you ever cry about them breaking up?:
 i've come close.
they're not JUST a pop group either >:/

Do you ever cry about John and George?:
 George yes he suffered a helluva lot more

Do you believe in a love at first sight?:
 Im Certain that it happens most of the time.

‹♥Mӗw♥› says :   8 January 2011   400537  
white album dont have no blue jay way on it silly.


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