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Monday, 27 December 2010
07:23:31 PM (GMT)

No. I'm not a twilight freak. I dont stab myself with knifes. I don't give a damn
about what people think of me... I just want the darkness. The first time I ever saw
a vampire, I wasn't frozen in terror. I was mezmorized by the way he looked. When he
turned me, I only felt joy. My parents... they didn't understand. She pushed me out
in the sunlight. The burns were so severe that I never moved in the daylight again...
but I wouldn't hurt them.

Chapter 1: I may be a LITTLE Crazy
It isn't my fault, I swear. I just... go into a frenzy when I see a human. And I like
to kill vampires because they are competition. So what? Kill one vampire, save a few
hundred humans. I don't really detest them. I just love their blood and can't leave
without seeing at least one dead. So I'm not really 'Dark Knight' material. Dark
Knights are the vampires who devote their lives to good and peice between humans,
getting blood from hospitals and stuff, or just eating an otter. Well, thats so much
different from Mass Murderer Mia, Miss MMM or lady MMMM (Miss Mass Murder Mia). I
have killed a few lately. Taken em down a peg. I work with some of the other
human-feeding species that don't mind dead human as long as it has flesh or a little
bit of blood. To them, the Dark Knight Corp. isn't really their ally. So recently
I've taken the target. They think that they can escape me, but a stealth, dark
vampire has better senses then they may think. They think they are the hunters, when
they are, in truth, the hunted. I will kill all of them. They fetch a pretty price.
Corpses (If you stake a vampire and leave the stake in, they remain a corpse), or
captured. I look behind me when I see a flash. Ignoring it, i continue to walk,
singing a new song. "Ur hot than Your cold Your yes than Your no you are in then you
are out, your up then your down..." I look behind me as if I'm frightened of whatever
is gaining on me. I look forward, then fiddle with my phone to send a text with stuff
like ROFLMG. The persons still gaining on me, and I can read his mind. He's here for
Mia. He isn't here to hunt. I go from the slight Please-End-Alleyway walk of
unsureness to a vampire run. He still runs behind me, and I stop. "Whats your--" I
turn around. "--gam--" I thud to the ground after he stabs me with something. "Wow.
What an easy raise. Liek takin candeh froom a biby" he says with a deep voice. A
red-haired boy beside him, probably his superior, snaps. "God! I told you to use the
gun and stay out of her range! If you hadn't put that into her, she'd know!" he
yells. A similar red-head comes up behind him. "Big Brother, she may still. She is
still conscious. It may be hard to get her there. And Krom, you only get a raise
because that your not taking the reward money nor are you asking questions, or giving
things away. Now shut up." the last thing I see before I fall asleep is his eyes. A
blood-red, like mine are when I read minds.

I wake up in a room that's curtained in black. I'm not in my regular clothes, I'm in
a night dress. The door in front of me is locked, and I look above it. Damn. This is
Dark Knight territory. There are handcuffs chaining my arms, and I scream at the top
of my lungs, because that I can't move for help. One of the red-haired twins comes
out from the hallway. "Well. I was supposed to give you a briefing once you were
calm, but if I hear you scream again I might blow someones head off!" this must be
the hot-headed one. The calmer one comes from behind him. "I see you are awake. You
won't be able to move for a while, nor will you be able to use any special abilites.
My name is Ren, and his name is Al. You are in a Dark Knight holding facility in the
hopes that we can change you because of your skills. We did not do it for bountys or
simply to capture you. If the boss can turn you around, then there is much hope or
you here. We do not recruit for ambition, we recruit for skkill in vampires.
VVampires are our only workforce here as well except for clientele, temporary hired
help, and the ones to be execute that were brought in alive. Our goal is not to kill
demons but to kill those whom we see preying on humans. Unfortunatey, this does not
apply for  vampires. The reason that you weren't killed before you got your talents.
Peoples talents are secrets here, and only they an disclose them. You will be taken
in to see the boss shortly, but we needed to fill you in on basic information that
people get mixed up on. Rules, regulations, secrets of the place... they are only
attainable by the boss and you must earn secrets as well as power. I don't care if
you have questions, so please don't ask any." he slams the door behind him after Al
leaves. i would rather die than work here. They must be kidding me. And  the fact
that they only have a vampire workforce? I kill vampires I eat humans for breakfast.
I wonder who this boss is like. Probably some close-to-god priestthat got turned by
mistake. i laugh as I envision a bald man getting turned when he should've died. He's
probably old. Or else I'm crazy.

When they finally take me in to see the man I have absolutely no interest in, I get
kind of interested. For one thing, his room is like, forever away, probably even with
running (which I can't do because the moving drug is STILL wearing off). There aren't
any rooms around and they haven't been for a while, which means we're getting closer
to his 'lair', or whatever it is. I just don't believe that he needs that much
privacy. After turning, the hallway dead-ends into a door. #302 is inscribed in gold
letters, and I notice that the door is wooden, unlike the metal doors in the cells.
Well, all of them have been, but this is rarer wood. Because I'm still handcuffed,
and fortunately not foot-cuffed, the guard to the right of me opens the door. Okay.
So not an old man. A hot young man. Which is really weird, because that I usually
don't care about men, because of the fact that I kill human and vampiric men, and
other humanoid monsters being with me? Not so sure. He chuckles as the guards start
trudging away. "Come on in. I don't bite." he says, grinning seductively. Ah. Like a
spear in my chest. I walk in, and close the door behind me. He drops the act of
before, going into the rules. "Well. Never kill a human. Never kill a vampire. Save
every human you can. Follow Orders. Follow the Rules. Never Betray Us. Never Give Out
Secrets Of Us." he says in about five minutes. Those are the sums up - there were a
few more, but I think that I can remember from that small line of a memo. I look at
him. He's the only one my brain's been focused on. He smirks. I can tell he's hiding
something, yet I barely know him. "Go on. Bye." he said, and I left. the rules were
straightforward, and at some point he told me stuff about missions. I can salvage
that, I know. I look back and forth, and I still can't find the room for which this
key is. It actually takes me a really long time to realize that I still stay in the
five-star hotel called jail cell, but now I can unlock the door for important stuff.
To go here? Maybe I'm a LITTLE Crazy

Chapter 1 is finished!
Last edited: 29 December 2010

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