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Alex (Part 3)Category: Stories
Monday, 13 December 2010
02:40:45 AM (GMT)
I would like to dedicate this part to Michaela (Crescent_Darkness). She has been
waiting since FOREVER for me to post something..

On to the story...

We walk to the cafeteria and stand in line. I notice a group of girls, cheerleaders,
are looking at Julian. “Looks like someone’s becoming the center of attention.”
I whisper to him.

He looks at me, showing that he didn’t know what I was talking about. I nod my head
over to the group, he looks over at them and they try to make it look like they
weren’t looking, but it was all in vain. “I wouldn’t waste my time on them.”

I look up at him and smile; it’s about time someone’s said that. “At least
someone has some sense. I guess you’re not a prat after all.”

He looks down at me, pulling me into a one arm hug. “Thanks. That means so much to
me.” I smile, but it soon fades away as the girls come over to us.

“Well, well, well, look what we have here. Where’s your faggot of a friend?”
The leader of the group, Mary-Ann, a girl about the height of 5’2” asks me. 

I look down at her, crossing my arms across my chest and  smile. “I don’t know
who you are talking about.” I say, already bored.

“You know very well who I’m talking about. Don’t try to play me.” She says. I
don’t see why she bothers. She always tries to strike an argument with me.

“Who’s playing you? Your boyfriend?” I ask innocently, knowing I struck a
nerve. “I’m pretty sure that’s who I saw at the mall with some girl and I know
he doesn’t have a sister. They looked all lovey-dovey, you know.” By the time I
got that sentence out, people rushed around us, creating a circle to see what was
going on. I smile sweetly at her. “I guess he’s getting tired of you just like
everyone else, though they fail to tell you that. I guess it’s my job to let you
know.” I look back at her, expecting her to say something, but instead she slaps
me; hard, that’s something I wasn’t expecting. It hurt and I’m pretty sure it
left a mark. But I wouldn’t let it show. Julian moves to look at it, but I stop him
and seeing as I’m not one to fight; I turn away from the fight and go to get my

“Oh yeah, tell your friend Alex that he doesn’t belong here. We don’t
need him going around spreading his germs on the guys in the locker rooms. Oh and
tell your sister and cousin I said hi. How are they feeling by the way?” She adds
in a sickeningly sweet voice.

I stop and turn to face her, hate filling my eyes. “Are you finished yet?” I ask
very tightly, she struck a nerve and she knew it. Not waiting for a reply, I grab
Julian and we get something to eat. I turn into a hallway, Julian comes up next me
and stops me.

“Are you okay” He asks, concerned, looking into my tear-filled eyes.

I shake my head ‘no’. “Not right now, I’ll tell you later.” I say to him as
I spot a boy sitting on the floor down the hall not too far away. It’s Alex. I walk
over to him, Julian beside me still. He hears me coming and looks up. “Hey Alex,
this is Julian. Julian, this is Alex.” I introduce the two. They nod at each

“So, you’re the guy Bri’s been talking about.” Alex says to Julian, and
Julian looks surprised.

“She talks about you too.” He says back.

There is a moment of silence, and then Alex speaks up. “So he knows then?” Alex
asks me. I nod my head ‘yes’. “Does he mind?” I shake my head ‘no’. I sit
down and pull Julian down with me.

“You just love pulling me around, don’t you?” Julian asks me and I blush
slightly not having anything to say in return.
“You do know she likes you right?” Alex asks Julian. I turn my head sharply over
to him, not wanting to believe my ears. Alex smiles at me, Julian just looks at me.

“Is it true?” He asks me. I didn’t want to tell him though; I don’t want it
to ruin our friendship. I don’t answer verbally; instead I shake my head ‘yes’
and blush yet again. “Good, the feelings are mutual.” I smile, but feel bad for
Alex. He doesn’t have anyone and  I don’t want it to seem like I turned my back
on him for another guy.

I notice Alex is looking at me closely and I know why. The handprint. “What
happened?” He asks. I say Mary-Ann and I fill him in on what happened in the
cafeteria, leaving out the part about my sister and cousin. He looks at me knowing
that I left something out. I don’t want him to do anything that would get him in
trouble because of me.

We sit there in silence for a few minutes. I used that time to gather up the courage
to ask Alex a question.

I look over at Alex. “So, is there anything new?” I ask him. He shakes his head
‘no’. “Have you changed your mind? About this morning?” I ask. I didn’t
want to bring it up, but I had to know. After a long pause, he shakes his head
‘no’ again, and I keep quiet. The rest of lunch is spent in silence.

I look at my watch; it’s time to go. “Well Alex, looks like we’ll be going.
Talk to you later then.” He doesn’t say anything. I don’t hug him; he looks
upset with me for bringing it up. Julian stands and helps me up. We go to leave, but
I stop. “ I have to go to the restroom” I walk into the restroom, throwing my
trash in the garbage can. I walk back out after I finish, I don’t see Julian
though. I look around for him; noticing Alex was already gone. A pair of arms wrap
around me. I turn around sharply and hit the person on their arm, not really seeing
who it was.

“Ow.” The person shouts. It sounded like Julian and that’s when I get a good
look of him.

I blush. “I’m sorry. You scared me and I didn’t know who you were. Are you

“Yeah, I’m fine. It didn’t hurt much. What about you? Are you okay?” He asks,
referring to the handprint on my face.

“Oh how I hate Mary-Ann. I’m feeling fine, it did hurt at first but it went
away.” I answer him, raising my hand up to my face. “Does it look bad?”

He shakes his head ‘no’ and brushes my hand away and pushes back a strand of my
hair behind my ear, slightly rubbing the bruise. I blush again. “So where to
now?” He asks and I have to think for a moment.

“The next half of 4th period, keyboarding.” I say as we walk to the classroom. We
get into the room just as the bell rings. Julian tugs at the sleeve of my red shirt
and I look at him.

“You failed to tell me Mary-Ann’s in this class?” I can already tell that he
doesn’t like her. We need more people like that in this school; everyone else looks
up to her like she’s some goddess or something.

“Yeah, I sort of forgot about that.” I reply to him as we sat down after I
introduced him to the teacher.

“You still haven’t told me what got you all upset.” He leans towards me.
“Don’t think I didn’t see you nearly cry after that. And don’t try to say you
weren’t.” He whispers in my ear.

“I’ll tell you later. Just give me some time. Please?” I beg, looking into his
green eyes; ignoring the teacher. He squeezes my hand and I take that as a yes. Mrs.
Cross comes over to us.

“What is going on here?” She asks.
Looking up at her, I smile sweetly. “Nothing ma’am. I was just showing him
something.” I said, pulling my hand away before she sees it.

I smile as the teacher walk away, she could be annoying at times. No one really liked
the short, overly bright teacher. Her class was always a bore.

“I guess we should get to work then, before she comes and butts in again." I say.

‹✬Kaybell❣› says:   13 December 2010   217199  
Awwwwwww <3 I wish I could know what happened to her sister and
cousin. D: You leave out all of the good parts, making me crave for
the next entry. >.< Curse you! :P

BTW, thanks for dedicating it to me. xD
primwhitewolf says:   13 December 2010   793009  
I agree with Michaela.   You always know how to keep your readers
craving for more.     Good job on part 3.
‹xsilentxtearsxfallx› says :   13 December 2010   290181  
The next part is already written. Includes a talk, a kiss, and some


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