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Friday, 10 December 2010
05:29:24 PM (GMT)
I just wanted to let people know about my best friends so idk...

Augusta: This is my second best buddie and  am her second best. We are a package
deal! I accidentaly broke her finger the other day... she refuses to go to the doctor
though, smh. ANyways she is so extremely generous and if you dont know her your life
is deprived.

Davina: I have so many nicknames for this girl! Fifi, Dave, Genie, etc. She likes to
pretend she is mean but she isnt. Her hair is amazingly huge. And she is the only one
out of my close buddies who is taller than me, she is like 5'8 and im 5'4. soo yeah

Nick: This is Timothy. He is so nice and so funny i dont think i ever seen him mad
before, he almost got murdered today (along with davina) by Alexandra with a can of

Quanysa: . She is so funny and ...warm...? she is extremely good at tapping people's
shoulders and then moving away fast enough so that they wont see her and i always
fall for she's my eskimo

Alexandra: She is CRAZY and im pretty sure she is on crack. She is the one who tried
to murder Davina and nick among other people... She still is my buddy.

Antaneke: She is so nice and crazy, she clicks when she talks... -_0 and she is just
blah and we are writing a thingy (lol) so i'll publish it on here whenever i feel
like it it's called "Please sir: I have a problem. I'm here to help" its a comedy not
anything seroius.

Christyana: This is my daughter and my friend, i have complete control over her
school life because i know her locker combo and her computer password and username
but still she is my buddy? :D

Jordyn: I've known this girl since i was in the kidnergarden, she is music obsessed
and such a help! mwah!

Jewelle: This is my best ever friend! She will listen to anything i have to say even
if she has no interest, we are gonna stick togetha till the end! i have tons of
nicknames for her Naveen, chico, jewlz, jewlala, jew-elle. She is so smart and ummm
cultured (that sounded weird) we are also writing a book together "Hello My name
is... Slime Wiggins" Its a mystery baseed of Dragnet about a snail and other

Arianna: i have known Ari since i was 9 and we met in my backyard, she used to live
two doors down, we share one common enemy (the person in between us, Ralph) but we
argue about anything else (she likes Nicki minaj i dont, she is team edward, im team
jacob, she thinks knowledge is more than power i think power is more than knowledge,
she'd rather be at college -or should i say she has to be XD, id rather be a monster
trucks) we are still close despite! But lately we been getting along wayyyy better
(dnt get me wrong i never not liked her, shes awesome!) I think it was just the age

Stephanie: We didnt really talk before we went to shrine together, but now we sit
togther at lunch everyday and we make each other laugh, constantly lol. XD

Bianca: see stephanie.

Kay: ahhaa she's so sweet, were buddies because she saw my Bigbang and 2ne1 lollipop
binder and she was like omg i love T.o.p! and i was like oh yeah i forgot your from
Korea! oh yah i love daesung and taeyang! and then yeah.But when we talk its like
(Ana: tell kay i said annyeong. Me: Hey kayooch. Ana: that mean hello. Me and kay:
yep.) hahaha she fell asleep during the assembly thing today lol.

Rachael: she lokos like augusta, like in the features kinda but she's hyper and
really nice and always smiling! hahaha la~ and she is an awesome artist

Anna: She's like the first person who figured out that i was mixed (i wear my hair
straight and not natural so its hard to tell because i look white otherwise), but
she's got pretty eyes and she's nice and hyper lol! She is like super high acting lol
and lolol...
Last edited: 29 December 2011

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