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ALL ABOUT MEH !Category: Meh. Meh . And More MEH !!
Sunday, 21 November 2010
10:48:58 AM (GMT)
Thee` Summary Of Mah Life: 

Well I Was Born Tia Monae Porter =), September 11, 199?. I Live In Wisconsin With My
Mom'ss Side of Thee` Family. Every Summer Or So, I Visit Mah Dad'ss Side In

Which R O C K'SS. I Have An Amazing Hubby, Mr. Porter Lol And I Luvh Him To Death.
He's Mah Everything. I Have 4 Sisters And Onee Brother Im Thee Middle Child. Twoo 

Younger, 2 Older. I Have A Onee Year Old Little Girl (KORRNE) And She's Thee Cutest
Baby In Thee World.! I Write Poems, Songs, And I Sing And Dance (Multi-Talented)

I Have Brown Skinn, Brown Eyes, And Brown Hair Lol But Mah Favorite Color Is Black.
IDK Why. Mah Favorite Food Is Junk Food, Simplee As That. Im Spoiled But Dnt Act Like

Well, At Least I Dnt Think I Do. I Have A Great Sense Of Humor  And LUVH Making
People Laugh. I Have A Weird Laugh, But At Thee Same Time People Cnt Help But Laugh 

Around Meh. I Cook, Hate'ss Cleaning Most Of Thee` Time, But When I Start, I Cnt
Stop. I Live With Mah Mom, Her Bf, Mah Little Sis, And Bro. And Korrine =) Most
People Have A 

Hard Time Sayng Her Name When Their Reading It. So Here's How To Say It: (Core-Ren)
Practice That A Couple Time'ss, Yuh'll Get It =). Do I Work.? Umm NO ! Lol There's No

Need To. Mommy And Hubby Do It For Meh. I Plan On Finishing High School And Jetting
Rite To College, Which Will Happen. Trust Meh One Day Im Gonna Be A Trillionaire ! =)

Yupp I Have High Goals But Hey, Everyone Has At Leats Onee.  Mah Bestest  Male Friend
Is JOSE RODRIGUEZ.. I Luvh Him. He's SEXY, Smart And Speaks Spanish (Turn On !) Lol 

As Of Now I Actually Like Skool. It's Kind Of Fun. Im Like 5'3 In A Skool Where
Everybody'ss Like 7 Feet ! LMAO. I Luvh Flirting  Nunthing Wrong With That. Imma
Party Girl ! 

I Luvh Getting Dressed Up And Goin Out To Party. I Get Into It Almost Every Time I Do
But It's Nevee My Fault, Because Im Not Ugly Yuh Talk Shidd.? Childish. 

Mah Pet Peeves Are: Immature Guys, Guys That Only Talk About  Sex, Guys That Have
Problems With Other People'ss Kids, Guys That Are Grown And Still Live'ss Off Of

And Daddy And Isn't Even Looking For A Job, Hating Females, LIARS, BUM'SS CHEATERS,

Mah Turn On'ss Are: People Who Are Multi-Langual (Especially Spanish), Piercings,
Tattoo'ss Thugg'ss, Guys Who Like Their Lips When They Tryna Talk To Yuh, Pretty

Guys Taller That Me, Guys Who Aren't Afraid To Say Wat'ss On Their Mind Or Express
Their Feelings, Smart Guys, Guys Who Have Money (Not A Golddigger, Juss Hate Bum'ss
:/ )

Guys Who Are Talented, Especially Onee'ss That Can Sing Lol. 

I Luvh Playing Rough With Guys, Cause I Kno It's Always Gonna Lead To Something Else
When They Get On Top And Pin Meh Down  Lol They Cnt Help Themselves. I Luvh 

Kissing. I Can Be A Bitch Sometimes But I'd Rather Not Be Onee. I Like Being Happy,
Dnt Kill Mah Mood Please ='( ! I Smoke SOMETIMES And Drink On Occassion. Imma

Aholic ! Lol I Been Called A Home Wrecker, But If He Wanted To Be With Meh But Had A
Girl And I Wanted Him Also, Im Gonna T A K E Him. Simple. =) So Wat.? I Dnt Like

Lol Let Meh Stop Lying, I Luvh Fighting ! Doesn't Mean I Go Out Looking For Fights.
Mah Best Female Friend Is Mah Cousin UNIQUE. Were Juss Alike, I Think We Were

To Be Sister'ss We Finish Each Other Sentences And Everything Lol.  Im Bi And Tend To
Get Along With Guys More Than Girls,  They Dnt Like Meh Very Well, But O-Well, Thats

Fine, Im Not Scared To Whoop Some Ass Lol Yuh Gotta Do, Wat Yuh Gotta Do I've Fought
Males, They Can Be Juss Like Females Some Time Too. So Monae Most Definately Aint 

Worried. Not A Bigg Shidd Talker, I'd Rather Fight, Whoop Yo Ass And Get It Ova With.
=) I Luvh Music, All Kinds Of Musc. Mah Favorite Group'ss Rite Now Would Probably Be:

Stereo Skyline, And The Ready Set =). Well Mah Hand Kind Of Hurts, So If Yuh Wanna Kn
Anything Else That Not Here, Juss Inbox Meh, Im Super Nice And Luvh Making New 

Last edited: 28 November 2010

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