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Thursday, 4 November 2010
08:22:21 PM (GMT)
yeah so, a couple things. i keep telling tyler we're divorced because he beat me and flirted with my grandma, but he says we can't, we can only get an annulment and keeps calling me "wifey dearest." so i said i would bludgeon him with a chicken bone. (x yeah, and today, rachel effing pulled me by my book bag down the hall, up the stairs, down the hall to ellen. and then, suddenly dragged me away, so ellen was trying to help me and i was being pulled from both directions and it hurt and i was like, "STOOOOP, RACHEL, PLEASE, STOPSTOPSTOP WALKING." but she wouldn't, and i was sooo pissed. so then she finally went to class and gretchen, ellen, maggie, lenah, and i stood in the hallway using our happy voices. "whaaaaat?" it was awesome. and then we went to class and dylan, rachel, morgan, and i were kind of standing and they were talking about math, and dylan was like, "meredith, are you in our class? wait, no, you're in the dumb math." i freaked out on his ass. he doesn't know why i'm in the regular algebra, i could probably handle geometry, he doesn't even know the story. so i would NOT talk to either rachel or dylan, and rachel was like, "she'll forget by the end of the day, just watch, just watch. she'll forget. dylan, she's not talking to us." and dylan was like, "i don't care, i don't care about meredith." and rachel was like, "ahahaha, buuuurn." i just smiled, after all, i hadn't heard a thing. i ended up talking to rachel though, her crime wasn't severe, i just wanted her to feel bad for a short time. but i certainly could have withheld talking to her if i were angry enough, i'm a very good grudge holder. i didn't talk to dylan though, ignored him the whoooole day.
Last edited: 6 November 2010

inception says:   6 November 2010   333848  
woaaah im going to beat this tyler kid up.
‹freckleshoulders› says:   6 November 2010   418476  
You should, because then I wouldn't go to jail for killing him.
inception says:   6 November 2010   523618  
how many years.
for assault.
‹freckleshoulders› says:   6 November 2010   996978  
Hm, quite a while I would guess.
Okay, never mind, neither of us should go to jail.
We'll just run off to some foreign country, leaving Tyler with my
inception says:   6 November 2010   280447  
i love that idea<3
‹freckleshoulders› says:   6 November 2010   200410  
Me too.
My grandma needs a man like Tyler.
inception says:   6 November 2010   785891  

strong and sturdy to help her play shuffle board.
‹freckleshoulders› says:   6 November 2010   411409  
-knee slapper-
Yeah, she used to be a champion shuffle board-er.
But now her bones just can't take it. 
inception says:   6 November 2010   607546  
ohh sad.
but at least she has tyler (:
‹freckleshoulders› says:   6 November 2010   631273  
That's true.
They can eat cookies and drink lemonade together.
That's the worst combination ever.
Lemonade and cookies.
How does that even? 
inception says:   6 November 2010   174612  
how about taco's and orange juice.
‹freckleshoulders› says:   6 November 2010   173515  
That sounds fantastic for grandma's acid reflux.
inception says :   9 November 2010   564171  


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