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Van Hellsin Ch.1Category: Book/Drama
Saturday, 18 September 2010
02:09:45 AM (GMT)
Well Surprisingly I Finished It, So Here You Go, Chapter One Of Van Hellsin, Me & Liza's Book: 1 The house was eerily quite like it had been ever since my parents had passed away and the parties had stopped. I guess I should’ve been used to it by now since it’s been over one hundred years now since my parents had gone. Mother had only been twenty four when she had me and father had been twenty five that was back in 1804 the current time was in the two thousands so it seemed so silly that I wasn’t used to it. But growing up with two successful parents that were famous for their wealth meant that there would always be parties and events going on in your house and never once a moment’s rest. There was also the fact that you were expected to be perfect, to play the most beautiful music ever on the piano and the looks of a god and the smarts to go along with all of it, yeah that wasn’t me so my rightful place as heir of the Van Hellsin legacy was taken away by my charming and sweet younger brother, Dimitri Van Hellsin. Now I hadn’t been one to speak up, get mad or ever disobey my parent’s but when my rightful position was taken away by my younger brother, you could imagine that I got pissed and lashed out. I could say everything was my fault, my parent’s death and my brother’s change. But really I blame it on my need for revenge, this seething intense burning desire buried deep within my heart and mind. I had gone out the night after my eighteenth birthday, the day that I was to be told I would not inherit my rightful place as the heir of Van Hellsin corporations. In a rage I had gone into town and gotten drunk at the bar and had meet a woman of elegance and grace, Vivian Morillian. At the time I hadn’t known she was a vampire, or the fact that she was planning to turn me into one, I just wanted the world to go away, so when she said she could make that happen...I leapt on the chance and took it and then I became a vampire instead of dying and not ever coming back. With my newfound powers I returned home to take revenge upon my family, horrible flashbacks still haunt me to this day, my mother screaming for her life as I bit her and drank all of her blood until she lay motionless and dead after that I had attacked my father, the man who had once seemed so strong had then become so weak and pitiful, pleading for his life and for Dimitri to live on. After I killed him in anger for him pleading for Dimitri’s life I had gone to kill my little brother, only to find him out in the hallway ready and waiting for me, I had only taken a moment to wipe away the blood on my face with my sleeve before I approached him, I can still remember the words he said to me that day. “Jealousy always was for worthless fools, and today I found out that you were one.” Just being reminded of these words still gets me fired up, it had made no sense, I had tried to kill him, sucked him dry but somehow my blood had run free and had fallen into his mouth, thus turning my brother into a vampire. After he came around the next day, he was declared the official heir of the Van Hellsin legacy as it said in my father’s will and soon took over the company, at the age of 17, 17! In the end it seemed like my revenge would never be succeed, my father had gotten what he wanted...for my brother to live and take on the company. And to this day it still made me mad, I just wanted to take his head and-! My hands slammed down on the piano’s keyboard as unwanted thoughts of killing my brother once again floated into my head and taunted me with the glory of taking my rightful place back. But in this time and age even with all my experience and smarts it’d be pretty hard to kill my own brother and dispose of him, he was the head of a major company now and even went to high school, I think he went there purposely just to make it even harder for me to kill him...and then there was the fact that he had made me known as his brother too, he even forced me into going to school with him, although to me it wasn’t worth it. Grade twelve and I was eighteen to people in my grade it seemed like I had just failed last year’s class. So instead I skipped school often until the principal would call me up himself and yell into my ear until I just wanted to crush his head, but of course like I said, if I was to kill in this day and age it wouldn’t be easy to get away with so instead I obeyed. “Master Demon how long are you going to practice if I may interrupt you to ask, supper is in the great hall down stairs and waiting.” Ms. Kolia asked me as she loudly opened the music room’s doors so they squeaked, sighing I looked up at her and just raised an eyebrow before turning back to my piano and closing the lid. Pushing the piano’s chair away so I could get out because I overly too tall I turned to face the simple maid and scowled at her, I hated when people interrupted my piano sessions, it was the only thing that could calm me. “I’ll be there in awhile.” I responded, Ms. Kolia went on to laugh and walked out of the room, slamming the huge wooden door with gold cuts in it behind her. Pushing my hand thru my hair I sighed and looked around at the room with shelves and shelves of music along with guitars, harps, violins and many other sorts of musical instruments. The walls were a dark green with a dark mahogany wood as the baseboards and flooring, the ceiling was high and painted white and was pulled together by big and wide windows with abnormally large windowsills. This was the only place that held happy memories for me as a kid, the only place where I had ever felt right, sitting on the piano chair and playing the piano. Without further hesitation and wanting to get out of here before another maid came looking for me to annoy me I placed my music sheets back and scattered from the room. Taking my time as I walked down to the grand dining room I rustled my hair with my hand again, amazing I had been eighteen for so long now and it still held it’s dark brown color that it had had a long time ago, the only thing that had really changed when I was turned into a vampire was my eyes, they went from brown to dark brown mixed with some redish color, but that was probably only because my eyes turned red when I attacked someone. I was so much unlike my younger brother Dimitri with his light blue eyes with the silver tint and angelic face, soft skin and so blonde of hair you’d think it was white. He was so much like our mother while I was so much like the father I hated. When I finally reached the grand dining room my brother was already at the head of the table delicately eating his salad before him with a fork, acting every part like the innocent little brother that he pretended to be. When in reality he was a tyrant and used everything he knew about you against you. Turning my head away from him so I wouldn’t have to see his face I shuffled down the overly large wooden table to the opposite end of where Dimitri sat and took my seat. I was glad my hair could cover one eye; it meant I had less of a chance to look at him when I glanced up. Even though I had been my brother’s sire and props do come along with that, like being able to control him and other things there was something in him, a stronger power that fought my sire powers over him, and in the end he got the upper hand except when it came to physical combat, me being older, having more muscle when I was turned and being a vampire first as well as his sire gave me the muscle to beat him up to a pulp. But before I could ever finish the job, the servants he had hired or some other stupid person stepped in and helped him out. I couldn’t even count anymore how many times I’d been to court, how many cops hated me and pleaded with my brother to get a restraining order, but like always my brother refused. I didn’t get why he just didn’t get the law to take me away from him, he knew it’d be safer without me around him...perhaps he had something evil planned... “How was your day Demon? I see you didn’t go to school again.” Dimitri yelled loudly from across the table, I hmphed and took my wine glass full of blood, unlike Dimitri I didn’t like to eat human food, it tasted horrible to me now. I could only stand blood now a days. I didn’t bother to answer my stupid younger brother that I’d rather strangle to death, of course his reaction was to drop his fork loudly and grip the table to control his anger. I was used to his petty little fits; they were so stupid, just like him. “One of these days your going to get assassinated by one of the people in this house because of the way you treat me Demon, so you better shape up, because I wouldn’t want my brother to be dead now, would I?” Dimitri purposely egged me on, he knew this would get a response from me, he knew it and I knew it. Slowly I raised my head to glare at him, my canine teeth coming out from their hiding spots in my gums and my eyes turning a full blazing red as I stared into his soul and wished for him to burn whole. “You shut your hole before you get something shoved in there you wouldn’t want to get shoved in there.” I hissed through clenched teeth, Dimitri leaned back in his chair and clapped his hands while laughing. “Finally! A reaction from the demon! Oh how I’ve missed that evil side of you, when was the last time I saw it? Oh yes, this morning. Come on Demon try to hurt me, see what happens.” Dimitri continued to pester me, my hissing became deeper and a growl came out as I flew out of the chair I was sitting on and skidded across the long wooden table to Dimitri’s side and picked him up by his shirt, lifting him right out of his chair until his feet were dangling on nothing but air. He may be charming, smart, and can get anyone to eat out of the palm of his hand, but his tricks doesn’t work on me, this short six foot baby was no match for my six foot five figure and strong muscular body, and he knew it. Yet he still insisted to pester me until I lost it, knowing someone would eventually save him. That was Dimitri’s problem, he always expected someone to save of these days I’d make sure no one would be able to. Dimitri gave me his cruel angelic smile and looked down at me from where he hanged in the air, an eyebrow lifting, his mockery ringing loud and clear as my forceful fist began to rip the material of his shirt because of the strain on the material. Without a second thought, before the material could rip fully and set my brother free, I shoved him while he still hang in the air and watched as his body went flying into the wall and bounced off of the dark stone walls, pieces of stone crumbling off the walls as he fell to the ground face first. The rage inside of me was not yet settled yet though, no it would never be settled until I had gained my revenge on my family...avenged everything for the sake of my life and dignity. Dimitri slowly got up from the fall; it took him longer to collect himself because he hadn’t had his proper meal yet. Heh, that’s what he got for acting like a freaking human when he was one with the night, who was he kidding? “Please Demon, let Dimitri live...don’t kill him...please...” My father’s words rang loud and clear in my head, it’s what always happened when I became angry, as if my body knew I needed to keep fuelling the fire until the duel was over, until I had won. With my super speed I jumped off the table and sped over to where Dimitri now stood hunched over collecting himself, not giving him a chance to finish collecting himself I pushed him roughly up against the wall and kept shoving, I heard one, two bones break with loud satisfying cracks as Dimitri winched from the pain. Great pleasure surged through me as the sounds hit my ears; I was truly in my crazy mode. “Young master Demon! I beg you! Stop that now!” A loud voice boomed throughout the great dining room hall, I bashed my brother against the wall again as I heard feet stomp towards the doors. “Save master Dimitri! Call the police! We must get Demon under control! Get the sedatives!” A man’s voice called, I hissed and cursed, but still my hands refused to let go of my brother until I heard one last crack, but I knew that wasn’t going to happen, because there was a needle already going into my neck, and no matter how fast I was to bat it away and the person injecting it, the sedative was already going through my body and temporarily shutting down my nerves. I stumbled backwards as Dimitri fell to the ground hacking up little bits of blood and coughing from how hard I had shoved him and all the broken bones in his back that were already repairing as the servants stood around rushing about trying to get me under control, that fool of a brother if he had just had his blood meal already his wounds would repair faster. But I couldn’t rage on any longer, the sedative was working and I crashed to the ground, and soon enough I was passed out. “I’m sorry Demon forgot to take his medicines again today, that’s why he attacked me and skipped school. I will personally make sure he takes his medicines tomorrow so please don’t worry about me. I understand, thank you.” I woke up to the sound of Dimitri’s voice creating another excuse for me, I didn’t understand, if he hated me as much as I hated him, why did he even dare try to defend me? Did he just want me around for the entertainment I gave him? Almost as if he knew I was awake and staring at him my younger brother turned around to hand me my poetry book and pen. “I wouldn’t want you to be bored now would I? So do whatever you do in that useless piece of trash leather and be on with your life. I have many things to do with business, so if you’ll excuse me...” Dmitri told me as he handed me my poetry book and pen before rushing out of my room and slamming the heavy big wooden door behind him, I scowled and opened up my poetry book to the page I had marked, it was blank and ready for some more words. Rages inside of me, A war holy mine, A grail never seeked, A life not sought, Blackness the only blanket, My soul is unexistant. I wrote what could possibly be my shortest poem down on the blank page before shoving the book away in my bedside table. Dimitri confused me, I hurt him, killed our family and tried to kill him, yet he kept me alive. I had even vowed to kill him again and again. Maybe he just didn’t kill me because he knew I would never be able to, with this era and all these people, blast him! he makes my head ache, and the only cure for that would be a night’s sleep. With my mind in heavy turmoil I laid back down on my bed and closed my eyes, my last thoughts hovering over the sounds of Dimitri’s back bones breaking, it was somewhat, a comfort to me. Note: For Some Reason I Feel Like My Wiritng's Missing Something, Weird... BTW: I'm No Poet XD

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