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.-. What do you want to believe?Category: (general)
Friday, 20 August 2010
06:27:40 PM (GMT)
We have some people thinking Eddie was set up by an angry girl and that he's really
innocent, just misunderstood and framed.

We have some saying that all of these girls freely and happily gave these pictures to
him and weren't coerced or brainwashed at all.

We have more people saying that Eddie is not guilty simply because "anyone would
accept pictures of naked hot girls". 

And we have people who READ the news articles. 

.-. YES this guy gave some great advice to girls and that's why many of them stayed
his friends even though he acted perverted around many.  

What do you want to believe?   Do you want the truth or do you want whatever makes
you feel good?   I urge you to seek the truth, even if it hurts.  Even if lies are
more fun.

People... even if breaking the law is easy and enjoyable, does that give you any more
right to break it?  Opposite of what a lot of people WANT to believe, many of these
girls were hurt by him.  Emotional scars and wounds on a person's character and
trust.  Many were naive, and for those I pray they become wiser and gain from this
through experience and wisdom and that if they need assistance that they seek it and
not be ashamed of a mistake..

What do you want to believe?
Last edited: 20 August 2010

‹burblegurm› says:   20 August 2010   610495  
;---; I believe that these fangirls are hilarious.
SithWedgie says:   20 August 2010   841628  

.-. you're welcomed to feel that way.  I just hurt for them. 
‹burblegurm› says:   20 August 2010   928051  
I'm sorry but I do feel sorry for the ones that gave away pictures and
trusted him.

I just can't believe the ones that are still defending him. D: 
SithWedgie says:   20 August 2010   654669  

.-. well.  Immature is as immature does. 
sugartastic says:   20 August 2010   150994  
I feel bad for those girls that were manipulated by him. But they
shouldn't feel as if it's their fault and they shouldn't be ashamed. I
honestly pray that he hasn't actually physically harmed any of these
girls, though he might have already. Who did these people think the
angry girl was? Anyway, I'm glad he's been arrested and I hope that
people that were friends of his learn from their mistake. Yes, he IS a
lawyer, a dad and at times, a friend to go to for advice. But that
does NOT make him innocent -- he is, by legal definition (at least
here in America) a pedophile. His friends are in denial and don't want
to believe this. However, the facts are there for everyone to see. He
was not framed or misunderstood. He knew exactly what he was doing.

I feel for his victims, though -- it truly is unfortunate that they
had to actually experience his manipulation rather than just hear
about it. I hope they're stronger and wiser and that they will seek
any help they need to recover and they need to know this is NOT, in
any way, their fault.

It is true, though, what Eddie did. And like they say, truth is
stranger than fiction.
SithWedgie says:   20 August 2010   248010  

o.o That is a very well written comment... 
sugartastic says:   20 August 2010   250878  

Thank you. :D Your diary is very well-written as well. It will help
people understand what's going on. ^^ 
SithWedgie says :   20 August 2010   957597  

I saw yours too ^_^ Hopefully we can tell most everyone who's
interested if enough of us post this. 

Next entry: A song I listen to when things feel hopeless. I mean, there's only so
many times your hope can be smashed before you give up rebuilding it.
(Yes, you.)
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