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over 300? be still, my heart.Category: surveys, ffff.
Monday, 16 August 2010
03:37:25 PM (GMT)
1. Name: marcell. 2. Age: i'm ageless, like plastic. 3. Current Date: august 16th. 4. Current Time: 12:28 pm 5. Country/State of Residence: virginia. 6. Zodiac Sign: capricorn. Favorites 7. TV Shows: tosh.0 8. Movies: eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. 9. Foods: anything chinese. 10. Alcoholic Drink: your mom. 11. Other Drink: dr. pepper. 12. Animal to have as a pet: a pufferfish. 13. Animal in general: sheep. or penguins. 14. Author: dunno. 15. Song: changes a lot. 16. Solo music artist: whatever chase coy's real name is. 17. Band: changes. 18. Flower: orchids. 19. Thing to do on a rainy day: sleep. 20. Place to go on a date: haha. 21. Trip you've ever been on: dunno. 22. Chore: ew. 23. Article of clothing you own: my jacket. 24. Haircut you've had: i dunno. 25. Board game: monopoly. 26. Car: DNBHDBHDBV. that mercury one that comes out this year. 27. Color: gray. 28. Dessert: idk. This or That 29. Night or day? night. 30. Hot or cold? depends. 31. Dogs or cats? KITTENS. 32. Chocolate or vanilla? chocolate. 33. Flip phones or slider phones? fff. slider. 34. Big cars or little cars? eh. 35. Showers or baths? FUCK BATHS. 36. Oceans or lakes? oceeeean. 37. Going out to the theater or renting a movie? theatre. 38. Fire or water? fire. 39. Sunshine or rain? raaaain. 40. Snow or rain? snow. 41. Math or science? science. 42. Art or science? art. 43. Glasses or contacts? glasses. 44. Hugs or kisses? ♥ Your Past 45. Where did you grow up? here. 46. When you were a kid, what did you dream of being when you were older? a whore. 47. Did you play video games? still do. 48. Which ones? fff. 49. What were some of your favorite movies as a kid? the little mermaid, hands down. 50. What about some of your favorite TV shows? BANANAS, IN PAJAMAS, ARE COMING DOWN THE STAIRS. 51. Did you go on trips with the family? mhm. 52. Did you ever go camping? yeah. 53. Did you move around a lot? no. 54. What was high school like for you? If you're still in it, what's it like? NEXTTTT MONDAY. 55. Were you a good student? rofl. 56. Did anyone close to you pass away when you were younger? yeahh. 57. What was your first job? "a whore." 58. What was your first car? a bike. 59. Who was your first boyfriend? some kid named dillon. 60. Who was your first kiss? lawl. makenzie. Your Present 61. What is your current job? jobless. 62. Do you still go to school? mhm. 63. What are you studying? your face? 64. Are you happy with your life right now? lawl. 65. What could be better? fff. 66. Do you have any pets? yes ma'am. 67. What are their names, and what type of animal are they? tippie-dog. shadow-dog. lieutenant shiny sides- fish. crush-turtle. 68. Who do you live with? my mom, dad, sister, and jennifer. 69. Name something you thought you would have accomplished by this age but don't. i dont know. 70. Name something you have accomplished at this age and are proud of. not dying. 71. What do you like to do in your spare time? whatever tickles my fancy. The Future 72. Where do you see yourself in five years? not here. 73. Where do you see yourself next year? here. 74. Do you want to settle down in the same area you live in now? no. 75. What are some things you want to do before you die? change someone's life. 76. What are some places you want to visit before you die? chicago. england. Have You Ever? 77. Been skydiving? no. 78. Kissed a member of the opposite sex? yeah. 79. Kissed a member of the same sex? mmmmhm. 80. Swam in the ocean? i have. 81. Been to another country? nuu. 82. Taken a foreign language class? mhm. 83. Been on TV? LOL. 84. Been to Disneyland? whichever one is in florida. 85. Had a child? no. 86. Baked cookies? yesss. 87. Played an instrument? fluteee. 88. Read a book more than once? always. 89. Built a website? nope. 90. Painted a room? mine. 91. Taken a bubble bath? that's all i used to take. 92. Aced a test? yeah. 93. Failed a test? hahaha. yes. 94. Cheated on a test? fffff. 95. Graduated from high school? not yet. 96. Received a college degree? no. 97. Been to Las Vegas? nu. 98. Been to California? no. 99. Been to Mexico? EW. 100. Gone snowboarding? nope. 101. Gone skiing? nooo. 102. Tried surfing? no. /no life. 103. Swam with dolphins? i have, actually. 104. Been to the zoo? yepp. 105. Had a speeding ticket? no. 106. Been arrested? lolol. 107. Highlighted your hair? yeah. 108. Dyed your hair? mhm. 109. Cut your own hair? LOLYES. 110. Forgotten what you did the night before? always. 111. Sang karaoke? ...yeah. 112. Been on a diet? rofl. 113. Had a cavity? ten. Food 114. Can you cook? yeah. 115. Can you bake? mhm. 116. What are some restaurants you like going to? olive garden. 117. If you had to choose your last meal, what would it be? idfk. 118. Do you like fruits or vegetables better? depends. 119. Are you allergic to any foods? no. 120. Have you ever had food poisoning? no. 121. What is the weirdest food you have ever had? idr. Love Life 122. Are you taken or single? ffff. 123. Have you ever been in love? mm. 124. If you're in a relationship, who said "I love you" first? not in one. 125. Have you ever broken up with someone? yeah. 126. Has someone ever broken up with you? mhmmm. 127. Have you ever had your heart broken? stfu. that's not real. 128. What is the most important thing in a relationship? ahhh. god. fuck. 129. What makes you attracted to a person? LOL. multiple things. 130. If you're taken, what makes you attracted to your boyfriend/girlfriend? i'm not. ff. 131. What did you do for Valentine's Day this year? i don't remember. 132. What are some big turn-offs for you? the list could go on. Holidays 133. What is your favorite holiday? CHRISTMAS. 134. Do you typically decorate your house for holidays? a tree. 135. Did you take pictures with Santa as a kid? mhm. beastly pictures, too. in one of them, my dad is sitting on santa's other knee. 136. When did you stop believing in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny? idk. 137. Do you usually spend holidays with your family? yeah. 138. What is your least favorite holiday? valentine's day. What do you think about.. 139. Abortion? go for it. 140. Gay marriage? ♥ 141. George Bush? ew. 142. Barack Obama? LOL. 143. Sarah Palin? idfk. 144. John McCain? see above. 145. Politics in general? i could live without them. 146. Sex before marriage? go for it. 147. Death penalty? i don't like it. 148. Uniforms in school? eh. 149. Interracial relationships? do what you want. Wedding 150. Where would you like to get married (what city)? i dont know. 151. Would you want to get married in a church or somewhere else? i dont care, as long as it isnt outside. 152. How big would your wedding be? not huge. 153. What colors would you have? idk. 154. What would your dress or tux look like? it'dbe a tux. psht. 155. Do you already know who your maid of honor/best man would be? mhm. 156. Would you want a more traditional wedding? probably. 157. What season would you like to get married in? idc. Cars 158. What kind of car do you drive? i dont. 159. What is your dream car? a box. 160. What color would it be? brown. 161. Can you drive a stick shift? i'm going to learn. 162. At what age did you get your first car? 3. 163. How much did you pay for it? 45775847534 164. Do you prefer a four door or a two door? four. Put an X if you've seen these movies 165. Titanic. bits and pieces. 166. Pulp Fiction 167. Independence Day 168. Man on Fire x 169. Finding Neverland 170. A Walk to Remember x 171. The Last Samurai 172. The Count of Monte Cristo 173. Amelie 174. James Bond : Casino Royale 175. Jurassic Park 176. Ocean's 11 177. Sweet Home Alabama x 178. Transformers x 179. Men in Black x 180. Princess Diaries x 181. Bruce Almighty x 182. Blade Runner 183. Demolition Man 184. Rendition 185. Blood Diamond 186. Kung Fu Panda 187. I am Legend 188. We Were Soldiers 189. Anchorman 190. Finding Nemo x 191. Tuck Everlasting 192. Saving Private Ryan 193. Superbad x 194. Just Married 195. Ironman 196. Entrapment 197. What Women Want 198. Madagascar x 199. Chasing Liberty 200. Mr. and Mrs. Smith x Put an X if you watch these TV shows 201. House x 202. ER 203. Grey's Anatomy 204. Scrubs 205. The Hills 206. The Real Housewives of Orange County 207. Deal or No Deal 208. Extreme Home Makeover 209. America's Next Top Model 210. Heroes 211. Legend of the Seeker 212. Tyra 213. Ellen 214. Oprah 215. Maury 216. House Hunters 217. Divine Design 218. Family Guy when the mood strikes me. 219. Futurama 220. The Simpsons 221. Spongebob Squarepants x 222. Friends 223. Will & Grace 224. The Biggest Loser 225. Big Brother x 226. Survivor 227. That 70's Show 228. Brothers & Sisters 229. Gossip Girl 230. 90210 231. Pushing Daisies 232. Samantha Who? 233. Cheaters 234. Made 235. True Life x 236. Blind Date 237. Charmed i used to. LEAST Favorites 238. Music genre: classical. 239. Movie genre: anything black and white. 240. Song: i dont know. 241. TV show: a lot. 242. Movie: idk. 243. Food: a LOT. 244. Drink: grapefruit juice. 245. Time of day: afternoon. 246. Color: orange. 247. Chore: washing dishes. Personality 248. Some of your strengths: haha. 249. Some of your weaknesses: i'm really irritable. 250. Something you wish you could change about your personality: see above. 251. Are you more extroverted or introverted? depends. usually extroverted i guess. 252. Are you patient? sometimes. 253. Are you trustworthy? usually. Looks 254. How tall are you? 5'6. 255. What color is your hair? right now it's black and blonde. 256. What color are your eyes? brown. with goldish-ness to them. 257. What is your hair like? (thick, style, etc) it's pretty thick, but it's really layered right now. 258. What do you weigh? 5467568879 259. Do you wish you weighed more or less? much much more. 260. What is your shoe size? 8 1/2. Clothes 261. What are some of your favorite stores to shop at? fff. idfk. 262. What are your favorite kinds of shoes to wear? chucksss. or flip flops. 263. How would you describe your style? gay. 264. Are your more casual or more dressy? depends. 265. Do you think it's fun to dress up? it's not "fun." 266. Do you wear hats? i wear other peoples' hats. 267. What's the most you have ever spent on an article of clothing? i'm not usually the one buying. Dream House 268. What would the outside color be? idfk. 269. Would it have carpets or hardwood floors? hardwooood. 270. Describe the rooms you would have in your dream house. spacey. 271. What would your shower/bath look like? clean. 272. What colors would you want inside your house? idk. 273. Would you have a fireplace? ♥ 274. Would you have a pool? nah. 275. Where would your dream house be located? hell. 276. What would your bedroom look like? gay. Dream Job 277. What would you be doing? your mom. 278. Would you like a job that requires you to travel? no. 279. Ideally, what would your salary be? ff. Kids 280. Do you have any? no. 281. If not, do you want any? not right now. 282. Do you have kids names picked out? LOL. i know which names i like. 283. How many kids do you want? 44645 284. What genders do you want them to be? i dont care. Culture 285. Do you speak any foreign languages? sure. 286. Have you ever dated someone from another country/culture? hello, yai. lmfao. 287. Do you like learning about other cultures and people? eh. 288. Have you ever tried salsa dancing? LOLNO. 289. Have you ever tried any other dance from another culture? haha. 290. What are some of your favorite ethnic foods? afdfddggf. Family 291. What is your mom's name? jennifer. 292. What is your dad's name? barry. 293. Do you look more like your mom or your dad? my mom. 294. Do you have any step-parents? no. 295. Do you have any siblings? yeah. 296. What are your siblings names? melinda. 297. Are you the youngest, oldest, or the middle child? oldest. 298. Who is your favorite relative? my aunt. 299. Who is your least favorite relative? hahaha. 300. Do you get along with your family? usually. sometimes. not really. 301. Are you married? no. 302. What does family mean to you? everyone is always fighting. Sports 303. What is your favorite sport to play? lolol. 304. What is your favorite sport to watch? for some reason i really enjoy watching baseball. only if i'm at the game though. 305. Do you like baseball? see above. 306. Football? eh. 307. Soccer? no. 308. Tennis? no. 309. Hockey? i used to go to games all the time. 310. What is your favorite team (for any sport)? haha. 311. Have you ever been to a baseball game? yeah. 312. Football? yes. 313. Soccer? no. 314. Hockey? yes. 315. Basketball? yeah. 316. Do you like sports bars? no. 317. Do you think sports are dumb? eh. Art 318. Would you consider yourself a creative person? depends. 319. Can you paint? not at all. 320. Can you draw? sometimes. 321. Have you ever taken an art class? in elementary class. 322. Can you name any famous (dead or alive) artists? sure. 323. Do you have a favorite painting/picture? no. 324. Why is art important? "you express yourself with it." Day to day life 325. What time do you typically wake up? depends. 326. Do you have a daily routine? sometimes. 327. What time of day do you like taking showers? night. 328. What do you usually do on the weekends? go places. 329. What do you usually do during the weekdays? not a damned thing. 330. How many times a day do you brush your teeth? two. 331. What shampoo do you use? herbal essences. ♥ 332. Do you eat dinner around the table with your family? sometimes. 333. Do you usually cook dinner, or eat out? it's usually cooked. 334. Do you go online every day? no. 335. Do you watch TV every day? hahha.

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