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Thursday, 12 August 2010
11:01:54 PM (GMT)
Though I guess this isn't directed at cute guys.

yay, I get one! *shot*
Anyway, just whatever additional stuff I put into he codex, but mostly belly dancing
things that I found on videos or elsewhere. First, some important messages that have
been pounded into my head in the past week...

Isolations are when you move one part of your body without moving any
other parts, although they may move regardless, i.e, your arms will move if you move
your shoulders no matter what your doing, pretty much.
 The proper stance of belly dancing, whether relaxed or lying down or
going all over the dance floor, is to keep your hips and pelvis parallel, your chest
up, your shoulders back, and your belly button in- you don't' want your spine to
curve or arch, it can cause damage in the long run if you dance improperly. Don't
worry about it too much if you forget, though. Also, bend your knees- it makes things
like hip circles easier when you automatically have softened knees. If that makes
 Watch your heels! Whether your heels are aligned, up, or flat against
the ground can change what you are doing drastically.
Practice in the mirror. If you're just doing it once for Drok
Swing-offs, then you really have no reason to, unless you want to make sure you ARE
doing it right. If it's something you want to work on in case it comes up in another
swing-of, or if you might do it on your own, then yes, a mirror makes sure you aren't
scowling at yourself later!


 this is shoulder isolation, so you don't want to move any other part of your body 
when you do this. Move one shoulder forward, allowing your chest to follow. Then move
the other one forward, and repeat this until you get the hang of the movemet.
Eventually, you can go faster, and you'll look like a slut girl, but it's great
exercise and a part of belly dancing that ISN'T from the belly (but god, does it
still work your abs)

Okay, there are a few different techniques for this, which I forget the names for
because there can be three for any given one, and at least one is foreign >_>

♥All in the knees!
Straighten one knee. Now straighten the other. Let your hips move with the movement.
See how that works? If you have a long skirt on, it looks like it's just your hips
moving, buuuut it's really you knees. A shimmy, shimmy faster! NOT THAT FAST YOU'LL

♥Do the twist♫
Not really. It's more like a hip twist. Twist your hip forward, twisting the other
one back, then twist the other one forward, keeping it in your hips and not, say,
your torso. Make sure you're still standing straight~
and then, go faster... and tada!

♥Heel me
Similar to "all in the knees," but instead of straightening your knees, lift yours
heels. It's a little harder for me to do than other techniques, but I may just need
to work on my isolations more than I thought.

♥Up up down down...
Lift your hip, then drop and lift your other hip, smile, and repeat. Don't use your
knees for this one.

Unfortunately, you read that correctly. It looks as odd as it sounds, but is pretty
neat in dancing. Here's the way I learned it/am learning it:
Push your chest forward, then up, down, and back. Forward, up, down, and back... then
connect the movements, so it's an ALMOST circular motion. I don't care what you
think, it's really hard to get this one right unless you a) know what it looks like
and b) use a mirror, so please see the "camel undulation" video below.

♥Small hip circles
Hip isolation. Move your hips right, forward, left, and back, then connect in a
circle. Then, go left, forward, right, and back. this is a small hip circle.

♥Large hip circles
You are keeping your chest in the same spot above your knees and feet, but your torso
is more inclined to move with your hips. Otherwise, right, forward, left, way back so
you're leaning over almost, and right again.

Similar to the above twist. twist one hip forward, then to the side, then back. If
you can do it with that hip, and the other hip, and then connect the movements in a
figure-8 pattern, you're golden! (unless you stay inside all day. sorry, but you'll
be pale as Kjell used to be.)

This is a good stretch. Keeping your arm straight (don't bend your elbow or move it
up or down, left or right) hold out your arm to the side and put your palm out,
face-up. Now, turn your hand so it's palm-down. Keep turning it until it's palm-up
again. The real beauty of this wrist and elbow exercise? YOU CAN DO BOTH ARMS AT

Some Really Cool Thingy I have No Name For
I'm bad, I know, but this is cool. First, move your chest forward, right, forward,
left, etc. or vice versa. Then isolate your ribcage, moving it right when your chest
goes right and left when your chest goes left. If you have a hard time understanding,
watch the Camel Undulation video below.

To be continued...

Camel undulation....
Hip circles..............
The Shimmy...............
Figure 8....................
Hip Twist..................
Last edited: 12 August 2010

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