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Thursday, 5 August 2010
09:04:03 PM (GMT)
They grow up in this town together and where best of friends. He would always stick
up for her even if she was wrong he would be right beside her. She would always get
in trouble knowing that he was always right there by her side. Life seem to change
when you get older, as Ethan and Jenny got older she started dating other guys. And
when the dates over with she would climb through the second floor window and would
tell him about her date. Ethan would roll his eyes sometimes or get fluttered by what
the guy try to do. But he always held it in and give Jenny encouraging words to make
her feel better. This kept going on through high school until one day, while up in
his room Ethan, made his move; he kissed Jenny. After the kiss she looked at him, her
eyes had fire in them. “You Jerk! What the hell you think you doing?” She said as
she walked out of his room and slammed the door behind her. Granted everyone knew
that she was always sneaking in his room at night. But they where pretty much
comfortable knowing she just climb back out the window. When she stormed out of the
house, Ethan was pretty much a dead man. For about a week, he was grounded and had to
do all the choirs around the house. The worst thing was that Jenny never came back
over or talked to him in school. After the week was up he was walking home from
school, suddenly he was nuddge from behind. He turned and saw Jenny there. “Hey,”
she said to him. He looked back down and started walking again. “Hey.” They
walked down the street together. “I got asked out by Brad, today. We are going out
friday.” She told him. Ethan wasn't too happy to hear that but he realized that,
'yeah she is his best friend, and that is all she will be.' He mustered up a smile,
“yeah he's a good guy. You should have fun.” He said as they walk closer to her
house. Hitting him on the arm, “good I will stop by after the date and tell you.”
Jenny said as she walked into her house. All Ethan could do is walk home and pretty
much wish himself dead. After her date friday, Jenny climb into Ethan's window and
told him about the days. That it was nice and she liked him. A few days later, they
where the couple of the town. Ethan pretty much spent his time away from her and Brad
and his friends. About a two months past, Jenny broke up with Brad and his cheating
ways. She felt hurt and wounded, she climb into Ethan's window they sat for hours
talking and her crying on his shoulders. He hugged her and comforted her as she try
to get over the emotional brake down. Just about every day after school into the late
night she was there in his room trying to repair her emotional state. About 2 weeks
later she was back up to her mischief self and was waiting for Ethan after school.
Her eyes widen and her mouth dropped as she saw him walking out one of the side door
with Kelly Simms. Shocked and stunned she watch them as they kissed each other and
hug as Kelly walk over to her mom's car. Ethan headed down to where Jenny was at and
didn't realized she saw him. That whole evening Jenny kept her distance away from
him, wasn't sure what to say. All she knew was there was a pain in her heart that she
couldn't explain. Tears would come from her eyes and down the side of her face.
“Hey, why you crying?” Ethan would ask her, Jenny shook her head, “its
nothing.” A few weeks later, just before graduations. Ethan was on his bed with his
computer, Jenny climb through the window and sat on the window seal. Putting his
computer away, “hey whats going on?” He asked her. She got up and walked over
toward his door, and locked it. Sitting up he looked at her with a strange look on
his face, “What you doing?” Jenny walked over to the window and closed it and
locked it, just then Ethan memories flashed, 'wait she a little bit neurotic at
times.' Gasping he looked at her hoping it wasn't some strange crazy thing she
planning. Jenny walked over to Ethan and pushed him back onto his bed. She place her
knee right between his legs and lean in and kissed him. Ethan eyes widen and was
shocked, his hands press firmly into the bed, “What you doing Jenny?” he asked
again. She just smiled and took off her t-shirt, “Shhhhh” all she said to him.
That night there was kissing, slight moans the slip into the night air and bodies
pressed against each other. Gasping, griping and touching, sighs of passion that no
body knew of. Early that next saturday morning they lay there in bed. Worn out for
their passionate night together, Jenny turned to Ethan, “I hate you!” She said as
she got her cloths together. He sat there and watch her, as she dressed. The morning
rays warmed her as she finally got all her cloths back on, she turned to him and
walked back over to him. “I fucking hate you!” She said to him as her hand swung
back and then forward. He brace for her hand to slap him. But it stopped in mid air,
as she wrapped her arms around his neck. “I hate you...I hate you for being with
her.” Jenny cried and Ethan held her. His own heart skip a beat, and he knew that
he truly love Jenny. But it was her heart that broke her and wanted him all this
After graduation they spent most of the their college years together as lover and
friends, until one day he asked her to marry him. She told him no. He was crushed,
and felt awkward for asking in a public place. Everyone around was stunned that she
said no. He got off his knees and was going to walk away, until she got on her knee
and ask him to marry her. He shook his head and look at her, “its lucky that I love
you like crazy. Mrs. I do”

Sonam says :   6 August 2010   161970  
woah :O

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