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Understanding Women, because you boys obviously can't.Category: (general)
Saturday, 17 July 2010
08:35:27 PM (GMT)
Understanding How Complicatedly Hard to Get Women act to be, with Simplicity Its simple, Really. All ya gotta know is that; WE don't like being called EASY to get. So we play HARD to get, which means we gotta be COMPLICATED with everything we do. So if we're acting COMPLICATED, then we're hard to get, which is not easy to get. Unless you pass a test. Not a game, so you might want to take it seriously. The test can be anything depending on who and how the women acts, and what she thinks of you. eaither way, it could be a simple question or request, with not such a simple awnser; it would depend on how you awsner and your reaction too. We do this to seperate the boys from the men, and who can hold it down, from who will clown around. Sometimes we get confused, and forget what makes a man a man, and obviously that causes all the drama that comes up in relationships. When we go back to are usual selfs though, were much more loving and compastionate. But only when were sure we found the right guy. So if you know what to look out for, and you understand who you are, and you your compatable with. Then you should be just fine, Oh and if a girls giving you a hard time, just know that she's only trying to play hard to get. So she won't be easy to get. So know that i broke it down for u, and all the iggnorant boys, just stay where at, calm down, get a twix, take a moment, and get back to your life, because WE females an't going to stop being complicated. That'd just make it 2 EASY.. Get it? Its just way to fun when we do it. A Poem By; Potential

‹XxWolves-Cry-to-the-MoonxX› says:   18 July 2010   909824  
~Takes notes~ Okay ^^
‹ㅑJïNxㅜㅇNㅕ› says:   18 July 2010   564255  
I'm sure who ever your girlfriend is, won't be to hard on you!
After all your super nice. =) 
‹XxWolves-Cry-to-the-MoonxX› says:   18 July 2010   578143  
Thanks ^^
‹ㅑJïNxㅜㅇNㅕ› says:   18 July 2010   965869  
I wish someone would make a poem about boys or something!
heh, talk about complicated! 
‹XxWolves-Cry-to-the-MoonxX› says:   18 July 2010   422325  
Not really....all boys are trash that only think with their
‹ㅑJïNxㅜㅇNㅕ› says:   18 July 2010   519124  
Figures.. Thanks for the honesty!
:D you don't seem like any of those trashy guys anyway! :P
u  even know spanish! <3 
Obviously who ever claims you as their boyfriend is INCREDABLY LUCKY. 
CrazyMeaghanJellieBeanie says:   20 July 2010   900271  
Actually Boys Are Pretty Easy To Understand If You Know What They're
Actually Trying To Say, They're Just Shy Human Beings.
‹ㅑJïNxㅜㅇNㅕ› says:   20 July 2010   721236  
D: i don't get that.. They always seem to act like they don't like you
one day, and then the next day someone tells you that he wants to be
your girlfriend, and then he starts picking on me for no reason. >:/
You sure its more so in the catagory of Jackass? or Ass hat.
Or Douche bad? :D 
CrazyMeaghanJellieBeanie says:   20 July 2010   235348  
That's Because Guys Don't Like The Girl They Like To Know That They
Like Them Until They Say It, So They Try To Make You Think They Don't
Like You. That Or They're Not Sure If You Like Them Back.
Oh Boys All Have A Jerk Inside, But It's Mainly Their Cover For When
They're Around Their Friends Because They Believe They Have To Be
Complete Asses Around Thier Friends. I Know Weird. 
‹ㅑJïNxㅜㅇNㅕ› says:   20 July 2010   178940  
Males are a strange species! >.<

Do you have a boyfriend? or something? *O* 
SexyTonto says:   21 July 2010   483475  
Nice poem! <3
CrazyMeaghanJellieBeanie says:   25 July 2010   435958  
Yes They Can Be XD

Currently No, But I've Had A Lot Of Guy Friends And A Few BFs 
‹ㅑJïNxㅜㅇNㅕ› says:   25 July 2010   245177  
*-* u have been friends with these creatures?
intreasting... 8D Do they make good friends? or do they blab ur
secrets and stuff?
CrazyMeaghanJellieBeanie says:   25 July 2010   692512  
Lol Yes I Have =)
Sometimes I Find Them Easier To Get Along With Than Girls But On
Average They're Decent As Friends. Only The Bad Ones Will Blab Your
‹ㅑJïNxㅜㅇNㅕ› says:   25 July 2010   522147  
How do you know if their good or bad guy friends?
CrazyMeaghanJellieBeanie says:   26 July 2010   435704  
You Have To Hang Out With Them For Awhile And If You Earn Their Trust,
You'll Start To Trust Them And They Turn Out To Not Be So Bad =) 
‹ㅑJïNxㅜㅇNㅕ› says:   26 July 2010   465986  
That seems simple enough.. O.o;;
I feel so ignorrant.. D;
Thanks for being so awsome and explaining 'Boys' to me. :D 
CrazyMeaghanJellieBeanie says :   26 July 2010   574918  
Lol No Problem =) 


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