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Chapter 23Category: Sam & Meaghan Stuff
Thursday, 15 July 2010
08:03:25 PM (GMT)
Whew We're On A Roll!!!
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Chapter 23: Karma’s a Bitch? No Fate is. 
	I stepped into a dark light the next time I opened my eyes, or at least the next
time my mind awoke from its slumber. 
	“Hello, hello?” I asked the wide open dark space I had entered into. There was
no answer of course. After all I was in the middle of death or changing into a lycan.

	If all went as planned it’d be okay then. Master had done his job, he had
collected my uncle and brought him to me. Just as we had planned four years ago...
~ 	“Meaghan, are you exactly sure that you saw this in your dream?” Master asked
me as he placed his hands on the desk in front of him.
	“Yes Master, I am very sure.” I replied curtly with an eyebrow raised. Master
put a hand to his mouth leaned back and looked thoughtful.
	“Hmm...Well then. We’ll need to start preparing you and Edward for this.”
Master said, hopping up and throwing books at me from his shelf. 
	“Master, these are...”I said in amazement while looking at the pile of books in
front of me, some thin, some big. 
	“Yes, the teachings of ‘magic of tears.’, I see that you’ve heard of it.
Have you studied it?” Master enquired. I held the thickest one in my hands.
	“Yes, well I started to study some of it when I was younger, but my father left
and took the books on magic with him. He also took books on stuff like Alchemist.”
I told Master.
	“Ah, I see. So then you have learned that it can only heal people who are diseased
but not near death or not that far into the transformation?” Master asked.
	“Yes, I also know that if the magic is used while changing or near death. Also
that it can heighten the risk of death or speed up the change.” I replied. Master
	“Good. From what you told me of this flash forward, you know that you have to
prevent this and drink the blood. Don’t you?” I bit my lip and looked at the pile
of books again.
	“Yes Master. I have to make sure no man loves me.” I answered. Master smiled at
me like he usually did.
	“You know what you have to do. Good. You are dismissed.” I got up, picked up the
books and bowed.
	“Oh and Meaghan, we both know you can fight it off. That is all.” I bowed again
and then left the room with the books in my hands, my eyes on the thickest one.
~	Coming back from the flash back I found the dark room flashing the future at me.
Was this some kind of test? I shook myself; I HAD To pay attention to this...
	The first clear scene was of Mikino standing with a fading Jin, the TV ripples going
throughout him again, and then all of a sudden Jin disappeared and Mikino broke down
in tears, I couldn’t see who hugged her, but she calmed down at their touch.
	The next one was of Aki and Cedric in a heated fight, throwing things at each other,
kind of like how I and Ryoki always fought, and then there was a crash and they froze
in silence. The lights went out, ending the scene.
	The third one was of me standing on a volcano cliff, talking to someone who was
fuzzy. Making a serious face I said one more word and then jumped into the blazing
fire of the volcano as voices called out to me from above, yelling at me before the
fire consumed me. But what had scared me of that vision was that I had red eyes,
glistening red eyes with some kind of sincere evil emotion in them.
	And then the flashes were cut off and the ground beneath me released itself and I
was falling. But I wasn’t worried, I had gotten used to this, I had scars all over
me thanks to this, and hook marks in my neck where blood oozed out from at times. 
	The red hands appeared again, they’re long nails scratching, trying to snatch me
up into their tiny fists of anger and excruciating pain. Annoyed I batted them away
with a single hand and continued to fall into the pit of never ending blackness.
	Eyes glinted then, red eyes, and howls the sounds of wolfs came through and into my
hearing. And with that I crashed back to a black ground. I felt like Alice in
wonderland when ever this happened, or rather someone who was on crack and had gone
insane because they had taken too much. This was how my life had been going since I
had drunk the blood. But I knew I would just have to deal with it for now.
	So even as the midget rats with shining yellow redish eyes came scattering at me, I
didn’t flinch, but simply flicked a finger at them and watched them disappear. This
was the only way to beat this world. 
	Next would come the mirror revealing my horrible new features, that would make one
shudder more than my glare had, I was truly a new breed of lycan despite only being
bitten a few times, my soul stolen and drinking some lycan blood. 
	The room of black started flashing colors of red, dark blues, oranges and golden
yellows. Well this was something new, what was going on...wait. NO! NO! NO! It’s
the magic of tears! CRAP NO! No, no, no, no,
	I blinked my eyes open to find a very dark room, like me and Ryoki’s room. Except
there was something in my vision, a light yellow film over my eyes you could say, or
it was rather more red. And a man stood before me.
	“You have failed.” The man said. I tried getting up, but my body wouldn’t
move, I was actually strapped into my bed.
	“Master, I am sorry. I hadn’t known that this had happened. I know what has to
be done. And I accept it. Please, wake Umeda and take me to the mountains.” I told
Master. Or at least what I had thought to be master. 
	“I am not master, but somebody else you know my dear.” The man said, he bent
down to look into my face, a mask covering his face. His hand touched my forehead,
and then he stood again.
	“Wait!” I yelled, but it was useless, the man was already gone, and the war that
had started inside of me, was growing greater. Since the magic had erased my lycan
appearances, they were fighting to come back, ripping my insides out. 
	With the man gone and my attention turning back to myself I could feel the immense
pain taking over my body, twisting my heart into some weird shape. 
	“UMEDA! IT’S TIME!” I yelled into the night of my room. There was loud foot
pounding sounds, and Umeda emerged into my room, going thru the wall, his one and
only power.
	“You weren’t supposed to wake till tomorr... WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR LOOKS?!”
Umeda yelled, surprised and angry. For he also knew the meaning of what would happen
if the process was stopped at this point of the change, we both knew this was a very
bad thing. Very, very bad thing to have happened.
	“Untie me; we’ve got to move fast. Wake Master and get him to kick everyone out
and take them as far away as possible.” I instructed as I shrugged on all black
clothes. I then pushed Umeda out of my way and headed to the back door, accidently
pulling it out and making it fall to the ground as I headed towards the mountains.
	But even though Master had been asked to remove everyone, there stood Ryoki, Sam,
Ed, Aki, Cedric, Mikino and Jin before my eyes. I took my head into my hands and
shook it, no it was a hallucination! Master would never fail at his orders!
	“We’re not letting you run off! We can help you. Just let us try and help you
for once.” Sam pleaded with me. No, no this couldn’t be happening...
	“MOVE IT! Now...or else.” I yelled at them. I could feel sharp teeth growing in
mouth, like a vampire or a dog’s teeth, either way they were canine teeth. And my
nails were starting to grow longer.
	“Sam! I thought she was fixed!” Ryoki cried. I didn’t dare look at him; they
all seemed to be food to me now.
	“Fool. You haven’t done your work. The magic of tears, if used this late in the
transformation, it can either heighten their risk for death or speed up the
process!” Master yelled from my left side. This was the first time I had ever heard
Master call someone that.
	Ryoki looked shocked and utterly horrified, while Sam put her hands to her head in
distress. Ed looked completely confused and everyone else just stared in horror.
	“Master! Now is not the time! I’ve got to move!” I yelled. But with those
words, I fell to the ground in a mass of intense pain, fur trying to make its way
back onto my skin. I clenched my mouth shut, not allowing a single sound out. 
	“What’s happening?!” I heard someone scream. There was single footsteps and
the mysterious man appeared before me again.
	“The change is happening to rapidly. It’s tearing from the inside out since it
was denied to happen the way it should. This is the negative side of the magic of
tears. Only a strong warrior can beat it, and even with that they come out half dead.
No more light in their eyes. There has been only one to ever survive this. And I know
the person.” The man said. I squinted at him, being able to see him more clearly
	“Hello dad.” I said. He was the one and only to have ever survived this before,
how did I know? Because I had seen my mother use the magic of tears on him, and had
been the one to hunt him down afterwards, only to witness his struggle.
	“Hello child.” My dad replied, while bringing out his sythe, he swung it like a
grim reaper, bringing it down right in front of Ryoki. “Any man to love my daughter
has no right. For you need the power that I will accept. And you, weakling, have
caused this!” He yelled at Ryoki, and with a final blast of pain, my father drew is
sythe past my head, riding me of any memory of Ryoki claiming his love for me.
	I shook my head back and arched my back as I gave a final kick to the lycan system.
“You shall not remember what this man has said to you, except that he is your
enemy, a person that annoys you! COMMENCE!” My father called to the sky. And with
that I felt my soul come rippling back into like a blast, purple fireworks produced
into the night sky from my body as it hit me. And the lycan being pushed out of my
blood stream and body. The blood of the lycan seeping out of my body and onto the
grass underneath me. I heard horrific screams from the people around me.
	And before I knew it everything went black, my fangs retracted, my long nails
disappeared. And there no longer was any pain inside of me. I slumped dead like on
the ground, not moving. I had fainted from the intense fight that I had had to put up
	“MEAGHAN! YOU CAN’T FORGET ME!” A voice yelled in my head, crying, pleading in
the voice.  But already the memory of me hearing him tell Sam that he was in love
with me was fading, the memory of him accidently kissing me fading... and all that
was left was  a lagging memory of a terrible tyrant that pissed me off, that made me
want to kill him. A man that annoyed me. There was no more, of the nice man I had
grown to see in the past few weeks. All that lay was a pedophile.
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