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Bleach Fanfiction - Zekkyou Knife, part two (Reveal)Category: (general)
Tuesday, 29 June 2010
04:51:41 PM (GMT)
"It's a lot to take in, but believe me, it's true. Let's get out of this forest. I'm
sure a can of coffee or something might make the two of us feel a bit better after
all of this, don't you think?"


Time to recap. I've tried to commit suicide, but I didn't really want to. Cue
creepy masked monster thing that chases me into the forest! 

Apparently, I'm one of those one-out-of-a-hundred people who can see ghosts and shit.
I always thought that was because I played too many video games or something. In
middle school, everyone else thought I was on drugs because I cried in the middle of
class over something they couldn't see or hear. They would too if a decapitated man
kept stealing their homework and randomly yelled stuff like "THAT'S NOT TRUE! HITLER
WAS AN ART STUDENT!" in the middle of history class. 

So, anyway, an old frenemy comes as a... what did Rina call it... 'Hollow', and tries
to eat me! Ew! And this Rina person is apparently a 'shinigami', shinigami being
people in old-fashioned black robe-outfits who fight Hollows and talk to their
weapons, but only if they're powerful. Ohhkay. Then she tells me that there's a place
called Soul Society where dead people go if they weren't complete and utter jerks in
their life and now I'm sitting on a bench and drinking coffee with her calmly as if
this were nothing?


This is so cool.


To any onlooker in the street that night, the two sitting on the peeling red bench
would have looked strange. A girl with holes torn in her skirt and shirt and a woman
in a black hakama are not sights one sees day-to-day. Thank goodness it was only an
hour after midnight.

"Ah..." Haya said faintly.

Rina looked up hopefully. She was stacking up her seven empty coffee cans for a
while, then switched to twiddling her thumbs. She knew it would take time for all of
those things to sink in, but the teenager had been awfully quiet for a long time now,
just sitting there holding her half finished drink. The shinigami had woken up and
heard part of the exchange between Haya and the Hollow. It wasn't only disbelief and
fear; it seemed as though the girl had trouble when it came to orally expressing her

"Yeah? Go on." The woman said encouragingly.

There was a stretch of silence, and Haya closed her mouth and looked away.
Disappointed, Rina picked up one of her empty coffee cans and began examining it

"I heard a lot more of the conversation than you did. Apparently, if what the
Hollow said was true, the girl used to socialize. It was never mentioned what made
her this way." Her zanpaku-to said. "Whatever happened, I bet it wasn't
pleasant. You saw the girl nearly hang herself."

Hmm. Rina replied in her mind in a ho-hum-ish sort of way, contemplating
deeply. In the end, she didn't do it. I should watch her. Now that I've told her
there's another side, a place she'll go to in death, she might try it for real next



Rina knocked over her pyramid of coffee cans, startled. "What was that again?"

Haya swallowed, gathering her words back together. She polished her glasses while
trying again.

"W... wuh... why didn't you... kill it earlier? You.. are... a sh... shinigami..."

"I lost my ability to sense Hollows when I got my gigai- Fake body, that is. I knew
she would still be here as a Hollow, but I just didn't know where. You took a long
time when deciding, so..." 

She sheepishly grinned, picking up a dropped coffee can and shaking it around to see
if there were any remnants left. 

"I stayed close by and took a nap. I didn't think the Hollow would do anything with
me around. As to how the heck I could fall asleep with you wondering whether or not
to kill yourself, well, you acted so doubtful there was definitely no way you would
go through with it. What I didn't count on was the fact that when you left, the
Hollow would chase you back to the forest. I'm guessing it was fairly stupid. To be
fair, it could have known that Mr. Hat 'n Clog's shop was close by." 

Mr. Hat 'n Clogs? Haya wondered. I guess he's another shinigami. From the
sound of it, shinigami sure dress pretty weird.

"Anyway! I've told you a bunch of stuff. It's awkward calling you 'girl', and I only
use 'hon', 'sweetie', and ' darlin' ' for strangers. What's your name?" Rina asked. 

".....Don't... laugh..." The teenager murmured.

"Swear I won't." The shinigami promised, tracing an x over her heart with her

"H-Haya... Hayashi..."

When she stopped, Rina gestured for her to go on.

Haya gave her a look.

"I.. I t-told you. Haya... Hayashi."

"Yeah. I heard that. Full name's Hayashi, nickname's Haya-" The woman stopped. "Wait.
You're telling me your last name's Hayashi and that Haya is your first name?! Haya

Her zanpaku-to was cracking up. 

"No way. I can't really blame her for trying to commit suicide..."

"Don't joke about that!" Rina snapped, thought she herself was fighting back a smile.
"Sorry... That was my sword. He's rude, so forget about him."

As if she heard what the zanpaku-to had said, Haya protested, "T... I.. Ih... It's
not why I tried... youknow..."

"Can you believe her parents weren't arrested? Maybe they thought it was funny,
but that's practically blatant child abuse." It said seriously.

Rina ignored his comment. "That's fine, Haya. Anyway, don't feel like you need to
tell me the real reason or anything. I just..." She felt sad, wondering if she was
saying the right thing. "I really hope that... Don't..."

"Playing copycat? Admit it, you'll never be as socially inept as Haya-Haya."
Her uchigatana said sardonically. 

"Look, if there's anything bad going on or if you're having a tough time, I'll help
you through it! You've seen me. If someone's harassing you or did something bad to
you, I'll chop 'em to bits! HYAAH!!" Rina viciously hacked up an imaginary opponent
in the air to drive the point home, making Haya smile.

"That's more like it." The zanpaku-to said, satisfied. "We'll cut down
anyone who hurts her."

"Thank you." Haya said, touched by Rina's kindness. "I... I promise I won't... d..
kih.. kill myself, Miss Na.."

"No way! No "Miss" or "Mrs. Nakano", you hear? I may be going on my mid-hundred, but
I'm still pretty young by shinigami standards." The woman exclaimed indignantly.

Haya laughed, surprising herself. She hadn't laughed in years.

"Okay, Rina." 

Rina and her zanpaku-to... I think we'll be good friends. In a way, I'm kind of
glad I went into that forest with the intention of killing myself. I got to meet
them, after all.



"Huh? Oh, my shoulder wound's opening up again." Rina said dismissively. "This is a
pretty good gigai though, considering it scabbed up so quick. Nonetheless, we're both
going to Urahara's place. I sleep in treetops all the time so that's the best place I
can take you. He'll lend you a futon."

"Or we'll trash his shop." Her zanpaku-to vowed. 

Hmm.. Urahara sounds like a guy. Haya thought. I trust Rina, but if that
guy tries anything on me, I swear I'm going to stab him in the balls. I really should
keep a knife strapped onto my bra or something. Who sells those, anyway?
Bra-knife-holsters. Maybe they're sold in secret so guys don't see it coming...


A block and a half later, they arrived at the shop with a sign that read Urahara

"Clo.. sed...?" 

"If I know that creep, he'll be wide awake just as though it were afternoon." The
shinigami said. "Question is, how should we knock? Gently, or really loud like we
have an emergency on our hands? I'm not fond of bucket hat, so..."

"Personally, I think it'd be more fun to bust the door down and enter
dramatically. You know, pose and shout,"Thank you! Fuck you! The villain has
arrived!"?" The sword suggested.

"Haya, promise me you'll never take advice from the can opener here at my side."

"Can opener? Zanpaku-to abuse, I say! I wasn't meant to open cans of spam, you
crazy, cheap-ass-" 

Speak of the devil. The door slid open and a blond man wearing a striped hat poked
hit head outdoors.

"Excuse me? Can I help you all? Three o' clock AM or not, the merchandise here is
still for sale~"

- End Zekkyou Knife, part two-
Last edited: 29 June 2010

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