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Sunday, 27 June 2010
09:04:49 PM (GMT)
What are you gonna do later? dance to Justin Bieber in my underwear. chill C: What's currently bothering you? my audio. geek squad, i thought you rocked. but you bitches let me down. I GOT THIS SHIT NOW. Who did you last say I love you to? Mason; i think? which is weird, 'cause that was a while ago? and i say i love you to alot of people i think? fuck i'm out of it. hahahah. Could you ever forgive a cheater? of course i can forgive, but i'll neverrr forget! Who is the last person that disappointed you? why? i can't think of anyone right nooow. What's one thing in your life that you wish you could change? i don't know. i'm happy with my life right now. ♥ Have you ever liked someone you didn't expect to? yesssss. Do you have a facebook? YUP. Has anyone told you have beautiful eyes? Yeah(: Do you think anyone has feelings for you? Yes. Could you forgive your best friend for sleeping with your bf/gf? I'll forgive, but the trust is gone, and trust is all that matters. What do you miss the most about your past? how simple everything seemed to be. Are you afraid to fall in love? no, not really. shit happens. flow with it. ♥ Do you know how it feels to be cheated on? yeah. Ever get hurt by someone who promised they wouldn't? of course. Would you ever get a tattoo? maybe. Who was the hottest teacher you ever had? some young guy i guess? i don't pay attention enough to notice (x Can you remember the last time you really liked someone? Kindaaa. You're stuck in a locked room with your last ex, how would that go? horrible.awkward.uneventful. Do you want to see somebody right now? yes. Can you rap? pffft, hell nawh. Has anything happened in the past month that made you really happy? Yesss (: Honestly, if you could go back and change something in the past 5 months, would you? Honestly, no. If someone liked you, would you want them to tell you? of course i would! Are you too shy to tell the person you like, that you like them? sometimes, yes. Do you miss the way things used to be between you and someone else? nope? Do you think people think bad things about you? oh hell yes. Have you ever been asked out by someone you didn't want to be with? yes. it's awkward as hell and i felt really bad D; Ever had a dream that you died? yeah. Are there any stuffed animals on your bed? yes.Pinky C: ♥ How have you felt today? prettty goood. Are you a forgiving person? depends. but most of the time yes. i just don't forget, that's all. Who is the last person you talked to on the phone? Kaaaylaaaa.

GGGETCHA says:   27 June 2010   813329  
What are you gonna do later?
dance to Justin Bieber in my underwear.
chill C:

Uh, WIN. ♥
underpressure says:   27 June 2010   606495  
hahaha YES. WIN.
HOLYFUCKING says:   27 June 2010   652166  
why are these people my friends.

GGGETCHA says:   27 June 2010   875882  
I still love that.

Because you love us <3 
underpressure says:   27 June 2010   565917  
because you fucking love us.
underpressure says:   27 June 2010   191193  
dude. it's my life. sadly.
‹Hannahbeth ♥› says:   29 June 2010   659065  
underpressure says :   29 June 2010   889083  

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