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Binding help for cosplay?Category: Cosplay
Tuesday, 22 June 2010
10:27:35 PM (GMT)
Yeah.. Yeah, binding I mean in 'chest binding'. I do kinda need help before my con starts, it will start on July 30 to August 1st. I know I have time to get ready for it all, but I still need help about 'binding'. I am being two charatcters, which both are from Hetalia. xD I love that anime. <3 Totally epic. I'm being canada and Italy, two different days. I even have a somewhat of a cosplay group. Can't wait! Alright, back on the topic here. I was going to bind my self to be them, beacuse they are both boys. The truth is, I never have done binding in my life, so it's the first. I have heard it hurts badly, but then I hear it doesn't hurt that much. Which one? D: Another thing, I would like to know what ways can I bind my chest down. I already have a sports bra, which I heard about you need one to bind your self. Please comment for any ideas, examples or ect. I really would like the best way to bind before it's too late or if I bind the wrong way.

StringQuartets says:   22 June 2010   262009  
 A sports bra sounds about right, I'd get one a size or so
smaller too. If it hurts, I'd do it for a few days before it actually
counts, that way you can get use to the feeling. Athletic medical
tape, you know that stuff, yeah. I'd use that too, if you need to be
like Supah Bound
EpicFiveMetersofAwesome says:   22 June 2010   985583  
I have seen or read about 'binding' that you need a sports bra and so,
I got one like for yesterday. xD
Umm.. I think I would do that then, try it couple days before the
Thanks for helping, but I still need help on the steps. D: 
StringQuartets says:   22 June 2010   263876  
 Well I think, if you used tape or anything, I think you'd
want to do a few layers. Get a bobby pin or a saftey pin to hold it in
place? Just, wrap -You're going to need help with this, no doubt-
across from under the arm pit, down and around to right below the
bust. That's right about where the bottom part of your bra falls. I
honestly don't know, but I've had friends to it, and I had to help her
with it. A few trial and errors shouldn't hurt. Just try and try
again. Have you tried Yahoo ask?
Biihtei says:   22 June 2010   967434  
WOAH! I envy you! and i be jealous again! I've always wanted to go to
a con and do an actual cosplay!!!
uhm...yesm breast always tend to get in the way when your trying to be
a guy tho =.='
or at least look like one, uhmmm i personally don't think it hurts,
but that's because im really small (im talking A32's here and im 15!!
) so uhmi just depends, also, it's sort of uncomfortable, but then
after a while you don't even reeally notice it... and also, sometimes,
it's hard to breathe in, like...normally you'll be fine taking regular
breathes, but if you like inhale reeally deeply it kind of hurts, i
wouldn't suggest racing or anything XDD whatever floats your boat :P
ohh Heatlia is Amazing!!~! 8D
that medical tape wrap stuff,? yeah, erm,, friend uses that as a
binding and she sorta huge and she looks completly flat, but like i
said, she said it's all about size i guess, really =.='
i hope i helped at all? XD
have funn~!<333
EpicFiveMetersofAwesome says:   22 June 2010   392275  
How many layers do you think would be the best? Thanks, I will ask my
mom to help me or something. xDD; I will try my best to do it right.
Ah.. Not really, should I go to yahoo ask?

D: You're lucky. I wish I was small, but sadly I am a DD. Yes, it's
true. I am and bloody, I hate it. You friend really did look flat?
What size is she, if I could ask that. xD; Did it hurt a lot with her
Biihtei says:   22 June 2010   950692  
yeah, thats one of the very few advantages of being short... no
boobies~! =w=
yeah, even i was surprised! because i was making a video, and i asked
her  to be Cloud and she said she would and she came wearing it and i
was like, woah?! this is new! XD
she said she was like, a D or something. it was somewhere along those
yeah, she seemed like she was fine for the first hour or two, but
after the third she was complaining that it hurt to breathe so we took
a brake and she took it off for a while. My friends always like to
share the bra size with me for some reason.  XD they like to talk
about a lot of girl stuff it's really weird! XDD
EpicFiveMetersofAwesome says:   22 June 2010   349179  
fff How tall are you? I'm short or I think I am. -is 5'3-5'4-
xD So did looked like a boy? Nice.
Um.. if she was close to me, it should still work for me.
How badly did it hurt though? I would like to know. xD 
For the reason is I'm going to be at the con for two days and almost
there all day too. D: 
StringQuartets says:   22 June 2010   384908  
 DD? Well that changes things. Get a sports bra at least one
size smaller, and to two layers to start. Nice and tight. wear it for
atleast two days before. And yeah. I'd go to Yahoo...or somethign of
the sort @EpicFiveMetersofAwesome 
EpicFiveMetersofAwesome says:   22 June 2010   174538  
I guess it does change it. I still hate my size though. o__e
Alright but do I put the sports bra on first, right?
Thanks for helping. ^^ 
StringQuartets says:   22 June 2010   334879  
Yeah, sports bra first, that way you have something to pin the
wrap to. It's no problem either really. I may or may not go cosplaying
next year anyways.  @EpicFiveMetersofAwesome 
EpicFiveMetersofAwesome says :   23 June 2010   930927  
Alright then. Thanks for the help. I do still have time to practice
this though. xD 


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