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Back from ChicagoCategory: Random Thoughts
Tuesday, 22 June 2010
04:56:34 PM (GMT)
From Chicago. I should relay, huh? Ya. I should. 
12 hours. The time it took to get there. 
12 hours. The time it took to get back. 
1 hour. The average time it took to move 1 mile in Chicago.
Those are my numbers for now. Lol. It was the only irritating part of the whole
thing. Now let me properly relay this trip...
I got on that bus at 4 a.m. and of course my insomnia wouldn't let me sleep at all.
So I was awake the entire ride. Good thing I had an empty seat next to me so that I
had room  Yay.
Anyway, I arrived to our hotel in the Lombard district at about 4 in the afternoon. I
had to share a room with some people I didn't really know, but I got along with them
alright. Meep. The hotel was nice, but it had no atm. Fatties. Plus the maids were
caught using people's makeup. I don't use makeup, so it wasn't a problem for me, but
you have to admit that that is gross. ಠ_ಠ
After checking in at the hotel, we went to the Hard Rock Cafe (where everything was
freaking expensive) but it was good food and a nice atmosphere with all the famous
guitars and junks  I got a shirt. I'm wearing it now. Yay~ (next to the Hard Rock
Cafe is a place called Excalibur. I know of a certain person who will laugh when they
read that. I got a picture of the sign to prove it. Lol. 
After that, we went to the Sears Tower (now apparently called the Willis Tower, which
is freaking hilarious since me and my dad have this joke where he would say "What chu
talking bout, Willis?" and due to that he would say "Are you being a Willis?". It's
stupidly funny that the Sears Tower was renamed the Willis Tower because of that
joke. ) 103. The number of floors up I was in that tower. While going up the
elevator, I bunch of people were complaining about popping ears. But I got me a
trick; When you feel pressure on your ears as though they will pop, swallow. It
momentarily opens your ears and adjusts the pressure. And it doesn't hurt one bit~ 
Now I'm totally fine with heights. I stood in the sky box and fell no sort of fear.
But I looks out the other side at Lake Michigan. It was twilight and slightly foggy,
causing the lake to blend perfectly with the sky. It was horribly intimidating to me,
for there was no horizon. It felt as though the world had dropped off at the harbor
into nothingness. I've never felt so intimidated in my life. I got some pictures
while up there, of course. I'll consider posting them on photobucket or facebook or
The next day was busy. We got up at around 6 to eat breakfast at the hotel, then we
headed off to a choir and band clinic to preform and be judged. This whole day was
uncomfertable for me because I was wearing a freaking skirt (long and black) without
shorts because I'm retarded. I was wearing that all day. Damnit I was uncomfertable.
But I survived. Anyway, we sang and got judged and blah blah blah. Then we went to
Shedd Aquarium (where I got me a snow globe that had PENGUINS in it ) and we watched
this kinda wierd but still neat show called Fantasea (LOL PUN!). Dolphins jumped
After that, we headed off to Navy Pier, where I spent a crap load of money. I rode
the ferris wheel which was pleasant~ and that spinny thingy which was fun xD. I ran
into my friends from another school who just so happened to also be on a Chicago trip
and be at Navy Pier. COINKIDINK! I got this awesome black and yellow Chinese fan and
a red Chinese shirt. I didn't have enough money for the other one >_< Which turned
out to be a good thing. Because...
We went to see the Blue Man Group at the Briar Street Theatre. 
I cannot explain how damn amazing it was. 
I will say without regret that it was and probably always will be the single most
awesome event I will ever be a part of. I had luck on my side; I traded seats with
this one kid because he wanted to sit by his friends. Turned out that his seat was an
ISLE seat. Funny thing about the Blue Man Group; they come out and interact with the
audience. They walked by me. I was an inch from them. I even know what they smelled
like o_o. Sorta like a sugar-y latex. It was a relativily pleasant scent xD. But I
thought I was gonna cry, this whole thing was so freaking amazing. Unfortunatly they
didn't allow pictures in the concert, so I can't truly show you how awesome it is. Oh
But after seeing this, I HAD to get a shirt. o_o. HAD TOO. Guess what. I had THE
EXACT AMOUNT OF MONEY for a shirt. I was SO FREAKING HAPPY. I regret nothing. Well I
think now that I should have gotten the other design, but whatever. I love it
I think my rant is over, except for this last piece. 
If you have a terminal illness or might die soon, go see the Blue Man Group. Put it
on your Bucket List. It is truly an experience. You will not regret it. 
There. >_< 
Moving on...
The next day was super busy. We went to Medieval Times (it was literally a castle)
and we got to watch a Tournament and they served food~
It wasn't near as cheesy as I thought it would be. I actually really enjoyed it. And
the food... omg the food. I actually liked to food, and I'm picky. Turkey leg with
garlic bread, half a baked potato(spiced), corn, pepsi, and two freshly baked cookies
that were THE SHIZNIT. Plus I got a free crown. The bad part was that we were seated
in the blue knight's section, meaning we didn't get to choose the night that we
wanted to support. >.< I wanted to support the black and white one, or at least the
green one because the green knight was a jerk 
After that we went to the Museum of Science and Industry. It's really sad how little
time we had to see stuff.  I got to see a real U-505 war ship (which is huge)and
played with stuff in the Science of Storms section. xD
We had to leave too early >_<
Later on we went to Wrigley Field to watch the Cubs lose to the Dodgers. Lol. Now I
hate sports, including watching them, but I actually didn't mind this. I relativily
enjoyed it. Here's a neat part: I bought a pop and on the bottom was a sticker that
said "Congrats, you win!". I took it to fan services, and I was supposed to get a spa
day and junk, but of course I couldn't use it because I'm 14 on a school trip and
I'll probably never be to Chicago again for many many years. So I got a free hat.
I'll give it to me grandfather, because he's a Cubs fan ^^
We left an inning early to avoid the rush. It was obvious that the Cubs were gonna
lose anyway. Lol...
Next day we went to Six Flags, where I got a head ache. I'm a roller coaster junky,
so I went on all the big coasters. I even waited 45 FREAKING MINUTES to get on the
Raging Bull, the largest one there. Fez. I got some stuff for my parents there, and
another snowglobe 
Then we left  
We stopped at the World's Largest Truck Stop on the way back xD
Arrived home at 2 in the morning. And here I am now. 
I miss all the opportunities in Chicago. 
But I won't miss the freaking traffic and all the damn people. o_o
Sigh sigh...

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